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If drugs could actually talk.
Anyone wishing to, may use this to present to their local communities. I feel that if one child even reads this, and makes a clear decision not to use drug and/or alcohol, it will be worth my effort. God bless our future Americans. Thank you.


What I wish to propose is this:

A short "skit" (if you will) with some high school students taking part.

One: A "lynoid" (for a lack of a better choice of wrdz to describe the way drugs are always deceiving people) being the primary subject (represented by a person in a flesh tone body suit covered with drawings of all sorts of drugs and paraphernalia).

Two: Students acting as if playing soccer (or some other child's game) in the back yard of one of the "children", when the ball accidentally goes over the fence, and into the alley. The "child" who lives at this residence, goes out to retrieve the ball. When he gets the ball, he sees something he does not recognize. He calls to the others saying, "Hey! Come here, everybody!" The rest of the "children" arrive to see what he wants to show them. "What IS that?" One "child" asks. No one responds, so the "child" who found it bends down to pick it up. Just as he touches it, it grabs him by the wrist, but the boy fights free, and they all run back into the yard screaming and yelling. Scared out of their minds, they all group together in a corner of the yard. By this time, the "Lynoid" comes in the back yard gate, and slowly walks up to the "children". At this point, one "child" asks "Who ARE you?" and another "child" says "Better yet, WHAT are you?" At this time, the "Lynoid" says "I am." and begins to go into the main body of the poem (I Am). At various points in the poem, the "children" are giving reactions (looks of fear, cowering, hiding their eyes, etc.) to some of the looks the "Lynoid is giving them.

Three: Upon completion of the first "skit", have a long enough pause with the curtain closed for the stage to be set for a second "skit" (which would probably take about a minute to do).

Poem for first "skit" is:

I Am

I am what
Your parents fear.
That's why to me,
You are so dear.

I am what your
Mommy and daddy hate.
Because in my hands,
I hold your fate.

I am what the older kids
Want you to have.
Then you and your life,
I shall have.

I am what others
Have grown to love.
And once they were mine,
We didn't fly high up above.

I am to those who
Slipped from my grasp,
Something to be locked up
With a lock and a hasp.

So I say to each of you
"You cute little tyke.
Fear me! For I am
Nothing to like."

The second "skit" is quite simple. A plywood frame to represent that of a television set.

It is set at the center of the stage so when the curtains are opened, the set has the curtains at the edge of each side of the television set, allowing the audience to see the television set when the lights are brought up enough to see it. When the set is exposed, an announcer says "And now for a word from our sponsor: "A Likable Enemy to Some". At this point a curtain inside the set is rolled up exposing the "Lynoid" standing there starting to say the wrdz to "A Likable Enemy to Some", and continuing until the piece is finished.

Skit 2: Essay Statement

A Likable Enemy to So Some

Hi there. I'm your friendly fighter of drug and alcohol treatment centers. What's my name, you ask? Well, I have many. Call me whites, crosses bennies, cocaine, acid, heroine, and many more. So take your pick. I like it when a kid or adult chooses me again in stead instead of going to a D and A Treatment Center for classes and help. Heck, I can give them all the help they need. And besides, that way I have the advantage. They don't have any idea or advance warning about the crippling, deadly effect I can have on their lives. I love it when I get a chance to surprise them. By the time they get the surprise, it's usually too late! Just thinking about it makes me all tingly. I get to give them their final surprise! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Then the announcer comes back saying: "The preceding has been brought to you by: 'The Killing Chemicals United.'".

Might I also suggest that "I Am" be done first as it has a more definite "side" to it than does "A Likable Enemy to Some" (which could be taken a couple of different ways, even though they are both on the same "side").

The main idea here is what I call the "Lynoid". This character is made up of a conglomeration of all varieties of drugs and drug paraphernalia. This could be made up by using a flesh tone body suit and having the various items "airbrushed" on it. This might call for someone with knowledge and hands on use of an airbrush machine.

All parties involved in the creation of the character and the project in general, should receive recognition for their part in this production (myself being excluded for reasons of anonymity. I get my recognition by seeing the reactions of the audience. No one needs to know I was the one who "started" this. Because the main thing is the subject, of which I feel is more important.)

The person portraying the "Lynoid" will need to be made up with theatrical makeup (that is easily removed with cold cream or makeup remover of some kind) on their face, neck, and hands.

As for the feet of the "Lynoid", some kind of "slip resistant" socks should be worn to prevent the performer from falling during the performance as they may be working on a wood, or tile covered stage floor.

I also feel that local high school students should be presenting this. A student as the "Lynoid" right on through to the stage hands and all as this performance is for the benefit of the "next generation of America". And if they have good examples to look up to, the likelihood of them following a good example increases the likelihood of there being a better America in the future.

Thank you, again, for your time.
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