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by xinyi
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A fictional short prose of a proposal during the medieval times before doom comes.
The evening was particularly splendid.

By then, above the west horizon, as the ball of fire began to sink into the ocean, its magnificent orange rays spilled over the rippling waves, colored the evening sky, and also poured into the west wing, into the room of Lady Vera. They were cast over her dressing table, bed, wardrobe, and table full of the scholarly arts- scrolls, books and the like.

She was sitting by her dressing table. Her silky light brown tresses that laid on the small of her back turned golden as they shone under the sun. She was indeed a charming lady, with her ivory complexion, her handsome face, dimples complimenting her sweet smile and smooth eyebrows set above her perfect almond-shaped eyes. She was at the prime of her youth, the peak of her beauty.

Sir Demetrius entered, to her delight, looking unusually smart. He looked west.

"Your room is good. You are blessed with the convenience of enjoying the sunrise and sunset each day." He turned to look into her eyes. "They are the most beautiful, in fact."

She removed her gaze from his and thanked him for the roses. They were crimson, in full bloom- the prime of its beauty. She took in the sweet scent and smiled.. She stared at the roses for a while, as if contemplating.

"A flower's life ends when it wilts. It dies with its beauty. Yet when our beauty fades with the inevitable passing of time we remain standing." "Will you love me then?" She teased wryly, caressing the smooth petals. Such a question was a fret to many, but to her it meant nothing. It was never part of her philosophy. She understood the depth of their relationship.

"Well, I'm not too sure of that...I'm sure you will eventually know... if you marry me." He added playfully.

She coolly looked into his gray eyes. They poured deep into hers, as if penetrating through them, right into her heart pounding within. Not taking his eyes off her, he knelt down. With his hand Demetrius held hers, slender, and the other, he stoked her smooth soft cheeks. He seemed serious now.

The land seemed peaceful, but Demetrius and the knights knew better. The black flock flying against the sky during the days came nearer from the east. They were no luck bringing ravens. They were crows. Waiting for carcasses. Following an army.

"I've thought long and well, Vera. I have made my choice. This is the most serious decision I have ever made. I don't think we should wait any longer. I know the possible consequences of being a knight, and i don't want you to remain a mere lover of a dead man when the time comes. I want to give you a status. Hear me. I want you to be the sunset i see before my sleep, and the sunrise that wakes me up every morning. Will you be mine? Marry me." Demetrius held his breath. Vera was stunned.

Then the shock turned into joy, which amplified to extreme bliss. Happiness held back her speech. Smiling with excitement, she cupped his face and stroked it. Demetrius's eyes lit with pure joy and he grinned hard. She brought his face close to hers till their foreheads touched, and whispered, "I will."

They drew closer to each other slowly till their lips met. the two remained in their embrace, with his hands around her small of her slim waist, her arms around his neck, for what seemed like an entire season of summer in their world of passing bliss. They entered a realm of their own, a realm they owned. And in this realm, as they were submerged in the deep orange rays of the evening sun, they were filled with security and a warm bliss they had never known.

As time passed, the glimmering armors of a strong fifty thousand was nearing.

That day was their day. A three days later, it would belong to the victor of the upcoming bloodshed.
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