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by Shorty
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This is about a woman with a disability and was an inspiration to eveyone who know her.
My husband had an aunt in Pennsylvania who had a severe mental disability and couldn't do much by herself, but she loved her family and sorry to say she recently passed away and will be missed by all. This aunt couldn't really talk or walk after falling and breaking her hip, but loved to play bingo, being outdoors and her family. It was hard for me at first to understand what she was saying, but after awhile, it didn't really matter, she would just have to point and I would understand. I loved playing cards with her and seeing her face light up when she would win. But the one thing I remember most about her is how she loved her family. Everytime my husband and I would go and see her in the nursing home, she would see him at the end of the hallway walking towards her and would scream his name in delight hug him and try to tell the nurses about him. I sometimes would feel like an outsider when other family members would come for a visit, but she never made me feel that way, she treated me as if I was an actual family member and not just one through marriage. The last couple of months have been hard for all of us to see her suffer the way she did so when it came time for her passing, it was a blessing. Now she is our family's Guardian Angel and no longer having that mental disability like she had when she was here on earth. Now she's able to all those things that she couldn't do before and I'm so very blessed to have known her.
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