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Its a work in progress I'm horrible with punctuation so please bear with me
In the dark alley with feeling returning to all his senses, awareness first brought excruciating pain in the back of Bobbos skull. He reached up to inspect the hurt for blood finding none he then sat up groaned and wondered out loud "where did that crazy woman go on the scooter?" Quietly, barely audible to even himself.
He got to his feet and was curious to see how long he'd been out and once again was let down."That's going to be hard to replace" he thought, his watch was smashed and the skin underneath had stopped bleeding so he knew he had been out for awhile.
Bobbo started walking towards where he thought he had come from, concern growing for the actual time. He knew he would only get one shot at his assignment after that the chase would be much harder and longer if this tooth faery caught onto him not only that nightfall brought on all sorts of unpleasant obstacles he knew he was not equipped for.
Now a pinch of panic rimming his thoughts with a touch of despair at having been so close and suddenly being put to sleep by god knows who or what.
Bobbo started thinking about saying goodbye to The Company and going rogue, not for the power but for the fun. Bobbo had grown a little bitter at busting his hump for no gain, having no freedom to choose for himself pretty much anything. He decided then and there, he quit, time for his own life. Quitting had its own risks, for he has knowledge, privileged knowledge, deadly knowledge. Bobbo knows his new enemy on the other hand and is certainly equal to his new choice of fun survival rather than puppet survival. "They can track, capture and whatever else they do on there own from now on."
Then nearly jumped out of his skin when he heard from behind him a female voice "Yay, I've waited a long time to hear you say that let's get going already your target is long gone anyway. She didn't have it you know." Bobbo thought to himself "Well crap, I don't know if I was just kidding myself but hey, I'm going with it this time. Deep down I want out and now I am, with an ally apparently."
The girl stepped out of a shadow that shouldn't have hid her as well as it had and more astonishingly she pulled a scooter out of the darkness that definitely couldn't have fit there. She mounted the moped, threw a helmet over her head and fired it up almost all at the same time. Hurrying and looking oh so awkward Bobbo strapped on his brain bucket and jumped on behind her while she screamed in delight punishing the throttle and zooming off into the early evening.
Looking down on all of this transpire was The Shlak, one of many minions of El Grumpo. The Shlak was a bad onefor certain it is very smart, strong, large and fast. This flying creature of four silent feathered wings has a body made of what looks like dark green thick jelly but on touching it, it isn't slimy or wet at all. Its skin is very close to horse hide but crystal clear, you could make flexible windows of it and weather a hurricane in your home. Its wings on the widest part of its fifteen foot body came to an odd looking meeting with its short forelegs. This setup allowed The Shlak to ensnare a victim and quickly pull it into its beak like mouth that is ringed by the gaping maw of its outer mouth. The beasts hind legs were almost grasshopper like in appearance mith metal protrusions grafted into and in parts through as a form of armor as well as weaponry.
The Shlak with its instinct telling it to kill rather than report grumbled a low clicking growl as his prey regained consiousness and sped away on the annoying bike with the bothersome girl. He wanted to kill so badly but with the orders of his master to adhere to he shot off into the sky towards Blortston.
On the road Bobbos mind turned to the beautiful girl he now foud himself with, her smooth black hair jutting out the bottom of her helmet tickling his nose. He asked, he thought a little to loudly "Who are you?". She screamed back her response "Shutup wouldya? we'll talk at my place." And so he did.
Upon their arrival Bobbo noticed a familiar unpleasant odor and remarked "You've got floaties about, you should be careful." to which she replied without a thought, like it was of no concern, only wanting to get to his question earlier "My name is Gleebee, and you are going to be happy now that you've decided to join me in the good life."
Flags went up in Bobbos mind at that remark, wondering what she knew, how long she had followed him and what she didn't actually know at all. More importantly what did she mean by "the good life" and "decided to join" like it was going to be a permanent arrangement that isn't arranged at all. Her words earlier had him wondering how long she had been tracking him. Did she know he was raised by The Company? Did she know why? He didn't.
Gleebee inturupted by throwing a key at him, unaware it struck him in the cheek and snapped him out of his troubled thoughts. She answered some of his questions without being asked saying"well since you're not going to talk, here is where we are, my hide away from,well,everything. I have no affiliation with no one and you are joining me. I have watched you since you "borrowed" the unicorns horn to craft your baseball bat. You are now a seriously dangerous man and you don't even know it. As well you are in serious danger,not just for abbandoning their cause but also from every merc, sword, gun, spell, needless to say The Company is the leat of your worries. There is also the fact that Gorta is after you, you are a very unlucky person at this moment." Bobbo interupted a little rudely "Not now, I need food and rest my head is swimming still. Tomorrow you can speak when I will remember." Gleebee went silent and grabbed his arm, leading him inside, shoved him through a tiny door just inside and slamming it shut behind him.
Inside the small room Bobbo had some quiet to sort out how to deal with Gleebee tomorrow. He decided to ask more than answer. That is the only way he could figure out his next move.
Outside the little room Gleebee was talking to Scram, a disgusting floating glob of garbage water that was the smell Bobbo had detected earlier. Scram was named so because that's what most wanted him to do and so was the first word the floaty had learned after congealing following the rupture
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