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by Kayame
Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Writing · #1639769
I got this idea after reading a sentence in Inkspell
Ah, how he wields his weapon
So gracefully yet strong; full of pride
Ink drips from the tip like blood
The paper, his battle field

His mind races and swirls
His thoughts pour from his wrist with a flick
Oh, how he eyes his creation

No one deserves to read such a thing
He smiles at his last and greatest piece of art
The words devour his mind
How shall he end it all?

With a lick of his lips he plays God
“You all die!” He screams with a maniac’s laugh
Yet his creations just stare at him
A mocking smile dancing on their lips

How dare his creations defy him so mockingly!
He is the Omega!
A twisted smile forms on his face
No matter…
He will just have to teach them a lesson

In his mind he watches them die
Falling to the floor like flies
Blood splattering everywhere

The sound of a door closing snaps him out of his killing spree
Slammed back into reality of a small room
Four white walls made of pillows
The jacket that hugs you

The Lunatic Writer, they call him
Driven crazy by his own words
But if you truly think about it
Aren’t all writers lunatics?
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1639769-The-Lunatic-Writer