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by Snert
Rated: 13+ · Serial · Crime/Gangster · #1638458
Secret Ladies Undercover Tactical Squad Jojo starts looking for her family's killers.
Secret Ladies Undercover Tactical Squad

The Gentlemen’s Club
Jojo sends the S.L.U.T.S. to begin the search for her family’s killers.

Chapter 1

Alita had the group check their ear buds one more time before they entered the gentleman’s club.
She got a resounding chorus of comments from the other girls.
“Will you give it a rest!”
“Oh for crying out loud!”
Tabi just growled, “You ask one more time and I’m gonna put ALL the ear buds someplace the sun don’t shine on you.”
Alita shot a disapproving glance at Tabi but said nothing.
Red spoke up over the comments,
“Knock it off you guys; we’re here to do a job. Jojo wants to know who is in here today, so we go with the original plan.”
Sneaks rolled her eyes as she spoke,
“I can’t believe that she wants us to go on amature night and act like dancers.”
Briefs just smiled at the remark because no one knew how she had put herself through law school as a dancer.
Boomer just had a very disgusted look on her face as she trailed behind the rest.
Tabi asked the question they were all thinking.
“Any body knows who or what it is we are looking for?” She quickly looked at the gangs faces as they reached the door.
The bouncer doorman gawked at the group as they entered. Not being able to resist he reached for Boomers ass but what he found was his hand in a very painful hand hold by Boomer her self. He quickly found himself on his knees with her face in his as she hissed at him.
“You want to loose that hand, try again.” She plied more pressure to the thumb and he went the rest of the way to the ground.
Releasing the hold, Boomer stood up and straightened her mini skirt.
“Now get up and pay our entrance fee.”
Holding his hand the bouncer complained through gritted teeth.
“I ain’t paying no fee.”
All right, have it your way.”
Boomer reached down and grabbed the bouncer by his crotch and pulled him up quickly as the bouncer tried to stifle a scream.
“Boomer!” Sneaks was standing beside her now as the rest of the group was enjoying the show.
“I got this.”
“No, he’s going to pay.” She squeezed her hand tighter and the bouncer stood on his tippy toes trying to avoid any more pain.
Sneaks moved to get in front of Boomer blocking the bouncers view. Holding up a wallet she spoke again.
“I got it, now let go of him.”

“Ladies, Ladies, my apologies for any inconveniences caused to you by this here now unemployed ex-employee.”
The girls turned to face the voice. It came from an overweight man somewhere in his sixties. The cowboy hat and brown leather vest did not go with his fancy shoes and the cigar stunk like he had found it behind the business end of a dog.
Two other ‘bouncers’ quickly grabbed the other bouncer who was still holding his crouch from the pain. Grabbing each of his arms, they escorted the loudly complaining ex-employee into the middle of the parking lot and threw him down onto the pavement causing him to yell in more pain.

“I’m terrible sorry you had to endure the stupidity of that slob but I assure you that the other employees at this fine establishment are more professional.
Red stood in front of the man and had to look down at him but before she could speak, he chattered on.
“My, you’re a tall one.” He leaned his head back to look up at her.
“And what might your name be?”
“Red! and what might your name be sir?”

“Me, oh my please accept my apologies, where are my manners?”
Taking off his cowboy hat he bowed to the group of ladies.
“My name is Phinneis,  Phinneis P. Barb.”
“Barb?” echoed Red.
Holding his hat to his chest he sounded more apologetic as he spoke.
“Yes, well… I know it’s not a great last name so please do forgive me.”
Putting his hat back on his face lit up with happiness’.
“Please please go on in” He quickly opened the door for the girls.
“But what about the entrance fee?” asked Alita.
“Oh ah, I’ll just wave that for you pretty girls seeing as you had to ‘deal’ with that ex-employee.”
Sneaks emptied the wallet of credit cards and cash and tossed it out into the parking lot just as she entered the lobby of the gentleman’s club.
The group went straight past the register and inside the club.
Standing for a moment, they let their eyes adjust to the darkness and flashing lights.
Soon Tabi picked out a man sitting near the dance pole floor with a girl sitting on both sides and one very big ‘lady’ sitting on his lap. Recognizing him she started for him.
At the same moment, Red grabbed Tabi by the arm and yanked her back as she hissed at her.
“LEAVE THE JUDGE ALONE! You’ll blow our cover.”

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