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I don't get it
  What's with names? I just don't get it. Where did they come from? Somebody just decided to call the middle of the week Wedsneday A.K.A. hump day. Which makes more sense to me. It's in the middle and you get over the work week thing I get that. Did some guy really interpret some old language of some ancient culture and say "I believe this properly translated to wedding and it's proceeded by two and then followed by Thur. but they all end in what I believe is day."

  So what I don't get is why we name everything. I mean I get it because we have to describe it somehow. How did we come up with these names. Wouldn't be funny if the days of the weeks were named after the months, or trees.

  "Hey Bob how are you doing today. By the way what day is it?" Bob replies," That's funny how all these days just seem to run together ha Mike. Well its Fernday and tomorrow will be Oakday."

  Then the trees take the names of the days of the week. Like an oak will be now known as a Thur. A fern will now be known as a Fri.

  Now I know some intellegent person will comment in there head or maybe even e-mail me that the days of the week were translate from ancient aramic or some kind of form of sand script. Or if I just wasn't so damn lazy I could probably just research it myself and find out were these names originated, but what fun would that be.

  We as Americans have butchered the english language into what ever we feel fit, or however we can make it easier for us. Now I'm no languist so I don't have a professional degree or anything like that. What I do have is 35 years expierence on this earth and I have been all over the world listening to other languages get spoken in there proper form and getting yelled while learning and pronouncing them funny. I didn't even no I had an accent when I left for Germany it was quite the discovery.

  Anyway if any of you scholars out there read this and enjoyed it for the B.S. that it, then I will feel like i've written something of nonsense and made someone smile.

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