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Rated: 13+ · Script/Play · Action/Adventure · #1639951
dialog and descriptions of characters in a cartoon/tv format.
COLONEL:  Ladies, gentlemen.  Officers.  My name is Noctis.  I have been placed as the commanding officer of this company. 

You were all chosen because you are the best of the best, in your various fields.  A lot has changed, since the solar cells were built, and it seems that the government feels the need for a new, special task force. 

Since our assets are set in space, far away from the earth, the means by which war is carried out has changed drastically.  This unit is our first line of  in modern warfare, whether it applies to criminal activity or it is fighting on foreign soil.

You have chosen to accept our invitation.  If you would like to leave, do so now; this is the first and last time you will have that opportunity. 

(no one leaves)

Very well.  I will lead you to your barracks, where you can take some time getting settled in.  Return here at 20.00 for dinner. 

(Noctis strides out of the conference room and to toward the barracks, and the group follows.)

(The male dormatory)

SETH:  Who'd've thought I'd get paid to fight. 

JOSHUA:  It seems more like getting paid to keep the peace.

(SETH finishes unpacking and strides toward the door.)

SETH:  Peace is for the dead, friend.

(SETH closes the door.)

JOSHUA:  He seems like he'll be fun.to deal with.

LIONE:  Mhm.

JOSHUA:  You're a specialist, right?

LIONE:  Mhm.

JOSHUA:  In what?

(LIONE flicks what looks to be a sword handle out, and a full saber appears.)

JOSHUA:  I see.  I'm a martial artist.

LIONE:  I know.  MMA.  32 & 0.  Very nice.

JOSHUA:  Thanks.

LIONE:  Credit where its due.  Don't think that buys you much here.

JOSHUA:  Looks like were all some kind of specialist, then.

LIONE:  Mhm.


LIONE:  They're going to make us learn from each other.

JOSHUA:  You think?

LIONE:  Only logical.

(JOSHUA's face sets in a firm, serious set.)

JOSHUA:  I think we'll be headed into space soon.

LIONE:  Makes sense.  Power supply is imperative, & they must have someone to defend it.  We'll see.

JOSHUA:  Not concerned?

LIONE:  Current assignment is unpack, then regroup.  All I need to know.

JOSHUA:  I see.

(LIONE nods his head & leaves.  JOSHUA puts on his Gi & leaves as well.  CUT to girl's barracks.)

LILA:  Where are you from Sara?

SARASARONE:  The States.  U.S. Marines.

LILA:  Oh!

SARASARONE:  Not that exciting.

LILA:  I'm from Russia.

SARA:  I know.

FORESTRA:  People from all different countries.  Must be a group put together by the U.N.

SARA:  Probably.  We all specialize in different things, it seems.

FORESTRA:  What?  Really?

SARA:  You're the Kung Fu girl.

LILA:  And me? 

SARA:  Gymnast.

LILA:  What about the guys?

SARA:  Marksman.  Fencer.  Martial artist.

(FORESTRA tenses)

FORESTRA:  There's another fighter?

SARA:  He's MMA, not like you.

LILA:  Wow.  I wonder why they put this together so suddenly.

SARA:  Anti-terrorism probably.

LILA:  Where'd you learn so much?

SARA:  Marines, like I said.  I was briefed before accepting the invitation.  Get ready for some fun, girls.

(They leave as a group.)

(20:00 - in the common room.  Dinner is set.  The colonel enters.)

COLONEL:  I'm sure that you've been wondering why we called you all on such extreme short notice for what is, in all intents and purposes, a long-term assignment. 

I'm here on behalf of the U.N. - Special forces division.  Some of you have probably already assessed the situation or have been told what you will be facing.  The world relies on our solar stations, those Solar Cells, for energy.  We feel the need to defend these resources is imperative.  For the next few weeks you will be in training, and then we will set off for space.

(The clinking of dish ware diminishes.)

In the meantime, understand that leaving the grounds is prohibited.  By accepting the invitation to this group, you have severed all of your former ties to your personal lives.  Tonight you will sleep, and tomorrow training will commence at 06:00.  Meet in the dirt square in the center of the facility then.

(The COLONEL rises & leaves.  Dinner remains quiet.)

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