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by Snert
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Case of the (very) pink Chihuahua Jojo's first recruite
Secret Ladies Undercover Tatical Squad

Case of the (Very) Pink Chihuahua

         Tabi sat in the small prison cell awaiting her turn to face the judge.
She had to smirk over what caused her to end up here but her smirk ended quickly as a guard raked his night stick across the bars.
“You’re a pretty one; I can’t wait to get you into the transfer paddy wagon.’ He ran his hand up and down the length of his night stick as he leered at her.
         “Yeah? We’ll see about that. Any body gets near me and I’ll show em what it’s like to be a lawn mower pull cord.”
         “Ohhhhh, you’re feisty!”
He leaned his head closer to the bars as he lowered his voice.
         “You see, me and the boys like it when we have to show the newbie just who is in charge.” 
         Tabi stood up off the bunk and walked over to the bars. Pressing up against them she whispered softly to the guard.
         “You such a tough guy, lets see if you’ve got the brass to feel them, or are you a chicken?
         The guard stood looking at the sight before him as he thought about her offer. After all, her hands were cuffed behind her back. He reached out…

         The Bailiff entered the court room and made a bee line for the Judge.
Before he could get to the Judge, the District Attorney and the Judge stopped whispering to each other.
         “Bailiff, what’s the meaning of this, can’t you see that I’m in conference with the District Attorney?”
         “Ah yes your honor but there is an urgent matter that has come up that needs your attention.”
         “And what is so important that you are interrupting my court?
         “I am your Honor!” Walking towards the bench was a well dressed woman carrying a file folder with her. As she approached the Judge she pushed the Bailiff out of the way.
         “And just who are you?” The judge had his gavel in his hand and pointed it at her.
         “You may call me JoJo.”
The Judge snorted with humor
         “And just what right do you have to tell me what to do in my own court, Miss ah JoJo?”
         “No Miss or Mrs. just JoJo and this gives me all the rights in the world to tell you what to do.” She handed the file folder to the Judge and the District Attorney tried to crowd closer to see inside the folder. The Judge leaned away from the District Attorney and glared at him.
         “If you don’t mind, she handed it to me.”
         “Of course your honor, I’m sorry.”
         The Judge opened the folder and started to read the cover letter from the President of the United States.
         As he read the letter he spoke.
         “So Miss, er sorry, JoJo, you’re a Fed?”
         “No, I’m not a fed.” She smirked knowing what was on the second page he was about to look at.
         Flipping the page up, the Judge looked at it. His eyes became very big as he quickly closed the folder before the District Attorney could see what was on the next page. 
         The Judge was flustered and agitated at the same time.
         “Tell me why I should not throw you into a cell and throw away the key?”
There was anger in his voice.
         “First your Honor, and I find it hard to use the term Honor, You will accept the immediate resignation of your DA, He leaves the court room now under guard and is placed in a cell. A special Attorney has been appointed to his case and will explain all the facts about pre determining the verdict of a case before it even starts. If you look at page three you’ll agree with me.”
         The Judge quickly opened the folder and found page three reading it in a hurry.
Looking back at JoJo he sneered at her.
         “And if I don’t agree with you on this matter?”
         “I’ll release this information to the press immediately, and why is he still here?”
She looked at the DA standing beside the Judge.
The Judge looked at JoJo to see who she was talking about. Seeing her looking at the DA he spoke up.
“Bailiff! Take the DA to a holding cell until I can clear up this mess.” He reached out to take a second folder from JoJo. Opening it up he saw a large 8 x 10 photo of him self doing some things that a Judge should not be doing to farm animals.
The Judge was horrified and quickly scanned the other pages of the folder, they were all photos of him self. Closing the folder he slapped it down onto his desk.
“What do you want JoJo?”
She smiled at him knowing that he would do anything to not let the photos go into a newspaper.
“First your full cooperation when ever I ask for it. Second, I believe your next case involves a woman who set a man’s house on fire and left him with only pink clothing to wear, including turning his Chihuahua pink with skin dye.”
“But she broke the law! She needs to pay for what she did.”
“Now there you go Judge, disagreeing with me already. Both you and I know that she did to him what he had coming to him. After all, what he did to her, a man should not treat a lady the way he did. If you ask me, she let him off easy; I would have dyed him pink.”
“So what is it you want, JoJo.” The Judge was having a tough time keeping his temper.
“All charges dropped and her record of any past deeds cleared. She works for me now!”
The Judge swallowed hard.

Tabi was sitting on the bunk just waiting for someone to come get her out of the cell. Soon she heard the sound of the hallway door opening.
“What the?” A new guard quickly reached the guard lying on the floor.
The new guard looked at Tabi and reached for his night stick as he stood back up.
“What happened here?” he demanded.
Tabi just shrugged her shoulders and showed the guard that her hands were cuffed behind her back.
“Get up, I’ll find out soon enough what happened here. You have a visitor so let’s go!”
He opened the cell and stepped back away just in case she tried something.
“Who wants to see me?” Tabi thought it must be some lousy court appointed lawyer.
“I don’t know, nor do I care.” The guard poked her with the night stick to get going.
The guard took her through a series of door and hallways to get to the visitor center.
Walking along Tabi saw that she would be the only one in the room with the row of windows for visitors to sit and talk to you.
The guard pushed her about half way down the row of windows and ordered her to sit.
Looking back at the guard she asked.
“You gonna take the cuffs off?”
“Not after what you did to the other guard.”
“Ok suite yourself!”
Tabi dropped the cuffs onto the window ledge in front of her. Looking up she finally saw who her visitor was. She picked up the phone to talk to the woman.
“You my lawyer?”
“Hi Tabi, my name is JoJo, you work for me now.”
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