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Some more stuff to get off my chest...
1. Security on international flights has really tightened up these last few months. Take it from me - don't even bother bringing your crossbow onto a flight. What a hassle!

2. People always say, "Kids grow up so fast." I don't know, though, because my nephew is thirteen years old, so that means he has been growing up for thirteen years. That's a long time to do something.

3. Is there such thing as barber-customer confidentiality? Because I am starting to go bald, and he's the only other person that knows so far.

4. I was walking around the Philosophy Department the other day looking for my professor's office. Finally I found a map on the wall. But the big red "X" in the middle was labeled, "You are here...or are you??"

5. You know those missing persons flyers you sometimes get in the mail that say, “Have you seen me?” Are those rhetorical? Because every now and then I have seen one of those people.
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