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by Snert
Rated: E · Serial · Crime/Gangster · #1636609
This was the first story of S.L.U.T.S. So popular with friends that I expanded on it.
Secret Ladies Under cover Tactical Squad

“That’s right you heard me right, I’m a member of the S.- L.-  U.- T.-  S.
And if you don’t know what that means, let me spell it out for you.”
The five foot four tall woman brushed her long brown hair back behind her as she knelt on the perps chest. Her deep brown eyes pierced him unveiling every deep dark hidden secret in his sole. Leaning over him, her black leather jacket hung open revealing breasts that were perfect in every way, just over a handful and not needing any support of any kind under her skin tight black tank top. She flashed a badge in his face blocking the view as she said it.
“Secret Ladies Undercover Tactical Squad!”  She stressed the word Ladies.
Looking at her chest, she saw what the perp was gawking at.
“Hoped you enjoyed the view, it’s the last one you’ll see this side of prison for the rest of your life.”
Having secured him she ordered him to get up.
“But I can’t get up, you hand cuffed my hands behind me!”
She didn’t feel any sorrow for the fat slob, but she did hate the fact that for such a tough guy he was whining an awful lot.
“BUT I CAN’T I need my hands to push my self up!”
“Here, let me give you an incentive!”
Her leg moved swiftly and her aim was dead on. She kicked him between the legs turning him into a framer with two achers. The fact that she wore pointed black steel tipped boots with heals was sure to get the ‘point’ across.

As always, the perp was hog tied when the police got there. A small card with one word printed on it was pinned to him, it read,
The officer gave it to the commander now arriving on the scene. The African American stood 5 foot 8, always wore a 3 piece suite under his trench coat. A military style flat top hair cut with gray on his temples.
“Looks like another one Capt. If I’m not mistaken, that makes three this week.”
The Capt grabbed the card away from the officer. He knew it would not do any good to try and get any fingerprints off the card, the other cards before were clean.
He chewed on his cigar as he looked over the scenes before him. As with the other two before this, a pile of evidence was neatly stacked beside the man.
“If that is all evidence against this guy, it looks like he’s going away for a very long time.”
Taking the cigar out of his mouth, he turned to leave as he gave an order.
“Call for an ambulance to pick him up. I’m sure it will be the same as the others, he’s been shot full of a chemical that wipes clean his short term memory, so I doubt we’ll get a description of this SLUT!
He waved the card in the air before he slammed the squad car door closed.

Away in the distance, Tabi watched through field glasses as she sat straddling her custom made bike. Putting the glasses away, she knew that was another one off the streets. She revved the bike and headed back to the secret base, and all the other S.L.U.T.S. members.
A smile spread across her face as she thought of JoJo back at base waiting for her.

So starts the story of SLUTS, a secret organization that’s above the law.
Their mission, clean up the city, any way they can, so long as it will stand up in court.
They use their feminist charms any way they have to, along with their brains and muscle. You’ll find no wimps or dumb blonds here. Only drop dead gorgeous women with rock hard bodies.  And if you ask politely, they just might tell you that they are a S.L.UT.S.
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