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by wrdz
Rated: E · Essay · Inspirational · #1639232
Remembering those who teach.

Hey Teachers! Besides the fact that you love being tormented and pestered, and inundated with ignorance, why do you continue to teach our children? Ever stop to think about that one? Besides the fact of the love of showing someone something they didn’t know, you get to watch their eyes light up with interest, and curiosity when they see what happens when certain events take place. You know; when you create an event with certain chemicals, or try to arouse their curiosity in whatever way it takes to arouse it. Down deep inside, don’t you think it’s really because of the fact that you look at these children as being inexperienced birds to be shown how to stay aloft in this life? The same holds true (I believe) in teaching our children about Jesus Christ, and His love for us. Each child receives God’s love through Jesus Christ as the time is right for them to receive it. Each child has to be openly willing to, and ready to accept God’s love and forgiveness. Only then can it be so for them to receive it.
I have a saying I use whenever people leave me with the impression they don’t understand when I do something that involves our children. I call it “Of Winds And Wings”: As these children are the wind of meaning in our lives, beneath our wings, so let us be the wind of hope in their lives, beneath their wings.
I thank you all for being the eagles that show our children how to stay aloft. Thank you for all your patience, and fortitude.
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