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Jane Austen is becoming more popular then ever. I decided to write about her.
Have you noticed how popular Jane Austen has become lately? I saw a nicely gold bound book at Barnes and Nobles of Jane Austen's Seven Novels. I looked at it but I have never read a Jane Austen book. I tried to watch SENSE AND SENSIBLITY twice because I love Kate Winslet but I just couldn't get into the story.I dearly love Kate. Before Christmas, my friend from work let me borrow the movie LOST IN AUSTEN. A woman from the present time changes places with Elizabeth Bennett in the novel PRIDE AND PREJUDICE. I fell in love with the movie. I fell in love with the characters of PRIDE AND PREJUDICE. I HAVE GOT TO READ JANE AUSTEN BOOKS! I found a fiction book written by Michael Ford where Jane Austen is a vampire living in a small town by New York. She owns a book store and is trying to get her latest novel published and has a boyfriend and the man who turned her into a vampire comes back into her life. She has an enemy Charlotte Bronte who is also a vampire and wants Jane's latest novel. Charlotte steals Jane's manuscript and claims she is the author. It turned out to be a good book. As a big fan of TWILIGHT, I had to read this book. The name of the book is: JANE BITES BACK. I promise it is worth your time.

When Jane was alive, she didn't get to see her name printed on her books. Her brother Henry took her manuscripts to the publisher. Women weren't allowed to be authors. How sad is that. Jane never found her Mr. Darcy. Mr. Darcy is every woman's dream man. Yes! I have sat down and read PRIDE AND PREJUDICE. I also bought the gold bound book of Jane Austen Seven Novels. I was sitting in the room my husband and I added on to our house. I sat in grandma's red reclining chair next to out fireplace and read about Mr. Darcy.I love being in my world next to the fireplace and my book case.

Jane's characters of PRIDE AND PREJUDICE'S Characters have stories written about them by modern day authors. I read one about Caroline Bingley in: THE OTHER MR.DARCY. Caroline meets Mr. Darcy's cousin. I was disappointed but Caroline got a happy ending. I also have one I am reading about Pemberly and a descendant of Mr. Darcy has a romance with a real estate agent. This Mr. Darcy is a pilot. I can hardly wait to read this one. Mary Bennett has her story. These books are at Barnes and Nobles. I wonder how Jane Austen would feel if she knew her characters from PRIDE AND PREJUDICE had stories written about them from other authors in this day and age. Needles to say, I am a true Jane Austen Fan. I will be reading the rest of her novels. I love the woman and her characters. In VICTORIAN Magazine, Jane Austen's stories were mentioned as well as tea time and antiques from her era. I wish I could write like Jane. A lot of women are hoping for Mr. Darcy. I have found my Mr. Darcy. I am happy. Jane Austen. Her stories and PRIDE AND PREJUDICE characters live on. I hope somehow she knows that people love her. Jane, you are the best author of your time. Authors try to write like you and that is a good thing. I am your devoted fan! I admire you!
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