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This is how I felt after my last break-up,lol.
Come down from your mountain,your summit of guilt

She left you behind, buried the knife to the hilt

It wasn't your fault she wouldn't try more

The hand on your back is pushing you through the door

Out of her life in the blink of an eye

Now it's time to let yourself cry

Tears can burn but they can also heal

Pain's not the only thing you should feel

Come down from your mountain of fear and doubt

Take a deep breath, let it out in a shout

"I'm a person with feelings, I don't deserve this"

Now there's no one to hold, but also no one to miss

Time heals all wounds is a damned sorry saying

The truth of matter is you should be praying

Thank God she left, next time find someone

Who won't make you say "give me my gun"

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