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Theresa Finning is a half-beast running for her life from the dangers of Great Everwood.
Theresa Finning: Warrior of the Lion People

A silent night in the forests of Great Everwood, aside from the crunching of leaves made by the Wolf Clan on the hunt for food. Rabbits, deer, other clans, anything will do. They already have something: a little girl for a snack and the parents as the main course. It is the matter of catching the girl that is the problem.

The chief was beginning to become impatient. It is hard to find a girl that has been in the forest for most of her life, especially a little one: nimble; small enough to hide in a rabbit’s hole for three months and come out faster and nimbler than before thanks to those insignificant little rodents. The whole family is full of half-beasts like the Wolf Clan


“Strykar.” Strykar was his first lieutenant. A good man when he is not hungry.


“Yes, sir?”


“What’s our status?”


“We have caught the mother. Regretfully, the father was eaten by one of the Hyena Clan and the girl still has not been found.”


“Grrrrrrr. Alright. Find the father’s body. If it has no meat, remove the bones to make them into campfires and throw the rest out into the forest for the Wild Ones.”


“Yes, sir.”


“Then, send out some scouts to find the girl.  I will have my dinner!”

Chapter Two

Theresa Finning is a six-year-old girl with a birthmark on her forehead that looks like the Jewish Star of David. She has triangular stripes on each cheek and catlike ears. Her hair was surprisingly straight for someone who has lived in the forest for six years, and she only has minor bruises and cuts.

Suddenly, she heard the snapping of a twig, then the rustleing of leaves

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