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by Snert
Rated: E · Serial · Crime/Gangster · #1638121
After a hard job the girls relax in a hot tub.
Secret Ladies Undercover Tactical Squad 

The hot tub ‘oops’

Sneaks held the door open for the other ladies. They were all there except for Jojo.
“Come on; get in quickly before anyone sees us.”
She gently waved her hand in circles to hurry the ladies along. Once inside she closed the door behind them.
“Alright Sneaks, what is it you wanted to show us here?” Red spoke softly into the darkness of the room.
“It’s over here.” Sneaks turned on her small pen light with the red filter over the end as she lead the group away from the door, deeper into the darkness.
“Where are we?” Tabi’s voice was almost a sneer. “And why does it smell like chlorine in here?”
“Shhhhh, I have to check something first.” Sneaks voice was a low hiss.
The others stopped walking as Sneaks held up her hand for the others to stop.
They watched as the dim red light on the floor from the pen light faded away in the distance.
A door opened and outlined Sneaks in the distance as the evening sunlight filtered into the back where the ladies were.
“Why are we here?” asked Briefs to no one in particular.
“Sneaks said she had something to show us, that’s why we are here.” Red’s voice betrayed her calmness as her irritation was getting worse.
“I don’t like sneaking around like she does.”
Sneaks came back to the group leaving the door wide open.
“Right this way ladies.”
Sneaks bowed and waved her hand in the direction of the door.
Tabi was the first to head for the door as the others followed.
They all gathered on the other side of the door finding them selves in the show room of a swimming pool store.
“Well that explains the odor of chlorine.” Said Alexis speaking for the first time.
“It’s over here, come on.” Sneaks headed for the front of the store.
“And there it is.”
Sneaks was all smiles as the ladies gathered around the biggest hot tub any of them had ever seen.
“You brought us all the way here to see a hot tub?”
Boomer was getting mad.
“It’s not ‘just a hot tub’ it’s THE hot tub. The galactic 3000 with super bubbles and surround sound music head rests with massage seats.”
Tabi looked at every one else gawking at the hot tub.
“Well, when in Rome, do as the Romans do.”
Tabi smiled as she quickly stripped down and hopped into the tub. Sneaks turned on the bubbles.
The other ladies looked at each other as smiles grew on their faces.
Soon clothing lay every where on the floor and the hot tub was living up to it’s name.
“May I join you?” a voice cut through the sound of the bubbles startling them all.
Turning to face the voice, there stood Jojo.
A flood of agreement came from the girls as Jojo slipped off her dress revealing a one piece swim suit.
Tabi made sure there was room beside her for Jojo, but she was disappointed that she wore a swim suit.
Later the entire group was relaxed in the hot tub with soft music playing through the sound system.
“Who turned on the light show?” asked Briefs as she watched the red and blue lights dancing on the ceiling of the show room.
The others open their eyes and looked up at the flashing red and blue lights.
“Ah Sneaks? Did you kill the alarm system?” Asked Jojo.
“Then explain why the cops are outside.” Tabi had turned around to face the large window in the front of the store. She was trying to make herself as small as possible. It was dark outside now but the outline of a police office looking in the window was well back lit from the cop cars flashing lights.
The hot tub exploded in a frantic frenzy as they all jumped out of it and quickly gathered their clothing off the floor.
The officer’s flashlight shined on the tub with no one in it, but he could have sworn he saw a naked woman running out of the showroom.
  He rubbed his eyes as the other cop approached who was talking into his radio.
“10-4 station, we got the drunk out of the laundry shop.”
Stepping up next to the officer he spoke.
“What’s the matter Joe, something in your eyes?”
“What? Oh… no, it’s just…”
The other officer slapped him on the back.
“Spit it out Joe.”
Joe shined his flash light into the show room as they both looked.
“There it is, it’s not ‘just a hot tub’ it’s THE hot tub. The galactic 3000 with super bubbles and surround sound music head rests with massage seats.”
“So why are you rubbing your eyes?”
“That thing is such a chix magnet; I could have sworn I just saw it full of naked women.”
The other officer just slapped him on the back and walked away laughing.

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