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This poem is about my daughter when she was under a year old.
She's So Cute

As I sit and wait

watching for her;

always early, never late.

She's so cute

when she arrives,

Her little hands

wanting mommy's side.

Swinging up and down

And side to side

She can't walk or talk

but she'll let me know

what's on her mind

She likes me to read*Reading*

her favorite books:

Little Bunny; Blue Jay

And most of all

Goodnight Moon

She likes her music

That's for sure

And when it's not there,

Then the look she makes;*Frown*

let's me know how she feels

about that too.

When she sleeps

she grabs ahold

and just won't let go.


She's so cute

as she sleeps

and when she


she'll play all day.*Laugh*

But if you wake her

she won't cry*Cry*

but she'll let you know

that it was not right*Rolleyes*

I call her at nite

and see her twice

a week.

When she comes home

I'll be as happy*Bigsmile*

as can be.

Because we have a bond

that no one can break.

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