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Rated: 13+ · Sample · Emotional · #1639970
Just a spur of the moment writing session,I had alot of mixed emotions Ineeded to get out.
Here I stay forevermore
My body lays on the floor
I have been hearing an echo in my head
It keeps whispering ..dead, dead ,dead..

Then all at once I open my eyes
And find
A sky of stars and cosmic dreams
In which I could float in, I wished
But my flesh and blood keeps me here
Like a trapped fish on a hook
Can the fish feel? I wonder
Does it have hopes and dreams?
Does terror flow through its body?....When it relizes thats it's life will end.
Or does it finally breath, finally feel, what will happen in the end.
Does it?..... I realize to my self at this moment, that the fish does not care whether it lives or dies.
Because it is a machine until it comes to good use for my own human body.
It is a mechanized organism designed to live a sorry filled, uncohmprehensible; life unknowing to the world around it.
The fish does not feel, does not think, does not care about anything other than its own life.
But the fish is not selfish, the fish is not stupid. The fish is everything it can be, its everything that it will ever be... it is beautiful, beatiful food in the eyes of the human kind.
That is all the fish is to me, is to anyone else except for itself.
The fish is me, the fish loves me and I love the fish.
Because I treat it as what it is, it will never overcome me or my kind, it will never be greater or smarter at least in my lifetime on this earth.
But I release the fish from its morbid shell, and the fish gives me its blood, its meat it gives me its shell so I can live on in this life...this life that is so simple...but realizing this life is simple, is when its time you want to be like the fish.
You want to be free of this shell you are encased in, this shell you want to be free of, the shell which holds your soul, your life, your being.
And once you are out of this shell is when everything you have ever dreamed of comes true , or comes to an end.

I am the fish.
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