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My thoughts on finding love
If you love someone, the days seem brighter and everything takes on a freshness and newness that comes from within. You find a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day, a diamond in a drop of dew, or the voices of angels from the drops of rain. The empty days are filled with warmth and caring instead of just the passage of time. Contentment is not just another word meant for other people, but something for you to revel in. You are at peace with the world because there is hope again.

If you love someone, the silent nights are filled with images of better days to come, even if the one you love isn't there in body. The anticipation of connection from one heart to another makes your eventual meeting so much sweeter, something to be savored when it comes to be. The endless days that seem never to pass, waking each day to find nothing has changed are wiped away when two soul are finally joined. Two hearts as one and the joy and serenity that come with it are always worth waiting for.

If you love someone, there are no conditions or limits to set. All that matters is the twinkle of an eye, the sweetness of a smile, and the music of laughter in a loved one's voice. A perfect body, a glamourous face, what are these things compared to the glowing feeling of hope and love when you are with the only person meant for you? Riches avail you nothing, vanity gains you nothing, yet love will give you all the riches you can hope to find and beauty seen in a loved ones gaze.

If you love someone there is the companionship of a perfect friend. The ability to speak to one another with a simple look or glance. Silence isn't a thing to be filled simply to pass time. Feelings of being held or walking hand in hand and sharing your silent thoughts with a touch are the most precious things to be shared and treasured. Caring ,giving, loving; these are the important things in life. Being able to express all your dreams of tomorrow and have those feeling returned in kind are the things two people who are not only lovers, but friends as well, are able to do.

If you love someone, there are no obstacles you can't overcome.There are no limits to what you can accomplished with understanding and patience, and no goal is out of your reach. The march of time doesnt matter as long as that love is nurtured with the empathy and compassion that comes from a relationship reaching higher than the clouds, and deeper than the foundation of any mountain. Love is a promise unbroken, a vow unspoken, a commitment unending.
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