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by Snert
Rated: 13+ · Serial · Crime/Gangster · #1638429
Secret Ladies Undercover Tatical Squad Case of the broken bone.
Secret Ladies Undercover Tatical Squad
Case of the Broken ‘Bone’

Briefs, the short legal advisor for the Secret Ladies Undercover Tactical Squad , stood outside the hall beside the hospital room. In the room was the ‘fine’ artwork of Tabi’s latest’s take down laying in a bed, wrapped in a full body cast.
Briefs read the doctors report of his conditions.
“Hmmmmm, seems Tabi took a real dislike to this one. Just about every bone in his body is broken. But, I’m here to do my job and follow up and see if what she claims happened did happen.”
She walked into the room as her heels clicked loudly on the shiny clean tile floor. Stopping beside the bed she asked a question.
“Can you hear me?” She spoke loudly as she watched the eyes behind the cast that enclosed his whole head.
The eyes fluttered as her sultry voice made its way to his hearing.
“Mmmhhmmmuummm” Whatever it was he said, she did not understand a single word of it.
She dropped her case file bag onto the bed none to easy.
After the eyes opened again and glared at her she continued.
“Let me get this straight.” She opened the file folder on the case and quickly scanned it.
“You were ‘dressed’ in a Pedo Bear costume, and that you were stocking kids mothers at a play ground. Is that correct?”
The eyes just glared at her.
“That’s when you first noticed that you were being stalked by our agent, is that correct?”
Still the eyes glared at her not blinking.
“OoooKaaaaa, you ran and the chase was on, but when she cornered you, you took off the costume, dropped your pants and tried to attack her with your…” Breifs coughed into her hand.
*cough cough*
The eyes had changed to a squinted glare at her now.
“And that is when you claim she broke your - bone.”
Briefs looked at the body cast covering the man. Sure enough there at the crotch was a tube like protrusion of plaster cast extending straight up about four inches.
Her hand went to her top and unbuttoned two buttons.
The eyes stopped squinting at her and were now fully open.
“Herrrrrmmmmm!” came from behind the cast.
“What? You like what you see?”
Her hand opened two more buttons revealing that she was not wearing a bra under her shirt.
She could have sworn that she saw him trying to shake his head back and forth.
“What’s that?” She leaned over his head as her shirt hung open before his wide eyes.
She stood up and placed her finger on her lips.
“Why that sounded like a scream to me. Was that a scream?”
She leaned back over his head, her shirt fully open to his view.
“Aaaaaagggghhhhhh, aaaaaagggghhhhh!”
Standing back up she saw the man was trying to look down at his crotch area.
She looked down at his crotch also.
“Ohhhh, ohhhh, I’m sorry, I forgot, the doctors put a splint on your ‘broken bone’ before they put the cast on.”
She again put her finger into her mouth and pulled on her lip slowly before speaking..
  “Boy… that must be painful. But today is your lucky day, I have a cure for that.”
She reached into the case on the bed and pulled out a hypodermic needle full of a green glowing liquid.
Pulling the cover off the needle she pushed on the plunger sending some of the fluid arching through the air.
They eyes were as wide as they could be with terror in them.
“This will cure everything and make you forget all your pain.”
Quickly she jabbed the needle into the top of the ‘tube’ at his crotch and pushed the plunder all the way down.
“I could have sworn I heard you scream.”
She buttoned up her shirt and checked herself in the mirror.
Looking at the eyes, she could see the drug was working already. He would not remember a thing.
Grabbing her bag off the bed, her shoes clacked as she walked out of the room.
After changing the wording on the chart outside the room to ‘fell off bridge’ she continued to walk down the hallway as patients and nurses alike watched her walk away.
After the elevator door closed, one nurse spoke.
The other nurse at the desk sat fanning herself with a wide smile on her face and dreamy eyes.

Case closed.
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