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I wrote this for a friend who was feeling bad about her kids and their relationship
With a push and a groan the most joyous moment of life comes along; the birth of a child. There begins a bond that will last a lifetime between mother and child that becomes more precious as time goes by. It begins the first time they are held and your child looks upon you with the trusting gaze of an innocent life. The pure wonder and curiosity bestowed on a new mother cannot be compared to. They look on you and smile, for they see the love emanating from you and know this is someone special. This is the beginning of what is seen through a child's eyes.

The first steps taken to outstretched arms are done because of the trust that has been shown and given from one to another. The wobbling legs propel them forward without the slightest doubt they are safe, and their steady look of happiness comes from knowing that Mom is there.The night time feedings and the scary darkness are pushed back when those loving eyes come into view and they know that everything will be better. The noise of a passing storm or a flash from the clouds are bearable when Mom picks them up and comforts them. Tenderness and compassion are things seen through a child's eyes.

When the time comes for their first day away from home their nervousness is abated when mom is there to show them it's alright, and that she will be ready for them with a hug and a kiss. Caring and understanding flow between one another and the separation becomes something that is dealt with so much easier because of what is seen through a child's eyes.

The scrapes and bruises that are earned through the daily routine of play are made better when mom kisses the boo-boo and tells them they will be all better. A tickle of the tummy and a nuzzle on the neck make even the worst seeming hurts ease away to nothing. The lessons that are endowed about sharing and caring are carried through the rest of their lives. All the little things that can be taken for granted are soaked up like a sponge because Mom knows that they are needed, even if they seem unfair sometimes. Even when there is resentment from a child that they have been punished, or told that they cant have what they want right then is tempered by the sub-conscious knowledge that it's for their own good. The look of disappointment when a child does something wrong makes them want to do better. This is also something seen through a child's eyes.

There are the school plays and other events that are special in and of themselves but become even more because mom is there to share them. The twinkle in your eyes as they ask how you liked their perfomance or if you saw this or that is reflected in the smile you have for them. The glow in your heart as they jump up and down in pure adulation for your approval has to be one of the most wonderful feelings in the world. The unstinting love that is passed between mother and child has an almost angelic quality about it. Recognition of this love and the bond that continues to grow are seen through a child's eyes.

The years pass as the lessons are learned, sometimes painfully, but no matter how hard it may seem to a child it is ten times harder for Mom because she knows that coddling and spoiling a child makes them petulant and willfull later in life. To make a good person takes a lifetime of work and commitment, and the results of knowing a child has become a decent person makes all the trials and tribulations worthwhile. All the things that have passed- the trips together or a night by a fire, an evening spent laughing over a game or crying over an argument make all the moments of their life precious. Yes, even the hard parts are precious because you know that nothing that is worthwhile in life is easy. Even when hard words are said there are always the moments that have come before that can help sustain you through those times. The wisdom and the lessons passed from one generation to the next are important things that need to be seen through a child's eyes.

The hardest time has to be when it is time for this child, who is no longer really a child but a grow person, to leave and start on their own. All that you have imparted become the things crucial to their first steps on their own. They step into your arms as a baby and they step away from them as an adult, but there will always be that connection, that love, that look in your eyes when they tell you they love you and they understand what you have tried to do for them. All the sacrifices that have been made will be made again when they start their own family, and then it will be their turn to know what it feels like to see the unconditional love that is seen through a child's eyes.
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