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The stat of the union
A room full of gray hair and hardheaded opinions.

The entirety of of our political race.

In one room.

At one time.

One man letting the country know we don't need to blow our brains out.

No worries, because the elephants and the asses are going to put aside their differences for the greater good of the American people!

What a crock full of BULLSHIT!

There were people on their fucking cell phones! Probably looking up games or checking their facebook.

This was followed by a short speech by the republican voice of Virginia. In which he basically told us not to worry about what the president says, because the republicans are going to do shit their way.

Back to the entirety of our political race under a single roof..........

DROP A FUCKING NUKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The only change this country needs is for it's youth to turn off the T.V. and read a book. To quit being fat, lazy, piles of shit who end up on government check retirement fund at twenty three.

What we need is a new party to vote for. The "We are here to make life better for you not jerk each other off and talk shit party."

This wont happen.

We will vote for the same two groups of stubborn assholes until we all die.

Most likely we will slowly degrade in evolution and end up living in caves looking at porn eating Twinkies and be found and systematically executed by what is a current third world country.

Or, maybe with all the youth racing to get back into school, and four years of a non-redneck sister fucking illiterate douche in the White House who actually gives a shit about education, we will save ourselves.

Yeah. We are fucked.

The reality shows keep reminding me we are brainless swine.

They won't get me, even if the mass majority of the U.S.A. wants to slowly die watching American idol so be it. I will go read, anything and everything. As long as it isn't fucking twilight. I will get an education, and maybe if I play it right, end up an author who gives you something of substance to read.

I'd keep ranting, but desperate housewives is on.

Upside down peace sign.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1640239