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Emotional poem about the betrayal of a soul friend...
Lees of the Day…

You want all that I give but you do not give back to me.
You’ve made it very plain, my God, I get it!  Damn!  I see!
You said it very bluntly as you mentioned all your friends
Invited for the weekend just to chill – how that offends.

Oh happy were you as you lay your plans right at my feet;
You had such joy and rapture looking forward – as a treat
To seeing friends, your buddies, those who make your day seem whole.
And lurking in the shadows – only me – who plays the role…

You’ve made your calls, your duties – so my heart should be just fine;
The problem is my hurtful friend – it’s just another sign
Of how you tell me sharply “stay away, do not come near”!
You say it with a hateful tone, in silence – so severe…

I cannot take the torment of your stance within my being;
I cannot make you understand what clearly I am seeing.
I stand a witness to the death of dreams and bonded souls;
I stand in shock and utter pain as I must change my role.

A soul needs fed, a soul needs care; it needs a gentle touch.
How well you know these things I say – I’ve shared so very much!
Confusing are your actions as I witness damage done
Within the heart, within the soul – you stand with loaded gun.

You’re winning out.  My heart can’t take what burns beneath the soul;
I hear you loud, I hear you clear, you’ve finally reached your goal.
I cannot be where I now see I am not meant to stay;
Your attitude is evident – it’s time to move away…

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