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The subject is struck slowly by the multiplicity of the moment
There, it hit! Strange noise!
- I now later rationalize and so crudely couch in
gritty-synthesizer-introduction- to-a-Spectacular-cable-news-hour -
Event! Liberating, murky and terrifying; we know more than anything the depths and yet
Can not know
Now in the naïve, primal surprise of the moment
my body moved like an appendage of ideology
anxiety in the presence of the scrutinizing other
the violent apprehension of the gaze – eye, footstep and creak, oblique rustlings -
apprehension… then now even later I couch so crudely in
terms of the woozy academic post-Marxist left
-I’m not stupid, they’re probably cloistered distractions; it’s a no-go, probably
But I mean surely even then their imaginings can impress upon history such a…
some lazily-metaphorical theoretical blot
like the mystic Kandinsky, like
slowly churning subway maps, like
peculiar structures cast in the uncertain light of their new premonitions against the strange
and then now (to be read as ((ø)perhaps in their wake(ø))) even later
I’d find a new space in which to write
something else, like maybe,
like, when I noticed the paths across the lawn behind the house, etched upon the snow in footprints
radiating outward, known only by destination
(gas station, car, oblivion, respectively)

[originally this space contained a drawing of what appeared to be the inside of the peace symbol; three pronged fork, etc.]

I thought I’d walk a circle around it and create a new space
For the squirrels to take shits in
Maybe I am dreaming, but Depakote, Annulment, dreams with me.
Or maybe really I am just still
on the mountain
picking mushrooms with the commune
boletes clumped bountifully, pressing themselves…,(;) exploding vivid brown beneath the thick pine
tomorrow we’ll reinvent ourselves
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