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Benefits to be gained from consuming this healthy vegetable.

If you would like to suppress hunger, control blood sugar, reduce pain, and many other benefits, then knowing how to take capsicum, for high digestion and low heat, would be an important skill to have.

I suspect most people know about the capsaicin and vitamin C in cayenne pepper, but that is just the tip of the ice berg of the wonderful benefits to be gained from consuming this healthy vegetable. As it's red color would suggest, it is very high in vitamin A as well.

It is fairly common knowledge that Cayenne Pepper can reduce pain by blocking pain receptors going to the brain. Hunger suppression is accomplished by decreasing levels of ghrelin, the hunger hormone. It is also recommended to strengthen the heart, improve memory, help in the control of blood sugar levels, and reduce hangovers. You can stop wounds from bleeding by applying dried Cayenne powder, including an ulcer. It will even relieve shock when consumed in hot water. Some people even put a little in there socks to keep their feet warm.

I suggest buying Cayenne Pepper, and many other herbs, by the pound rather than small spice bottles because of the cost savings. Besides the cost saving, you can also choose how hot of pepper mix you want. The heat of peppers, or the level of capsaicin, is measured in Scoville Units and the higher the rating, the hotter the pepper mix, which is usually cut with pimento.

Taking Cayenne in capsules is not the best idea because digestion starts in the mouth and more people complain of noticing it in the bowels on the way out. A couple pinches of cayenne in juice feels real nice on a sore throat, but taking an eighth of a teaspoon that way just makes it hotter longer. It will be hard to believe, but the best way is on a spoon. With a dampened pallet, just scoop around 1/8 of a tsp on to the tip of a spoon and place it in the mouth, followed by a couple swallows of juice to coat the pepper into a lump that is smoothly swallowed. Quickly there after, continue drinking the rest of 6 to 8 oz. of juice. This results in only a warm mouth and digestion starting immediately.

I use juice, because pasteurized and homogenized milk is unhealthy for humans, but the casein in milk will neutralize the capsaicin in the pepper.

You can adjust the amount of Cayenne used according to body size and how you utilize it. When I am sick, my body uses more of it. If it burns at both ends you used to much!

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