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a side story of Artemis Darkscal, my character in my group story.
Its night, pitch dark and the only light are of the enormous moon. A time for love and intimacy but also a time for the ending of lives. Tonight the latter of the two is the case. A man of the cloth, or so he claimed yet the money and alms went more into his pocket then into the church and when his head church found out about this blessed man's dirty deeds, they removed him yet most of his congregation stayed loyal to him and the church say this as a threat to them so they decided to take extreme measure and hired outside help. A young Halfling who is known for being extremely violent yet known for getting what’s asked of him done. He had been tracking him for a week before he decided to strike. This night he found most opportune. The man of the cloth, a lemur named Jaeric Omar, had a large sermon and had of raked in at least 2 million dollars from his flock. He left out the back of the church, not knowing that he was being watched from far above him, atop the chapel he had built. Artemis was stood at top the tallest steeple and watched his prey, surrounded by bodyguards.

Artemis: -chuckles a bit- so I would have to guess that he got wind someone is hunting him or he could be just paranoid. Makes little difference, those church folks want a dead greedy asshole and that’s what I’m going to deliver.

Jaeric and his guards pile into a bullet proof black car and start to pull off and the half breed grins, feeling his primal urge to hunt the semi-unwitting prey. Wings sprout from his back, large and navy blue, and he takes flight follow the car from high above. He followed until they hit a red light. Artemis comes down feet first onto the hood of the car crushing the engine. This sent a blast of terror through all the passengers. All the bodyguards prep their guns but Artemis wanted to send a message to all the passengers in side. With in the blink of an eye, the half-bred has drawn a long barrel pistol from under his duster coat and fires off a quick shot through the head of the driver. Jaeric's eyes grow wide as he feels the blood on his face. The five body guards pile out and aim their guns at the attacker.

BG1: Who are you and why are you attacking us?!

Artemis: -laughs- oh...I’m sorry if I gave you the impression that I was attacking all of you. Excuse me and allow me to clear this all up. My name is Artemis Darkscal and I’m only here for the pissant you all are protecting so hand him over and will be on my way, keep standing there like targets and you all are going to give you what I gave your driver.

BG2: -scoffs- like you are going to take him or take us for that matter; we are all ex black ops soldiers.

Artemis: -spots a nervous tick in the second bodyguard when he mentioned the black ops.- well as much as I care, which is I don’t, I will as one more time before I start killing you worthless goons.

One of the guards fire off and hits the hybrid in the chest, the others follow suit and blow him off the car and onto the ground motionless. They move in to examine the body with Jaeric close behind, looking to see if his hunter was dead. Jaeric hears a slight click and he jumps back just as the hit man’s jacket flips open. With a wicked laugh from Artemis, as bullets explode from the lining of his jacket and shred the bodyguards to ribbons. Artemis sits up laughing uncontrollable as Jaeric stares on with pure horror in his eyes.

Artemis: -stops laughing catching his breath- whew I love doing that -looks at Jaeric- you don’t know how many people fall for that. -Aims at him- well now back to work, I have date to get to and you are the only thing holding me back from going home. - Jaeric scrambles to his feet and runs like a mad man- Shit! They always run!

Artemis aims and shots out his prey's knee but he keeps going hobbling on into a dark alleyway. Jaeric looks back and sees his hunter strolling casually after him. He gets half down the alley before he hits a fence and attempts to scale it. The desperate lemur was half way up the fence before he was shot again, through the shoulder which caused him to fall back onto the cold concrete. He turned to look at his pursuer.

Jaeric -sheds tears of fear-: please ill do anything for you to spare my life! I’ll give you anything, money?! I’ll give you half of anything I own, please...

Artemis: -kicks the begging man in the face- stop your fucking sniveling, at least die like a man. You brought this all upon yourself. I’m not a church going man myself but I know stealing is against your rules last time I checked. And if there is a hell I’m glad to send you there.
*places the barrel to his head, still piping hot from the last shot and burning his flesh. - And as I am your savior, you are my flock. Do right by me and by your fellow Cyan. If you turn your back to them, you also turn it to me and I will strike you down with righteous justice- places his finger on the trigger- and guess who I am?

Artemis pulls the trigger and sprays the content of his victims head through the fence with a dealing boom. Just to be a jerk he searches through the dead man's pocket and found a wallet about to explode with bills and a golden crest. He slips the crest into his pocket and was about to do the same with the wallet when he spotted a family standing outside of a store, they wore bad cloths and looked and their kids didn’t look like had eaten in a while. He tossed them the wallet and walked away smiling.
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