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Finally a film for all you people!
                There is a town in orbit. Everyone is happy and multicultural.
                Why? Because it's the law!
                If you don't like it, then you can leave.
                But, its a long walk in space. Heh-heh.

                Sally is the nudist mayor.
                Bruce is the gay sherif.
                Tina is the prostitute.
                Floyd is the African barber.
                Jimmy is the Kavorcian doc.
                Barberra is the Chinese bussiness leader.
                Phyllis is the town massage theropist and Cherokee Shaman.
                McCoy is the Polonysian pilot steering the orbitting town.

                Plot vehical: Loss of gas.

                Demographics: Anyone who hates middle america.

                Comic relief: Tina has a venearial desease that turns people pink.

                Budget: Use any town that has no jobs.

                I think people want to see a family film about horny town folk.
                The sci-fi will catch the teenage audiance intrest.

                Is Cammeron available?

                  Intro McCoy:

                "Someone tell me how to fly this town without gas?"

                Sally is nude and adjusting the cable cammera video she has on U-Tube.

                "Ewwww. Am I really that fat?"

                Bruce the gay sherif nods his head rapidly yes.
                Disolve to Tina at the town hall:

                "Look I signed a contract with this dump!
                So I can operate a brothel legally. But, what happen to
                the fuel buget?"  Tina is pacing in a Bow Peep outfit.
                She slams her shepards hook on Barberra's office table.

                Barberra is played by Lucinda Dickey.

                Barberra mutters something in chinese and sits back in her ergonomic

                "Miss? The fuel buget is balance. There has been an interuptution
                in delivery and we are looking into it." Barberra adjusts her glasses
                and lets her long black hair fall off her shoulders.

                "Oh? And how long can we stay up here? I've got a party of
                merchant marines and they want first class service." Tina is furious.
                She textes her madam: "Break out the beer and the girl scouts."

                "I don't know what you want me to tell you. If there is an emergency
                we will land on the moon and link up with the Hustler Club@.
                Barberra gives her best smile and walks Tina out of the office.

                Cut to MacCoy: at the helm.

                "I think someone should make a decision soon.
                I am loosing orbit fast." MacCoy is speaking to Mayor Sally,
                who is wearing a fishnet cat suite and a captains cap
                and red boots.

                "I'm texting the Global Satalite Network. Ehm.
                They told me to piss off. Well. Land it and get
                a refill at the Hustler Club@." Mayor Sally smiled and kissed
                MacCoy on top of his head.

                The town hovers over the moon and glides to a landing in a crater.
                The Huster Club@ is embeded in the side of the crater. Many service
                looner buggies come out to the massive vessel.

                Mayor Sally jumps for joy. Her ample breasts bouncing inside her
                fishnet jump suite. MacCoy is still seated at the flight controls.
                He turns about to see Sally's mound leaping infront of his face.
                "We are recieving a boarding signal. Do you wish to greet them?"
                he asks the Mayor, looking upwards at her round jugs.

                Sally races for the air lock. The hiss of the coupling makes her
                jiggle with excitement. Two black space suited astronuats walk
                out. "Are you fucking crazy!" one of the astronuants takes off her
                helmit. Her blond hair falls down accross her shoulders.
                "This is a crater! Not a fucking landing port for a fucking city!"
                her voice cracks while the other astronuat takes off her helmit.
                The second astronaut has a buzz cut and presents Mayor Sally
                with a citation for illegal landing.

                Cut to the town hall: Gay sherif Bruce is discussing the citation with
                the visting astronaut.

                "In cases of emergencies..." sherif Bruce is cut off.
                "Sir. This will be processed with the Global Web. What do you need?"
                the buzz cut female astronuat was brief.
                "(cough)we're out of gas." Bruce dropped the citation in the in box on
                his desk. "Alright. Refueling will conmence." she answered.
                "What's your name soldier?" Bruce queeried.
                "Julie." she answered, "Sargent Major Julie"
                "Was there any damage to the club?" the sherif pressed.
                "The solarium blew out. Fortunately, no one was in the garden."
                Julie looked around the rustic wood room: "Nice country style."

                Mayor Sally is speaking with the blond astronaut in her home.

                "So, I liked to visit your club." Sally asks with bubbling excitement.
                "You'd be lynched. Landing this monster here. How did you get to be
                Mayor?" as the astronaut speaks to Sally, she takes off her suite.
                She is wearing a plane white t-shirt and white panties.
                "Hey! You've got a cut bod!" Mayor Sally laughs. "You like girls?"
                the astronaut smirks. Sally kisses her with an open mouth.

                Bedroom scene:

                "In answer to your question Angie. I'm the Mayor, because I'll fuck anyone."
                Mayor Sally streaches her arms as Angie slides between her thighs.


                Sherif Bruce is played by Andy Dick.

                "So you like to take in the ass?" Sargent Julie queeried.
                The sherif is hand cuffed to the bars of the cell in a standing postition.
                Julie presses her strap on dildo up his ass. They have both stripped.
                "Oh! My God! Julie!" Bruce shrieks. "The names Mistress Hell Finger!"
                Julie growls, her breasts rubbing on the sherif's back as she ruts his butt.
                "Thank You! Mistress Hell Finger!" the sherif sobs.
                Julie laughs, "I can always spot the sissy boys."

                Sally and Angie cross the airlock to the moon buggy.

                "This could get ugly." Angie turns to Sally and kisses her full on the mouth.
                "I need to fuck everyone. I'm a politician. I love fucking people." Sally is talking
                like a robot. "Oooookay. Just be ready for an ass wooping." Angie drives
                up to the Hustler Club@. The two enter the lobby and take off their space
                suite helmits.

                A tall man greets them, wearing a tuxcedo.

                "I'm the hotel manager: Dagmar."  The bell hops take the
                two ladies space suites. They enter the enter an orgy in progress.
                "I do hope your not offended? Several rooms have been damaged
                and were trying to accomidate the clientel."  Dagmar calmly
                steps over coupling clients. "Tina isn't going to like the competion."
                Sally whispered. "Wha?" Angie answered. Sally smiled and stepped
                over another couple.

                The manager's office has a dark mahogany molding with green flower
                wall paper. He points to the french chairs infront of his heavy napoleon

                "You ordered the landing?" Dagmar asked.
                Sally murmered an answer, then falls out of her chair.
                "A contact sedative? When you shook her hand?" Angie nervously
                inquired and quickly moved away from her.
                "Take the mayor to the show room." Dagmar ordered his bell hops.
                Sally is carried away to a strip club.

                There are four pole dancers and the clud is packed with patrons.
                Multicolored lights cross the room to the rythim of cuban congas.
                Sally is suspended in shackles face forward to the crowd.
                "Hey! This is kidnaping!" Sally shouts. The crowd laughs.
                "Wha-the-hell?" she feels the warm liquid filling her bowls.
                She is recieving an enema. Her belly swells.
                "I-ahhhh can't hold any more!" Sally gasps.
                A great flatulence burst from her into the large tub bellow.
                The crowd cheers. She is filled again and again until the tub is full.
                "Fuck you!" Sally screams as she is repeatedly dunked head first into the tub.
                Many of the men and some of the women piss on her.

                Mr. Dagmar steps forward and silences the crowd. Sally is spitting
                bits of her flatulence at him. "I wanted you to know how much we
                value you and I wanted the world to see it." Dagmar points to the
                television screens about the club. Sally is on every network sation.
                "You can't do this to me."  her voice is too weak to be heard.
                A fire hose sprays her off as she is carried away...
                and left in the airlock of her town: Jubilee.


              Denzel Washington plays the barber Floyd.

              Floyd grabs a barber's dicky and runs out into the Main Street
              of Jubilee.Mayor Sally is staggering in the center of the town circle.
              She is naked and her hair is matted.

              "Oh.. The barleys of peace." Sally pronounces and trips over the
              fountain to World Peace. She plunges face first in and pushes herself
              up on all fours. "Is the Mayor drunk?" a town folk asks.
              Floyd wraps the Mayor in his dickey and carries her back to the
              barber shop. Many town folk follow.
              Sally is placed in an iron tub behind red and white striped drapes.
              Phylis, Floyd's wife, baths her.
              "Looks like you got bush wacked." Phylis says as she washes out the
              Mayor's long red hair.
              "I.. want Dagmar's head on a silver platter." Sally coughs up flatulence.
              "Yah want the army here? They'll stomp on everybody." Phylis yanked
              here brush threw Sally's hair.
              "Learn from your mistakes.. You should of landed outside the crater.
              Those people at the club could have been blown away." Floyd spoke from
              the other side of the drapes.
              "Let me work the knots out of your back." Phylis said. She was a
              fine massues and Cherokee Shaman.
              "Here hun. Have some kombucha tea." Phlylis held the the tea cup
              steady in Sally's hands. She drank and gave thanks.


              Jimmy is summonded to the Mayor's office.

              Mayor Sally is wearing her leather cat suit.
              "Jimmy can you think of a way to get at the hotel manager Dagmar?"
              Sally slaps her riding crop on her right thigh.
              "Jimmy I don't want him dead.. just uncomfortable." she continued
              grinding the tip of her boot into the floor.
              The doc shrugged, "Well, we could send some high frequency radio
              waves over there.. might make em nauseous and give em a hang over."
              "Ooooooo I like that Jimmy. I like that very much." Sally answers
              with a happy face.
                "MacCoy?" Sally calls on her cell phone. "Hun. Turn that big radio
              dish around and aim it at the Hustler Club@. Broadcast some
              Heavy Metal at the highest signal. O.K?" Sally makes some kisses
              to MacCoy and hangs up. ..
              "Still getting cramps?" Jimmy asked. "Well, the tea is helping a lot."
              Sally smiled as she heard the mamonth dish slowly turning.
              "I guess that fungus hits the spot." the doc turns to leave.
              "Jimmy! You know I need a ride." the Mayor jumps on the doc's back
              and wips his butt; "Giddy up!" Jimmy grabs her legs and trots about
              her office.


              Tina's tirade in the Mayor's jacuzzi.

              ispukingofflimits!" Tina rarely paused when she was upset.
              Mayor sally kissed Tina and slid up and between her thighs.
              "Hun. I have to point the dish at Earth to get a signal. Pitty, the darn
              Hustler Club@ is above us. Don't you want to know why fuel is so
              scarce?" Sally rubbed her nipples against Tina's tiny tits.
              "Why is it scarce?" Tina let Sally ride on her knee.
              "Well. Some sepratist are vandalizing the refineries." the Mayor explained
              and kissed Tina with an open mouth.
              "Sepratists? Who the hell can live off the web?" Tina took a swig of
              mountain jack. Sally nodded with a toothy smile.
              "Confidentially.. . off the record. I think it just another price gimmick
              to stick to us suckers." the Mayor laughes. Tina puts her feet around
              Sally's kneck.
              "Arf!" Tina looks over to her pup. "Oh. Go play with your stick Terry."
              she snaps.

              Sargent Major Julie burst into the jacuzzi room.

              "OK missy. I want that dish raised or I'm taking you in." the Sargent is
              aiming a blaster gun at the Mayor.
              Tina dives under the bubbles.
              "That's easier said than done hun." Sally pulls herself out of the jacuzzi.
              Sally is taller and broad shouldered. "Whah? Never seen a Mississippi girl
              up close before?" She towels off and picks up her phone.
              "MacCoy. Elevate the dish. Your frying the Hustler folks." Sally smiles
              at Julie and walks over to the Sargent.
              "That's close enough!" Julie shouts.
              Sally swats the gun out of her hand and throws the Sargent head over
              heals into the jacuzzi. Tina locks her legs around Julie from behind.
              "Might strong legs for tiny Missouri girl.. but she does get a lot of
              exsercise." Sally laughs and aims the blaster at Julie.
              "Your in deep shit!" Julie shouts and head butts Tina off her back.
              Sally fires the blaster stunning Julie.
              "Fuckinggreat!Mynoseisbroken!" Tina snorts and pushes the Sargent
              up on the tile. "Isshedead?JesuscrowI'mnotgettingbustedforthis!"
              Tina runs over to her blue checkered dress.
              Sally is laughing, "The gun's on stun. Can't you see her breathing?"
              "Oh? Sherif would you put this assassin in the town stocks."
              Sally had triggered the silent alarm in the jacuzzi and Sherif Bruce
              had just entered the room.
              "Er-ehm. Yes." Sherif Bruce could still feel Julie's loving dildo up his
              He dutifully locks Julie in the stocks at the center of town across
              from the fountain of World Peace.

              The Sargent is molested by every passer by, including the local
              Cub Scouts.
              "This is a violation of a Gobal Web Officer! You'll have your credit
              cancelled! This town will be bankrupt!" Julie haulered with her pants
              wrapped around her head. It is the only article of clothing she has left.
              "Arf!" Tina brings her pup up to the Sargent's hooch.
              "Don't you dare!" Julie growls.
              "Come on Terry, have a chicken sandwich." Tina smooches her pup as
              he licks up the Sargent.
              The Sargent bites her lower lip as town folk hold their sides from laughter.


              A massive war ship blocks out the sun over the town of Jubillee
              and the Hustler Club.

              "Attention citizens. zzzzzzftz! This is the Nighting Gale.. errrzzhiss!
              responding to the citation of unauthorized landing. bewwwipt!"
              the message is broadcast simultaneously to Mayor Sally and
              the Hustler manger Dagmar. It is a fully automated drone vessel.
              "Arugah! Please do not attempt any departure. zzzzzftz!
              the Mayor and the complants will confrence of chanle 999."
              the voice is mechanical. Mayor Sally puts in her data on fuel
              consumption and landing avaiblity. Dagmar submits his damage

              "Click-chchchch-bing! Situaton nominal.. verrrrrrrrrrrr-ping!
              Emergency landing exceptable. BBBBBBBBBB-lthperrrrrrr.
              Repairs initiated on Hustler Club. Babahuuuuuuump!"
              The drone vessel sends it report out.

              "Hey!" Sargent Major Julie shouts from her stocks.
              Sherif Bruce is returning his favour with some back door bajunk-ajunk.
              Sally submits her report on the arrest of the Sargent for attempted

              "Ccccccccccccc-fizzzz. Jurisdiction of Global Officer is under
              Jubilee maritime law.... Arrrrrrrrrrohnnnnnn! Officer will be retried
              upon release to web network.. Earth base Singapor. Mooooooo!
              Have a nice day... blurp." the drone Nighting Gale slowly steers
              upward and away...

              "Listen bub. Get off my ass!" Julile shouts to no avail.
                Sherif Bruce is too happy to hear her.


              The treatment can allow for more character developement.
              Floyd the barber and his wife Phylis can have many wise tomes.
              Jimmy can discover a new faith in hedonism as he becomes more
              like a horse.
              Sally can explore her facination with bondange and enemas.
              Tina could become a preacher of free love.
              Bruce could have a baby.. and explore his need for his father's
              MacCoy might snap and go a rampage.
              Sally will be his only hope for peace.








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