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This is a poem that depicts, the heart of a child, excited about receiving and giving.
Christmas Evening, while I was nestled in bed.
I heard the bells of Santa's sled.
I pulled the covers over my head
Silent not a word I dare say,
I knew Santa would bring me toys on that Christmas day.
The next morning, I awakened and thought it a dream.
My eyes lit up, big as could be, a Barbie, and a car that she can fit in.
I looked out the window and outside in the snow
A new car for mommy, it had a big bow.
I held my hands together and my head to the sky, to
wish all those who were homeless, a safe place and dry.
They slept in boxes, under bridges and in crates.
Their food was so scarce, with hardly any plates.
With my head to the ground, I walked toward my toys
and wished, they had gone to some other boys.
I thought and came up with this idea, we could use mommy’s car to transport them there.
We drove to the shelter, and opened the door; they’re stood a tree, bare as could be.
I piled the presents and tagged them from me; with the hopes they will make someone else happy.
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