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by G&W
Rated: ASR · Script/Play · Drama · #1640576
A script for a movie that was unable to be filmed. Written by kids from 10-16
    Before you begin to read I'd like to say forgive me for all the spelling and grammer mistakes I have made. I wrote about 99% of the material at night from 1am-4am before having to wake up to goto work in the morning. So please if you find any forgive me.
    This script was writen over the summer of 2009. It was mainly written by 3 of the 8 people who started this project. Two of the writers were also suppose to star in it and There name's were Abbie and Adam. Abbie and Adam are really brother and sister in real life as in the script. Adam would play the younger brother even though he was older, and Abbie would play Gracie even though she was younger. Trenton was to be played by a boy whos name was Trenton. We kept the name the same so it wouldn't confuse him, but he left for the summer to go spend it with his mom. Trenton in the script was then to be played by a boy named Nate, but he didn't show to any of the filming days and we were left without a little brother which we thought would destroy the whole script. So that was one of the many reasons why the film was not made.The dad in the movie was suppose to be played by my older friend who was also suppose to help with the Photography  but he fell into other affairs as well. This was another reason why the movie was not made.

        I have to say that for a bunch of kids writting this it turned out very well. They wrote about what they wanted and felt. The two main writers of this were from out of state and when they came they felt out of place. They also had inspiration for the plot from there step father who had went through something like in his youth. To be true I think we all have at one point. Feeling out of place is not the only theme in this script. You will find the constant showing of Conformity throughout the society in which this is set. We liked writing about this because of the artist we were, and we all have been targeted by a comunity ruled by old ways and traditions. Most of the events are based off of real events. From the movement to the chase scene, it can be linked to our lives.
      I can recall the first days that this movie was underway. We sat in a circle discussing who were the main characters in this movie; which originally Abbie/Gracie was the main charater. Some how the way we wrote it, it turned out to be more about Leon and his difficulties copping with the move and dramatic events. I could remember how mad Abbie became with me. "Why are most the music videos about Leon?" was a common question. My answer was "Just the way it turned out." Trying to make it up to her I wrote what I thought was a dramatic scene  with her in it. I'ts written under Is there Anybody Out There. The whole scene lasted no more then 3 min. While Adam's/ Leon next scene would be more then 10 min and animated. I think though later we found that the parts she suggested and wrote were the ones that led to the movie to be more about Leon.
      I really wish that we would of been able to film it so we could present on youtube but I think that having it in print some what makes it more dramatic. Though the whole use of songs to tell a story doesn't work to well. You really have to be a Pink Floyd fan to know every lyric to the song and get the allusions and other refrance to the albums. I think though we do a good job in trying to explain what happens where to give someone who has never herd of Pink Floyd to understand the major deal when we have a big scene during the song Comfortably Numb.
        Not to mix up those who have read my other work the Leon in this story is different from that of the one in Leon's Life. I use the name Leon as kind of a signature. I don't know why.
        If I had to only choose one piece of work to reprasent me as a writer I would choose this one. I speak for every one who was involved in the creation of unchangeable when I say that we are most proud of this. We put our whole summer into this and are very pleased with the result. So please enjoy, and if you have any questions do not be affraid to ask. I will be more than happy to reply. Thank you.

For all those who dared to see in color.

To our step father who childhood was a constant insperation.


Car is packed up and parked by the curb. Gracie and her dad are in the car waiting for Trenton and Leon. Leon is saying good by to his friends while Trenton is in the house with his mom. Leon is standing on the lawn and his friends are on the side walk.

Friend #1: Maybe one of these days we could head over there and hang out.

Leon: Yeah I’ll still see you guys.

Friend#2: Well We’ll see you around, by.

Frien#2 gives Leon hand shake leading into a hug.

Friend #3 is the next one to give Leon a hand shake leading into a hug.

Friend#3 Call me.

Friend one is the last to give a hand shake before a hug and follow the other two as they begin to leave. Leon is left watching as they leave.

Trenton: Why can’t you come with us?

His mom is walking him to the car as he says this. Leon is following behind them.

Mom: I have to stay here honey, but I’ll talk to you on the phone.

Their mom says this as she opens the door to the car. Trenton is on the verge of tears and stands close to his mom. Leon is seen real quick watching as his brother try’s to stay. Their mom gets on her knee’s and places a hand on each of Trenton’s shoulders. Trenton is looking at down at the ground hiding his face.

Mom: Honey…

She lifts his Trenton head and he holds it there. He still avoids eye contact with her.

Mom: Trenton… Trenton look at me.

Trenton makes eye contact with his mom. She wipes a tear away from his cheek with her thumb.

Mom: It’s going to be okay.

Trenton: I want you to come, why can’t you come?

Mom: I have to stay here.

Trenton looks down after his mom answers his question.

Mom: but I’ll still see you guy’s and call, I can visit and so could you.

Trenton looks up at his mom.

Mom: Okay?

Trenton nodes. He then gives his mom a hug. She rubes his back to calm him even more.

Mom: Okay… You have to get in now.

She helps Trenton in the car and buckles him in. Leon watches still silently. His Mom then gets out of the car and turns to him.

Leon: Why do I have to go?

Mom: You have to take care of Trenton.

Leon looks at the car.

Leon: (Points at Gracie) Gracie could do that, I want to stay here.

His mom pulls him in for a hug.

Mom: I know, I want you to stay too…

Leon: (In a low voice) why can’t I stay?

Mom: because the place you guy’s are going is better for you guy’s.

Mom breaks the hug in the middle of her line and moves the hair out of Leon’s eyes. Leon shows a looks of sadness.

Leon: What if it’s worse than here, what if I don’t like it

Leon says this in a voice that isn’t in concern but sounds like he’s making excuses.

Mom: Give it a few months. If you don’t like it then you can come back. Leon gives his mom one more hug.

Mom: I love you.

Leon: I love you too.

Leon gets in the car.

Mom: (To all) Take care.

Mom then shuts the door and movie goes to black and white. She watches as the car goes away and the camera follows it as it travels down the street. The view of the car is then blocked by a stop sign. Screen then goes black.

Car pulls up to a house. The house looks ordinary and not unique in any way. The kids all get out. The camera shows their dad get out. He then helps Trenton out of the car. The camera then goes to the other side of the car were Gracie and Leon are getting out of the car.  Leon and Gracie stand there and Trenton joins them. Their dad is at the back of the car opening the Trunk. All the kids are staring at the house.

Dad: Nice isn’t it?

The camera shows the house. The view is from behind them all.

Dad: Price wasn’t bad either.

Every one continues to look at the house. Leon looks at it with a sense of resentment. Gracie looks at it with a sense of interest. Trenton looks at it with a small sense of fear. Trenton stands close to his dad.

Trenton: Looks like theirs monsters in there.

Dad laughs and smiles. Gracie joins her dad.

Dad: No I checked every room. It looks spooky on the outside but on the inside it’s not too bad, come look.

Gracie and Trenton follow their dad. Leon Stands there for a second. He looks left then right and notices nothing unique and that the street is very quiet.

Trenton: Come on Leon.

Leon then begins to follow the rest of them.

The next shot is when Leon is coming in through a door. He walks into the house and heads towards the stairs. When he begins to walk up the stair Rick/Dad is coming down. Leon is stopped at the bottom step by Rick.

Dad: Hey were you going so fast?

Leon tried to get past Rick quickly.

Leon: Upstairs.

Leon tries to walk up the stairs again but is stopped Rick.

Dad: What’s wrong?

Leon isn’t looking at Rick but past him.

Leon: Nothing.

Leon tries to walk up the stairs again but is stopped for a third time.

Dad: Not nothing, what’s wrong?

Leon: Nothing… I’m just tired.

Dad has a look of suspicion not concern. Leon stands their waiting to go up stairs. Rick stares at him for several seconds like he’s trying to read him.

Dad: (In a voice that sounds emotionless) Up stairs to the left.

Rick then walks past Leon leaving him on the stairs. Leon looks at Rick once before walking up the stairs. Leon makes his way up the stairs and enters into Gracie’s room. Gracie is at a dresser organizing close.  Leon walks in and sits on the bed which is made.  He then lays down and looks up at the ceiling. His feet are still touching the ground.

Leon: Why do you get the bigger room?

Gracie doesn’t turn to answer his question. She still organizes her stuff while answering.

Gracie: because I do.

Leon: I’m bigger. I should have this room.

Gracie: I’m older so I do.

Gracie smiles and continues with her activities. Leon sits up and looks at the wall. He then looks out the window.

Leon: This town is boring. I don’t think I saw a single person outside.

Gracie: I don’t care I never go anywhere. It’s quiet that’s all I care about. I’ll be able to write without any distractions.

Leon looks at a picture that is set on a cabinet or table next to Gracie’s bed. He then sets it to back before speaking.

Leon: What do you think the schools are like?

Gracie: The same as our old school.

Leon: Do you think we’ll make friends?

Gracie: I didn’t have any at our old school, I don’t care… Are you scared? (Gracie turns when she says this)

Leon: No.

Gracie is facing Leon and smiling. She points at him.

Gracie: You are. The big tough Leon is scared.

Leon picks the pillow up and throws it at her.

Leon: No I’m not.

Gracie: I’m telling Trenton.

Trenton walks in holding a toy.

Trenton: Tell me what?

Gracie: Leon’s scared.

Leon: No I’m not.

Trenton: You are.

Trenton is wearing a big smile and sounds happy and surprised.

Leon: No I’m not! All I asked was something’s about school.

Trenton: I don’t want to go.

Gracie turns to see Trenton. Gracie is across the room tending to more things but stops when Trenton speaks.

Gracie: Why?

Trenton: I don’t know.

Gracie: Are you nervous?

Trenton: I guess.

Gracie: Oh… It’s okay.

Gracie pulls Trenton in and gives him a hug. Leon looks at her with a angered look.

Gracie: He’s a babby.

Trenton pulls away.

Trenton: I’m not a baby, I’m 9. (Or any other age)

Gracie laughs and so does Leon. The next shot then goes to out side the house.  And their laughs could be herd.

The scene changes to night and Leon is laying on his bed. Gracie walks in.

Gracie: What are you doing?

Leon: Thinking.

Gracie: About what?

Leon: Where’s Trenton?

Gracie walks in a little before speaking.

Gracie: Asleep.

There’s a long pause.

Gracie: What’s wrong?

Leon: Why does every one think something’s wrong?

Gracie: You got that look on your face.

Leon doesn’t say anything. Gracie looks at him waiting for a response.

Gracie: Is it about Mom?

Leon: No.

Gracie: Dad says it’s only for a while.

Leon still remains quiet and says nothing. He gives no seen response. Gracie waits a little longer for a response.

Gracie: You should go to bed we have school tomorrow.

Gracie then leaves the room. Leon then lifts his hand to reveal a picture of his mom. Leon turns to his side. The screen goes black. The next scene is when their dad is dropping them off. They all get out of the car and stand their. Trenton looks around before speaking.

Trenton: Where is everybody?

Gracie looks as well and sees no one around.

Gracie: Are you sure were on time? (she ask her dad.)

Dad: School said 8:00

Leon is the first one to walk toward the school. Gracie is the next. Trenton follows behind.

Trenton: By Dad.

The camera then goes to the inside were Gracie is dropping Trenton off at his class. She fixes his back pack before speaking.

Gracie: Okay her you go little guy.

Trenton looks at the door with a scared look on his face, and then he looks back Gracie.

Trenton:  (In a high voice) I feel sick.

Gracie checks his head, then cheek while doing so she says her line.

Gracie: I don’t feel anything.

Trenton: I do.

Trenton looks at the door and so does Gracie.

Gracie: Are you scared?

Trenton nodes. Gracie then gives him a hug.

Gracie: (During her hug) It’s okay. Everything’s gonna be okay.

Trenton: really?

Gracie: Yeah. Even Leon was scared.

Trenton: He was?

Gracie: Yeah, but don’t worry everything’s gonna be okay.

Trenton: Everything?

Gracie pauses for a moment. She then gives Trenton a tighter hug.

Gracie: Yeah everything.

She lets go of the hug.

Gracie: Okay now I have to go to class.

Gracie begins to walk and gives Trenton a pat on the head before leaving. Trenton is left watching as she walks away.

Gracie: (Gracie turns around and walks backwards as she speaks) I’ll pick you up after school.

Trenton is then left alone in front of the door. He then grasp the door knob and turns. The door opens and the camera is on the other side of it. It opens all the way to reveal Leon as the opener. The teacher is in the middle of speaking and Leon slowly makes his way further into the class room. The teacher is turned away from Leon and cannot see him. Everyone else does and stares at him. Leon inspects every one and sees how they all are wearing the same style of close and how they are all inspecting him and examining every aspect of him. The camera shows one kid moving his head from the ground up, looking him head to toe. One of the students then make a throat clearing.

Student#1: (Clears throat.)

The teacher turns around and sees Leon standing their. She too looks at Leon from head to toe before speaking.

Teacher: Can I help you?

Leon: (Holds out a paper as he speaks) I’m new.

The teacher walks towards Leon and takes the paper from him. She reads it as he speaks.

Leon: I’m sorry I’m late. My dad didn’t know what time we started.

Teacher:  Leon… Is it?

Leon nodes.

Teacher: Everyone starts school at 7:50 and goes to 4:00. Now tell us about yourself.

Everyone is waiting for a response and Leon begins.

Leon: My Name is Leon… I moved here just the other day with my brother and sister.

The camera then fans across a group of kids that looks too young to be in Leon’s class.

Student#2: You have a brother and sister?

Trenton is standing at the front of the class. He is unable to stand still and figits as he speaks. He nodes to answer the students question.

Student#3: How come?

Trenton: I don’t know.

Teacher#2: Remember class how I told you every one is different in some way.

Class all together: Yes.

Trenton flinches at the class’s unexpected answer.

Teacher#2: Well Trenton’s unique because he was a brother and sister.

Student#4: But his mom also doesn’t live with him.

Student#5: Yeah he has a brother, and sister, and his mom doesn’t live with him.

Student#6: Yeah he’s weird.

Teacher#2: You don’t make comments about other people. Do you do that with anyone else?

Student#6 nodes no.

Teacher#2: Here you treat everyone the same.

Teacher#2 points the rules that hang in front of the class. There is a long pause and every one stares toward the front of the class.

Teacher #2: Take a seat over there.

The camera then to the seat were Gracie sits down.  The teacher goes on with her lesson and Gracie sits down ignoring all those who stare at her.

The next scene goes to lunch were Gracie is receiving her lunch and then walks off. She goes to sit down at a table where no one is sitting but is stopped.

Teacher#3: You have to fill the other tables first.

Gracie then goes to sit down at a table where there are people but leaves a two chair gap between her and a girl. She begins to eat then a teacher approaches her.

Teacher#3: You’re in the wrong spot.

Gracie looks confused and responds.

Gracie: But there’s people here.

Teacher#3: You obviously didn’t read the rules.

Trenton: What rules?

Teacher#4 pulls out a small ordinary hand book and flips several pages then begins to read a rule. They are standing next to a trash can

Teacher#4: Every child must eat all their food.

Trenton: I hate peas.

Teacher#4: Learn to like them.

The teacher then sends Trenton back to the table where he sits down.

A voice then says: You cant sit there.

The Camera then goes to Leon.

Leon: What?

Teacher#5: We have a order. Boy, girl, boy, girl. Next is a girl and I don’t see you wearing a skirt.

Leon gets up to move and sit in a spot next to a girl. The camera then goes back to Teacher #5 who is watching Leon sit. Then Teacher#5 walks away and the Camera goes to the next scene.

In the next scene the entire family is eating. Leon Is next to Trenton and across from Trenton is Gracie. Rick is at the head of the table.

Rick: So how was school?

No one answers. Rick looks to his left and then right. They all focus on their food. All you can hear is forks clanking against plates. Rick then looks to his right.

Dad: How was your day honey?

Rick asks Gracie.

Gracie: I don’t know.

Dad: You don’t know?

Gracie shrugs her shoulders.

Dad: Well did you like it? Did you hate it?

Leon: I did.

Rick looks at Leon.

Leon: It was… It sucked.

Rick: Language. Why did you hate it?

Leon: All the people were weird, they have all these stupid rules for everything.

Rick: Rules are what keep us sane.

Leon: Not these ones. You can’t sit in certain spots, you have to follow a pattern, you can’t do anything.

Leon voice gets louder as he continues with his speech and is interrupted by Trenton.

Trenton: They made me eat peas cause everyone else did.

Gracie: They made me sit in a certain spot.

All the kids begin to tell about their day and overwhelm Rick.

Rick: Quiet!

Every one stops talking and all is quiet.

Rick: You guys are upset over nothing.

Leon: but…

Rick: But nothing… Doesn’t matter if you think they have bad rules. (Looks at Leon), doesn’t matter if they tell you to sit in a certain spot. (Looks at Gracie), and doesn’t matter if you have to eat all your vegetables. (He pauses to think. He looks at Trenton and Gracie who look upset.) I know the move was hard… I know were going through a lot… Just give it a while it will get better.

Everyone goes back to eating.

Rick: Plus you guys all need an education and this is the only school around.

To the song Happiest Days Of Or Lives

Every one remains quiet and they all continue eating. You can hear helicopters as The screen goes black.  The next thing to be seen is a teacher yelling. When The teacher is done  it shows Trenton. Each time the song does a large clash it changes. The first time Trenton is seen. Then it when the second clash is shown it changes to the teacher, then the third clash it shows Gracie, Fourth time with the guitar scale it show the teacher walking and doesn’t change. The video shows the teacher walking and by the time the drums join in for the beat the teacher grab’s Leon and they begin to walk. Leon is seen confused and can be seen talking to the teacher. The teacher is seen not paying any attention to Leon. By the first line Leon is thrown into a office with the principal who then begins to scream at him. Each time the camera angle switches between the principal and a kid the kid changes.

By the line by pouring their derision, it shows A teacher taking a picture from Trenton who is sharing it in front of the class. On the board behind them you can see the words what I want to be when I grow up.  The teacher then waves the picture around laughing and then crumples it up and throws it on the ground.  By the line Exposing every weakness however carefully hidden by the kids Trenton is seen walking back to his seat with his head down and wiping his eyes. The scenes then goes outside were Gracie is walking him home and Trenton sees the teacher being yelled at by a large lady while the teacher is getting in the car. The camera switches back forth and between Trenton and the teacher. This part leads into the next song Another Brick In The Wall Part 2.

To the song Another Brick In The Wall Part 2

On the line we don’t need no education, it shows Leon speaking out at the dinner table. Then during the instrumental part Rick begins to speak to all of them. For the line we don’t need no thought control, the kids are all walking in iambic pattern to the beat of the song to their class rooms. It shows them going to their seats through the line No dark sarcasm in the class room. At the line Teacher leave them kids alone it shows the teacher walking over all the kids then at the line Hey! Teacher leave them kids alone, show the teacher pick up Gracie’s papers and throw them away then point to the door and say leave. Then it shows Leon and Trenton sitting in chairs then it quickly goes back to Gracie. Then at the line all in all you’re just another brick in the wall, it shows all the teachers eating lunch then all the kids lined against the  wall.

At the line in the second verse we don’t need no education it shows all the kids talking at the dinner table with Rick who is seen overwhelmed.  The line we don’t need no thought control, show the teacher teaching a lesson named ways to act. It then shows Leon after school writing on the board. Then at the line teachers leave them kids alone it shows Trenton holding his hand up at the lesson and goes on through the line Hey Teachers leave them kids alone. Then it shows Gracie at the Line All in all it’s just another brick in the wall and the teacher is talking to her not yelling. Gracie then is sent away and the teacher is watching her as the song sings All in al youre all just bricks in the wall.

During the instrumental part the camera shows all the kids eating the same thing, to the beat of the song and it shows some of the kids looking around. It shows Trenton trying to follow the beat, Leon is just eating at his own pace, and Gracie seems to be uncomfortable. The next part is all the kids dumping their trays to the beat.  The next scene is at recess and it shows all the kids doing the same thing. Trenton class are forced in lines and all the kids are following an instructor. Trenton tries to go to the playground located only a small ways away. He is then stopped by a teacher and told to go back in line. Trenton looks back at the playground. Leon is shown again in the principal’s office and Leon can see Gracie out the window walking in a line with her class. Then as the song ends it goes to their classes were the teacher has the kids repeat what she says.

Teacher #6: The area is determined by width time’s height.

Class#: The area is determined by width times height.

The teacher is walking in front of the class holding a stack of papers. The teacher says their line as they pass out the papers.

Teacher#6:  Let me pass these out before I forget.

The teacher passes out several papers. Gracie’s table is next. When Gracie gets her paper it reads at the top “F did not follow directions.”  Gracie shows a look of frustration and disappointment. A girl at her table is next to speak.

Girl #1: Don’t worry it took me a while to follow the instructions too.

Gracie looks at the girl.

Girl#1: Eventually it will just come… Try not to take it too hard.

Gracie remains quiet. The girl wears a smile.

Girl #1: Names Sam.

Sam holds out her hand for Gracie to shake. Gracie looks left at the rules and focuses on one that says: Show respect. Gracie takes Sam’s hand and responds for the first time.

Gracie: Gracie.

Sam: That’s a nice name. So when did you move her?

Gracie: Just a few weeks ago.

They both sit there quietly before the teacher talks again.

Teacher #6: Okay kids I have a surprise for you guys.

All the kids are paying attention to the teacher and listening quietly.

Teacher#6: You all can have free time till the end of the day.

All Students: Thank You.

Gracie pulls out a note book (as does everyone else) and begins to write in it. Sam then is paying attention to Gracie and speaks again.

Sam: What are you doing?

Gracie: Writing.

Sam: What do you write?

Gracie: Stories, poems or anything else. Why?

Sam: Cool, so do I.

Gracie: You do?

Sam: Yeah a lot of the girls do.

Gracie sits up a little bit and becomes more willing to talk.

Sam: We usually get together and read to each other on Friday’s. You should come this week. The other girls would like to have someone new join.

Gracie: Uh…

Sam: Come on it’s a lot of fun.

Gracie: What do you guys do?

Sam: We just write, read, and give ideas.

Gracie: Maybe I could try it out.

Sam: Cool.

Gracie looks to be happy and the scene changes. Leon is in the house and looks sad. He is sitting down watching t.v. The movie his watching is about a kid and his mom, the minuet the kid says I love you Leon changes it. The phone rings and Leon walks to go answer it.

Leon: Hello

Mom: Leon?

Leon: Mom?

Mom: Hi how are you doing?

Leon looks happy and excited but hides it.

Leon: Good, How are you?

Mom: Good. How’s Trenton and everyone?

Leon: Good. We all miss you.

Mom: I miss you guys too.

Leon: yeah Trenton misses you the most.

Mom: He does?

Leon: Yeah, Do you want to talk to him?

Mom: yes.

Leon walks to the stairs and yells for Trenton.

Leon: Trenton Moms on the phone.

Trenton comes running down the stores as quick as he can. Leon holds the phone out for Trenton to take.

Trenton: Really?

Leon: Yeah.

Trenton takes the phone and presses it close to his phone.

Trenton: Mom.

Mom: Hi honey, how are you doing?

Trenton: Good.

Leon hears a knock on the door and goes to answer it. He opens the door to see Gracie and Sam.

Gracie and Sam are laughing and acting like they’ve been friends for years.

Gracie: Hello Leon.

Sam: He’s your brother?

Gracie nodes.

Sam: Aren’t you always in trouble?

Leon ignores Sam and speaks to Gracie.

Leon: Mom’s on the phone.

Gracie: Okay well be in my room.

Gracie completely ignores Leon info and walks out of the room. Leon looks at her confused but runs the Kitchen when he hears Trenton crying.

Trenton: Mom I want you here. Why won’t you come?

Leon can’t hear his mom’s response but guesses what it is by Trenton response.

Trenton: No, I want you here. It’s stupid here. I hate it… Fine. Bye.

Trenton gives Leon the phone and runs up stairs. Leon puts the phone to his ear and begins to talk.

Leon: Mom.

Mom: Is it really bad there?

Leon doesn’t answer because he can hear the sadness in his mom’s voice and is stunned.

Mom: I really hoped it would work out for you guy’s. It’s a better neighborhood for you guy’s.

Mom sounds sadder and begins to think about her decision.

Leon: No he’s just tired.

Leon lies.

Mom: Really? It’s okay.

Leon: Yeah he has been up all day.

Mom: Do you like it?

Leon thinks about all the problems he’s had he is also holding a picture of his mom and looking at it. He begins to tear up.

Mom: Do you like it Leon?

Leon: Yeah… I love it.

Mom: Good, Good… Well I have to go. I’ll talk to you later.

Leon: Okay I’ll see you later.

Mom: Remember take care of Trenton.

Leon hangs up the Phone and wipes a tear away. He turns to see Trenton standing there. Leon says nothing and all is quiet.

Trenton: See even you hate it.

Leon stands there and Trenton goes back up stairs. Leon is left alone in the kitchen. Leon walks up the stairs and passes by Gracie’s room. The door is closed and he can hear her laughing. He opens the door to see Gracie and Sam sitting on the bed talking and reading. Leon tries to walk in but Gracie stops him close to the door.

Gracie: Get out dork.

Gracie says as she gets up to push Leon out the door. Leon tries to stay.

Gracie: You and Trenton need to stay out. I’m hanging out with my friend and you guys got to stay away.

Gracie pushes Leon out of the room and Slams the door in his face before he can speak. Leon is left standing by the door till he walks to Trenton’s room. Trenton is on the ground playing by himself, he looks unhappy and doesn’t look up when Leon speaks.

Leon: What are you doing?

Trenton continues to play on the floor by himself. Leon walks in and sits down next to Trenton. He goes to grab one of Trenton’s toys’s to play with him, but Trenton takes the toy back from Leon and puts it in its original position.

Leon: What’s wrong?

Trenton: You.

Trenton isn’t looking at Leon and continues to play with his toys. Leon is confused by Trenton’s answer.

Leon: Me? What did I do?

Trenton: You told mom everything was okay. You lied to her. You know how bad it’s here.

Leon just sits there as Trenton turns and breaks out at Leon.

Trenton: I want mom here. You told her that it was okay. Now she won’t come.

Leon just sits there confused and not knowing what to do as Trenton expresses himself.

Trenton: Moms not here, dad is hardly around, Gracie is acting like the kids at school now, and you’re lying to mom…

Trenton then just throws at himself at Leon and hugs him. Leon stands there not knowing to do as Trenton continues to cry into his chest. Trenton continues to say random things as Leon slowly brings his arms around him.

Trenton: Why won’t she come?

Leon: I don’t know. Come on, stop crying… Do you want to go to the park?

Trenton pulls away from Leon as he shakes his head yes. He stops crying.

Leon: Ok lets go then.

They both get up and walk out of Trenton’s room. They are walking down the hallway where Leon stops in front of Leon’s room and see’s a keep out sign. They then walk down the stairs and the camera follows them, then when they’re gone the camera goes back to the keep out sign.

The next scene is when Leon and Trenton are walking to the park. Trenton is running back and forth in front of Leon who is walking normally. Trenton is much more lively and shows no sadness.

Trenton: I bet you I could hang on the monkey bars for 30 minutes.

Leon laughs at the small boys bet. Enter the park were they see a few people playing basket ball. When Leon and Trenton come closer to the kids they stop playing basket ball and watch them.

Trenton: (Looking at the group) what’s wrong with them?

Leon: Aliens took their brains.

Trenton is then seen looking at the sky. He then touches his head and looks around. Leon continues to look at the group. Leon and Trenton make it to the playground were Trenton quickly climbs it and runs around up there. Leon climbs up as well and plays with Trenton. Leon then sees the group of kids coming towards them being led by one boy. They approach the playground and stop in front of it.

Head Boy: What are you two doing?

Leon stops playing with Trenton and turns to see the group of kids surrounding them.

Leon: Playing.

Head Boy: Not like us.

Leon stands their confused not understanding what the boy means. The boy can see this and explains.

Head Boy: Were playing basket ball. You guys are up there.

Trenton is standing next to Leon.

Leon: so.

One of the other boys whispers into the Head Boy’s ear.

Head Boy: Leon… Right?

Leon stands there not confirming it.

Head Boy: Aren’t you always getting in trouble.

Leon still remains quiet. Trenton looks up at his brother.

Head Boy: (More enthusiastic) Yeah you and you’re family are all dysfunctional. With you’re freaky sister, cry baby brother and separated parents.

Leon jumps down angry and approaches the group. 

Leon: What did you say?

The head boy laughs with the rest of his friends and Leon stands there.

Head Boy: I said that your family is dysfunctional. I mean you have all those people in it and not one of you knows how to dress. You guys act like barbarians and, instead of following the order we as a community try to keep.

Leon: I’d rather be a barbarian then a sheep who’s told what to do every second of the day.

Head Boy: You call us sheep… I call us normal. We act according to a code, you act according to thought, and were the animals.

Leon: Animals follow one another.

Head Boy: Animals leave each other to fend for themselves; they have no sense of dignity, pride or loyalty. A perfect example in your family would be your mom.

Leon jumps at the boy and grabs his shirt. All of them begin to crowed around Leon and yell as the wrestle on the ground. Trenton yells and then runs to go get help. He quickly returns with an adult.

Adult #1: Hey! Break it up!

All the boys separate and the adult grapes the head boy and Leon and pulls them apart. Leon face is red as is the head boy’s. Leon looks angry as the boy wears a small smirk.

Adult #1: John go home.

The adult lets go of John who walks away with his friends. Leon is still being held by the shirt.

John: I’ll see you around Leon.

Him and his friends walk off laughing. The song sheep then begins.

To the song Sheep

It starts off with Leon and Trenton playing at the park. Trenton is in a sand box and Leon is shooting a basket ball at the hoops. All is well then the camera goes to John and his friends who are walking in a group. As the drums come in Leon seen with an uneasy look on his face. He looks at Trenton who is still playing. When the Line “Harmlessly passing your time in the grassland away” plays it shows Trenton playing in the sand. Then at the line “Only dimly” it shows Leon still with that uneasy look on his face. Leon then turns to go and get Trenton. By the Line “You better watch out” John sees Trenton and Leon leaving.  At “there may be dogs about” it shows John and his group in entirety. Then at the line “I looked over Jordan through, Things are not what they seem.” It show Leon and Trenton walking and John and his friends following them. Only for the group to lose them during the guitar solo.

Then it goes to Leon in school. He is in the bathroom washing his hands and during the line “That’s what you get for pretending the danger’s not real.” Leon turns around to see John right behind him. Leon stands there, then simply walks around him. The camera focuses on John during the short instrumental part after the long Real. Then During the line “Meek and obedient” it shows the group of kids sitting down and then when the song sings “Steel” Leon and Trenton are seen walking toward the group. Then when they past at “What a surprise” They see Gracie hanging out with the group sitting next to Sam. Trenton Looks surprised and Leon just continues onward.

Skip the whole fourth verse.

When the line “Bleating and babbling we fell on his neck with a scream” it shows Trenton walking by himself and John following him. Trenton notices it and begins to run during the short instrumental part after “Scream” but is stopped when someone jumps out in front of him. Then all the kids gather around him. It then goes to the house during the line “Wave upon wave” where Leon is in the living room and he sees Trenton through the window walking and crying. Then at “March Cheerfully” Leon opens the door for Trenton to see that he is a complete mess and is hurt. During the instrumental part after “dream” Leon is shown calming down Trenton.

Then At the line “Have you heard the news?” Trenton is pointing around the house and is explaining everything. Then it shows Leon angry at “The Dogs are dead”. It then shows Leon begin to leave the house at the line “you better stay home” Trenton is at the door way calling Leon then Leon Tells him to stay at “And do as your told.” Leon is outside and  Then Leon walks off as the song ends.

To the song Illusion

As the bass plays it shows Leon walking toward John who is in a group with his friends. Then as the drums join in it shows Leon throw the first punch and continue to do so as the guitar plays. John is on the ground trying to get away kicking his feet at Leon as he pulls himself away with his hands.  Every one gathers around the fight as the guitar plays its cords. All the kids run in from everywhere to watch the fight. Then when the first words are sung it shows John getting to his feet and Leon walking towards him not slowing down. At the line “So I lie, awake and stare” Leon is now in reaching distance in of John who throws a punch after “Stare” and during the drum beat. Leon ducks under it and spears John into a fence. The camera then zooms in on John’s friends who watch helplessly not knowing what to do. Then at the line “Am I really happy?” it shows John who hits Leon in the back breaking Leon’s grip. Leon whence in pain and grabs his back as he walks backward and away from John. Then John runs at Leon at the Line “Just an Illusion” and Leon gets tackled to the ground.

At the line “Sitting in my room now” it shows Gracie sitting with her friends when a person runs to her and says something. Gracie then shows a scared look on her face. The camera then goes back to Leon and John at the line “Hiding thoughts” it then switches to Gracie who is a spectator shortly after showing a quick glimpse of the two fighting. Then at the line “I hear a voice call my name.” it shows Gracie try to move forward to break up the fight only to have a hand placed in front of her blocking her from moving. The camera then pans left to show Sam as the stopper. The camera then shows Sam put her hand down at the line “Breaking the trance, so silent” and continue to watch the fight. Then at the line “So I can stay the same” it shows Gracie with a questionable look on her face as she looks down at herself.

Skip chorus second time.

The camera then goes to the fight were Leon is stalking John. John is holding his hand out as he looks like he’s speaking at the line “Wait now, many things left unchanged.” When the line “this life remains the same” is sung John gets up and gets ready for Leon. At “ but I change” it shows a quick glimpse of Gracie is not far away from Leon in the crowd. At “I try to force myself in believing” it shows Leon and John on the ground fighting. Then at “Things are going to get better” it shows Gracie yelling at Leon who can be seen. Then at “life goes on”  it shows Leon and John break and get ready to charge at each other.

Skip chorus.

At the parts were the song is singing just an illusion it shows flash backs from sheep and after each flash back it shows Leon and John fighting. Then Leon delivers one final punch and the song ends. John is on the ground hurt. Leon is out of breath and looks around at the crowd. He stares takes a quick glimpse at Gracie before walking away through the crowd. Gracie then goes to John’s side along with everyone else. She looks back at Leon then gets up and leaves the crowd.

Leon walks back to his house and walks in through the front door. When he does he sees Rick sitting in the living room with a teacher. The camera goes to Rick, then goes to Leon who looks left then down.

Rick: I can’t believe you’re acting like this.

They are now in Leon’s room and Leon is sitting on the bed as Rick paces back and forth in front of him.

Rick: Don’t you understand you’re on the brink of getting expelled. Do you?

Leon doesn’t answer he just sits quietly not looking at Rick.

Rick: There’s no reason why you should be acting like this. This town is perfect, this community is perfect, your school is perfect, and you’re ruining it.

Leon: (Mumbles) No it’s not.

Rick: Yes it is!

Leon: Then why do…

Rick: Shut up! Shut up! All you do is see ever one’s flaws without looking at your own. Because of you your sister can’t have any one over because every one can’t stand you, your brother is scared to walk outside.

Leon: The other kids started it.

Rick: They didn’t start it. You like to blame everyone else; you don’t take responsibility for anything.  Did you even say sorry to Trenton?

Leon: I didn’t beat up Trenton.

Rick: You might as well have.  If you wouldn’t have started any trouble with the other boys then they wouldn’t have attacked him. He was starting to like it here, and then you go and ruined it for him.

Leon: I didn’t ruin anything.

Rick is growing angrier with Leon because he keeps challenging him.

Rick: Yes you did. Because of you your mom and I don’t even talk anymore! You ruined my life. I took you in as my own son and all you did to pay me back was cause problems for me. Never have I met anyone so ungrateful.

Leon: I didn’t ask you to be my dad.

Rick: I didn’t ask you to ruin my marriage.

Leon stands there stunned not knowing what to say next. Rick is done arguing and says one more thing before leaving.

Rick: All I have to say is you better start acting right or your gone, and your mom won’t take you back.

Leon is sitting there with an angry look on his face. The scene then switches to the middle of the night. You can see on a clock that the time is 3:30 am. Leon can’t sleep so he gets up from his bed and walks down stairs. Leon then goes to the kitchen and picks up the phone. He dials a number and his mom answers.

Mom: (Answers tired) Hello.

Leon: Mom?

Mom: Leon… Leon why are you calling?

Leon: Mom you said if I gave it a few months then I could come back.

Mom: Leon what’s wrong.

Leon: Mom you said I could come back.

Mom: I know but…

Leon: but what?

Mom: I won’t.

Leon: What!?!

Mom: You have to stay.

Leon: No, mom you have to let me come back.

Mom: Leon go to sleep.

His mom then hangs up the phone on him.

Leon: Mom… Mom… No, mom.

Leon then begins to sob as he hits the counter top with his fist.

Rick: I told you.

Leon turns quickly startled as he wipes his eyes as he looks at Rick.

Rick: Just remember what I told you start acting right or you’re gone.

Leon shakes his head and goes up stairs and falls asleep. Leon then has a nightmare of the day when they left his mom at the beginning of the movie. His mom, Rick, Trenton, and Gracie all are in the car and drive off leaving him behind. Leon runs after the car only to fall down and the next music video starts.

To the song What Shall We Do Now

The music begins to play as Leon has his night mare. He watches as one by one his family members exit the house and enter the car. Then at the part where the key boards come in Leon goes to get in the car but the doors are locked.  He struggles to open the door but as the Key boards play their second sentence the car begins to drive off and Leon chases it, only to lose the race and fall. Then by “What shall” it shows Leon look up to see a crowd of people come by. At “shall we sit out across this sea of faces?” the camera shows all who are marching towards Leon. At “in search of more applause” it shows Leon get up. Then as the drum beats in sets of three’s the group has reached Leon. Leon stands there as they walk through him still in good formation. After the songs three drum beats set it shows Leon’s reaction, and during the set it shows the kids or their feet. This happens five times. On the sixth drum set it shows Leon look towards the camera, then after the set it shows Rick who is standing there.  The camera then goes to Leon who is still looking at Rick. Then on the eight it shows Rick nod his head toward the direction that the crowed is going. Then by “shall we buy a new guitar?” it shows Leon walking with the crowd. Then at the line “Shall we drive a powerful car?” it shows the group of kids walking. Then at “Shall we work strait through the night” it shows Leon in his class and all of them working on a test or writing on a paper. Then at the line “Shall we get into fights? Leave the lights on? Drop bombs? Do tours of the east? Contract diseases?” it shows Leon sitting with John and his friends and walking to the beat with him. Then at the line “Bury bones? Break up homes? Send flowers by the Phone?” it shows Rick talking to Leon not yelling but pointing his finger at him and waving like he was warring him. Then at “take to drink? Go to Shrinks? Give up meat?” it shows Leon at school in class doing as the others are but having trouble doing so. Then at “Rarely Sleep” it shows him tossing and turning in bed. Then at “keep people as pets? Train dogs? Race rats? Fill the attic with cash?” it shows Leon following the teachers rules as they blow whistles and point to various locations. Then at “burry leisure? Store up leisure? But never relax at all?” it shows the kids marching in groups and other various activities were they are all doing the same thing. Then at “with our backs to the wall” it shows Leon wake up by throwing himself forward. He looks to his left as he sees a uniform he is to where at school (featured in the video before). Leon grabs the uniform and throws it over his shoulder and opens the door to his room. Then when he opens the door the next video starts.

To the song Comfortably Numb

Leon opens the door as the song begins and it leads into his classroom where everyone is sitting down. Then as the singer says “Hello” Leon says it as well and goes to sit in his chair. At “is there anybody in there” it shows the teacher watch as Leon walks past her. At “Just node if you can hear me” it shows Leon with his hair combed down to the side and in his uniform sit correctly in his seat. At “is there any one home.” It shows the class all whisper in response to Leon actions. 

At “come, on now I hear your feeling down” it shows the class still staring at Leon. At  “Well I can ease your pain get you on your feet again” it shows the teacher who is still looking at Leon go back to her board.

At “Relax. I need some information first.” It shows Leon sitting there as everyone raises there hand. At “Just the basic facts” it shows the teacher point at Leon. Then Leon closes his eyes at “Can you show me where it hutrs?”

Then as Leon opens his eyes at “There is no pain you are receding?” the camera goes back to color. He is dressed in no uniform and everyone around him has some variety in appearance.  At “A distant ships smoke on the horizon” it shows the teacher who looks nice and the room that is colorful and happy. At “you are only coming through in waves” it shows Leon look around the room to see nothing wrong and the goes back to him as he wears a small smile. At “your lips move but I can’t here what you’re saying it shows the teacher write stuff on the board. At “When I was a child I had a fever” it shows the teacher turn and ask a question. Every one raises their hand at “My hands felt just like two balloons.” Leon looks Left then right as he sees them all acting the same at “Now I got that feeling once again”. Leon then rubs his eyes and looks at himself to see he is wearing his uniform and his hair is comb to the side at “This is not how I am.” The teacher then points to the door and all the kids get up. Leon follows them and gets in line as they begin to walk off through a door. Then as Leon gets through at the end of Comfortably Numb the camera goes back to black.

Skip first guitar solo.

Leon is in the bathroom by the line okay.  Leon looks at himself in the mirror during the line “Just a little Pin Prick. He moves disturbs his hair at “There’ll be no more ahhhhh.”  Leon then runs to the stall and throws up in the toilet during the line “but you may fell a little sick”

Leon then remains on the floor at “can you stand up?” He leans against the wall with his head tilted backwards.  Then begins to stand up at “ I do believe it’s working good.” He walks to the mirror at “That’ll keep you going through the show” and fixes his hair. At “come on it’s time to go” Leon leaves the mirror and bathroom.

The camera goes back to color as Leon leaves the bathroom and the door opens. Leon is now amongst other kids at the play ground. Everyone is doing their own thing. No one is playing in one general area.  This happens during the lines “there is no pain” and “A distant ships smoke on the horizon.” Leon continues to walk around and see how different it is. He sees even his brother Trenton playing in the sand with other kids and his sister Gracie sitting against a wall writing. This happens at the lines “You are only” and “Your lips move”.

Then Leon looks at a group who are all doing the same thing at the line “When I was a child I caught a fleeting glimpse out of the corner of my eye.” He turns to look to see more of these groups at “I turned to look but it was gone.” He looks at Gracie to see that she is with her friends at “I cannot put my finger on it now.” “Then at the child is grown the dream is gone” Leon begins to walk toward the group only to have a ball be passed to him. At “I have become comfortably numb.” Leon looks at the ball and turns it in his hands before passing it back. Then it shows the receiver as a teacher and the screens goes back to black and white.

The teacher then points to the wall were everyone is lining up. The rest of the video shows Leon in his uniform looking troubled in class. Leon then walks into the house were he sees his family having fun and all watching t.v. None of them look at Leon nor do they acknowledge he’s there. Leon walks up the stairs to his room were he drops on his bed. Leon looks at a picture of his mom. He then begins to slowly unfold it to show it a picture of his mom and him. Leon thinks back to the beginning of the movie and you can hear his mom tell him if he doesn’t like it he can come back. Leon then tears the part with him off and throws it behind him. The song then ends as the screen goes black.

The next scene is at night. Leon is sitting in his room looking at the wall. Gracie then walks in the room a little bit before speaking.

Gracie: There you are.

Leon doesn’t turn around.

Gracie: We were all wondering where you went to.

Leon still doesn’t answer.

Gracie: Are you okay?

Leon turns to speak for the first time.

Leon: I don’t l know how you do it.

Gracie: Do what?

Leon: fit in. You do it so easy. I try and I get that sick felling. I… I don’t know how you can act the same. I don’t know how you act like everyone else.

Gracie: Act like every one else?

Leon: Like a robot. You do it so well.

Gracie: I don’t act like a robot.

Leon: Yeah you do. You follow every one else and have no problems. It’s… It’s weird.

Gracie is offended after being called a robot.

Gracie: Acting good is like being a robot?

Leon: No. Acting like the world doesn’t spin, like there only one way for every thing, not showing emotion. That’s acting like a robot. This place is what’s doing it.

Gracie:  Leon you need to learn how to be nice to people. That’s why your having a hard time here. Back home you could do whatever you want and everything was okay; now you have to follow rules and you freak out. You’re the only one who hates it here. Every one else likes it.

Leon: No, Trenton hates it here too.

Gracie: Only because you got him beat up.

Leon: I didn’t get him beat up. It was John.

Gracie laughs in disbelief that Leon is making excuses. Leon looks at Gracie as he explains.

Gracie: Unbelievable.

Leon: Gracie I didn’t get him hurt.

Gracie: Dad was right you don’t take responsibility for anything.

Leon turns around to look at the wall.

Gracie stands there not knowing what to do next.

Leon: Just think about it.

Gracie stands there before walking away. Leon is left laying down in his room by himself and the camera zooms out on him. Then there is a loud line that tells how Leon feels.

Line: Is there anybody out there?

The camera then goes to Gracie who is walking down the hall to Trenton’s room where he is sitting by himself on his bed reading a book. Gracie walks in and sits down by Trenton. She rubes his head before speaking.

Gracie: What are you doing?

Trenton: (still looking at the book) Just reading.

Gracie sits there and helps Trenton turn the page.

Gracie: So what’s happening in it so far?

Trenton: Well this guy is trying to find the hidden treasure, but he has to find this guy first, so he can find the island that the treasure is on.

Gracie lets a small laugh out at Trenton’s animated explanation.

Trenton: I wish I was him.

Gracie: Why?

Trenton: I think it would be cool.

Gracie: Don’t you like it here?

Trenton pauses for a minute. He then begins to go back to the book.

Gracie: Trenton… Do you like it here?

Trenton: yeah.

Gracie gets closer to Trenton.

Gracie: Really?

Trenton: yeah. I like it here.

Gracie sits there as Trenton then begins to read and the camera zooms in on Gracie who is sitting there.

The camera then goes to Gracie and she is in class. She is having trouble focusing as the teacher is speaking and teaching the class. Gracie does not focus on her.

Teacher#8: Gracie. Gracie what are you doing?

Gracie then looks at the teacher startled by her call.

Gracie: What?

Teacher#8: You weren’t listening were you?

Gracie: What?

Teacher#8: Everyone else was and you were daydreaming weren’t you?

Gracie: No.

Teacher#8: You obviously aren’t following us.

Gracie: No, I just got distracted for a minute.

The teacher turns around as she speaks.

Teacher#8: I don’t know why you’re doing this.

Gracie: Doing what?

Teacher#8: I thought you would comply peacefully.

The teacher turns around and reveals that she is wearing a mask. Gracie is confused and a little frightened.

Teacher#8: I thought wrong.

Gracie looks to her right then left to see that all the kids are wearing mask. Gracie tries to get up but the two people sitting next to her grab her and hold her down. The teacher then begins to walk toward Gracie holding a mask out. Gracie struggles to get free but is unsuccessful. Then the Teacher puts the mask over the camera and the screen goes black.

Gracie wakes up to the sound of her alarm clock and is sweating. She feels her face and then just sits there for a few moments. Gracie then gets out of bed and walks out of the cameras view.

To the song The Show Must Go On

As the music begins it shows Gracie in class having a hard time concentrating and looking around the room. By the second ahhh it shows the teacher at the front of the room teaching. On the board you can see the sentence Talent show soon. Underneath the announcement there is a second one that is underlined and saying All must participate. The teacher is looking at the kids and explaining the talent show to them.  Gracie still isn’t paying attention as the third ahhh comes in. Then by ooh ma ooh pa it shows the teacher calling to Gracie and Gracie look startled. The teacher then points to the board at the line “Must the show go on?” Then at the line ooh pa take me home, take me home, it shows Gracie getting out of the car in the morning and look at the lines of people then look back at her dad. By ooh ma, let me go, let me go, let me go, it shows a Gracie looking at a teacher as she pulls Trenton to a line.

During the Lines “There must be some mistake I didn’t mean to let them take away my soul am I too old? Is it to late?” I shows Gracie sitting with her friends and they are all talking and she seems to be staring into space. Then at the Line “Ooh ma ooh pa, Where has the feeling gone?” it shows she is looking at Leon who is sitting at a table looking down at his food. At the line ooh ma ooh pa, will I remember the songs? It shows Gracie watch from her line as Trenton and his class do aerobics instructed by a teacher. By the end of “ooh aah, the show must go on.” It shows Gracie walking and see Trenton standing at a bus stop with a small suitcase. (end of Video)

Gracie walks to Trenton were she can see that a few other kids are picking on him.

Kid#1: OOOO, look it he’s sad.

All the kids laugh.

Trenton: (In a soft voice) Leave me alone.

Kid#2: Do you think he’s gonna go back to the zoo were his mom is?

Gracie walks up by this point.

Gracie: Hey leave him alone.

All the kids see Gracie and run by this point. Gracie walks in front of Trenton and kneels down.  Trenton then looks straight at Gracie as he says his line.

Trenton: I thought you were one of them.

Gracie pauses for a minute not knowing what to do. She then wraps her arms around him and gives him a hug.

Gracie: I’m sorry Trenton.

Trenton: I hate it here I want to go home, with mom. I don’t like it here anymore.

Gracie: Okay don’t worry.

The scene then changes to the park were Leon is shooting a basket ball by himself. Leon doesn’t notice Gracie until the ball goes her way. Leon looks at her as she pick up the ball.

Gracie: I remember how you would always play pickup games at home.

Gracie throws the ball to Leon who still stares at her for a second before going back to playing.

Gracie: Trenton tried to run away.

Leon: I didn’t tell him to if that’s what you’re trying to say.

Leon continues to shoot hoops chasing the ball as it bounces away.

Gracie: He had a suite case and was going to take the city bus all the way back home.

Leon still shoots hoops.

Gracie: You were right…

Leon pauses for a second then continues.

Leon: about what?

Gracie: He hates it here. He told me he wants to go back with mom.

Leon doesn’t respond.

Gracie: I think we should tell dad.

Leon: Tell him what?

Gracie: That we don’t like it here.

Leon: We?

Gracie: Yes.

Leon: We as in all of us?

Gracie nodes.

Leon lets a small smile form as he shoots the basket.

Leon: What made you change your mind?

Gracie: I don’t know.

Leon: Well your dad’s not gonna listen to us.

Gracie: Yeah he will. If we all tell him we hate it then he’ll understand.

Leon: He loves it here. He’s not gonna just pack up and leave. Plus he’ll only tell us were not giving it a shot.

Gracie: Then what do we do?

Leon holds the ball for a moment.

Leon: Leave it to me…

Gracie looks confused at Leon’s answer.

Leon: When was the talent show again?

The camera then goes to Gracie who is standing there confused. Then it goes back to Leon who is standing there smiling. The screen goes black. The camera then goes to a sign that says “Talent show tonight” Leon is shooting a basket ball and Gracie is standing there watching.

Gracie: Are you sure it’s a good idea?

Leon: Yeah. All we do is make everyone mad then we get kicked out of the place. We’ll be forced to move out of here.

Gracie: What if they don’t get mad?

Leon: Oh they’ll get mad.

Gracie: How will it work?

Leon: It’s like being loud in a movie theater. If you’re a disturbance you get kicked out right.

Gracie: Yeah.

Leon: Well if we make everyone mad here they’ll get tired of us and kick us out of this community.

Gracie: I don’t know I don’t think that idea is gonna work.

Leon: Don’t worry it’ll work.

Gracie looks a little scared.

Leon: Think of it like this: They speak to us while we breath, and were always on the run,  and with time we can play the great gig in the sky, but only if we have money, there won’t be enough for us and them, the good thing though is we can choose any color we like, except there’s going to be brain damage, but a eclipse will follow.

Gracie: What?

Leon: Don’t worry everything’s gonna work out.

The scene then changes to the talent show were the crowed is all sitting quietly watching as two kids finish their song. Then the two kids bow and walk off the stage. A teacher then walks on stage and signals the crowd to quiet themselves.

Teacher#9: Our next performer is a new comer to the show. Gracie please come up.

Gracie walks on stage and sits down on a stool that is provided.  Everyone is quiet and ready for hear to begin. Leon is sitting next to Rick and it quickly shows them waiting. Gracie takes a deep breath then nods her head. The music begins to play.

To the song Is There Any Body Out There?

The song plays the intro were it shows the crowds reaction. It even shows Leon and Ricks. Rick looks at Leon with suspicious look when it shows Leon smiling. Rick then leans toward Leon.

Rick: What’s she doing?

Leon shrugs his shoulders. Rick then sits straight up and continues to watch the performance go on.

The camera then goes back to Gracie were it shows her begin to pluck her guitar. When the songs over the crowd hesitates to clap but then does so quietly and slowly. Leon is the only person clapping loudly. The teacher then walks on stage where they are confused as well. She looks quickly at Gracie as she walks off the stage.

Teacher: For our next performer, he will be singing a song. He came to us as a troubled youth only to change into a responsible young man. He says the song he will be singing is what this town and community means to him. Leon please come up.

Leon gets from his seat but before walking he looks at Rick.

Leon: You thought Gracie’s performance was odd. Just wait.

Rick looks at Leon confused. Leon walks on stage wearing a electric guitar. Then everyone begins to whisper in the crowd. Leon then looks to the left and nod.

To the song Pigs

As the song begins it shows Leon looking down at his guitar. Then it shows Ricks surprise look on his face. Then as just before the music begins the screen goes black. Then remains that way till the first chords of a guitar are played. When the guitar chords come in it shows Leon as an animation with a light coming down over him. He continues to play the guitar as the song goes on. Then when the other instruments come in it shows a turtle at the drums, a rabbit on second guitar, and a Penguin as the bass player. It shows them under a light as well. Then when the words are sung it shows Leon singing, and playing with the rest of the band. It shows the crowed a few times through the lines “You well heeled” and “But your really a cry.” The singing focuses on the band and there performance showing them in animation.

During the long instrumental parts it shows the crowed wearing their mask as they sit and watch. You can see talking bubbles over some of them as they talk to one another. Then as you hear the Pig sounds some of the audience change to pigs.  It then shows some other animations of pigs walking to school in lines and doing school work. The camera switches back and forth between the band and the crowd and other animations having to do with the community as pigs. There will be one scene were all the pigs are eating on the ground at lunch while another pig wearing a tie and suite (a teacher) will be walking on to legs. Then as the song repeats the beginning it goes back to the stage were it shows the rabbit playing by himself and then when the chords come in it shows Leon playing the guitar. Then as the singer sings it shows Leon and his band singing. The rabbit will sing the parts that are altered.  The stage they are on flashes lights and other things. As the guitar solo comes in it shows one large pig fly above the audience and make it’s way toward the stage. The solo switches between Leon and the rabbit playing, and the pig flying. Then as the Pig reaches the stage it deflates and shows Leon standing there. The video the goes back to normal were every one is starring at Leon. Rick is angry and all is quiet. Leon looks at the crowed with a smile. Gracie sits there with a unsure look on her face. Leon then bows.

Leon: Thank You.

Every on sits quietly and the camera then shows Leon who is smiling.

To the song Run Like Hell

The camera then goes outside were nothing is happening. All you can here are people chanting. It then shows Leon running around the corner and looking back. Once the drums come in shortly after Leon disappears it shows a crowd of People chasing him. The camera then goes to Leon who is running away. It shows people following close behind him. The camera remains in the middle of the screen as Leon runs by and the people follow. Leon disappears into a ally were the camera shows him running by the line “You better dress your face up in your favorite disguise.”  Leon takes a turn behind a garage where he is hidden from view by the lines “Your button down lips and your roller blind eyes”. Then by the lines “with your empty smile, and your hungry heart” it shows a group of people pass the ally. One then stops and three other people stop to follow down the ally. The people walking are shown from a side angle and they are seen looking through bushes and kicking garbage cans.  At “the hammers batter down your door” it shows Leon. Then at “you better run” Leon runs past the camera were the small group yell at him and point then begin to chase him. During the small guitar solo it shows Leon trying to out run the people following him. He turns a corner and the group turns it as well. We they reach the corner Leon is nowhere to be seen. The group look around then leave the view of the camera. When they leave Leon is reveled to be hiding in a trashcan. This happens at the end of the series of runs.

At the line “You better run all day and run all night” it shows Leon try to get to his house but he stops when he sees that there are a lot of people waiting for him he takes a few deep breaths at “and keep your feelings deep inside” and then turn around and run. Then at “if your taking your girlfriend out tonight, you better park the car well out of sight” it shows John walking with his friends all to the beat and they are punching there fist into their hands.  They cross the school yard during the line “cause if they catch you in the back seat trying to pick her locks”. It then shows Leon hiding behind a tree at the line “They’re gonna send you back to mother in a cardboard box”. Then at run it shows Leon run.

During the guitar solo it shows Leon trying to get away. It also shows Rick talking to Gracie and Trenton. Then it shows a group of people be organized into groups to go and get Leon. Towards the end of the song it shows Leon hiding in an ally were he sits to rest.

To the song Stop.

Leon looks frustrated. He hits his fist against the ground and throws a rock that is next to him. He then says the song in a broken voice.

Leon: I wanna go home. Take off this uniform and leave the show.  But I’m waiting here because I have to know, has this plan work. Is it time to go? Have I been the problem this whole time.

The screen then goes black and remains that way for several seconds. The next scene goes to Gracie and Trenton who are at the park by themselves.  They are sitting there talking to each other.

Trenton: Do you think they got Leon?

Gracie: I don’t know.

Trenton: It’s been a while.

Gracie: I know.

Gracie looks away for a second.

Gracie: I knew it was a stupid plan. I shouldn’t have gone with it.

Trenton: What plan?

Gracie: Now things are worst.

They both remain quiet for several seconds.

Trenton: I like how he called them all pigs.

They both laugh and then go back to being quiet.

Leon: I like how Ricked look when he saw me begin the song.

Trenton and Gracie turn around to see Leon standing there. He looks dirty and you see a leaf in his hair. Trenton jumps up from his spot and runs towards Leon. He then hugs him.

Trenton: We thought they got you.

Leon: Nope.

Leon then looks at Gracie who is standing there.

Leon: What surprised to see me.

Gracie doesn’t say anything.

Leon: What do you want a hug to?

Leon opens his arms for Gracie to walk into them. Gracie walks closer and punches Leon in the chest. Leon back up grabbing his chest and wincing in pain.

Leon: Ouch. What was that for?

Gracie: Where have you been?

Leon: I’ve been around. I tried to get back home but there’s always someone watching the house waiting.

Gracie: Because you mad every one mad at you.

Leon: wasn’t that the plan.

Gracie: No, they’re mad at you. They told Rick that when they find you they’re gonna take you to some boarding school.

Leon stands there quietly.

Gracie: I told you it wouldn’t work.

Leon: Well you were the one who came to me and told me that you hated it here too.

Gracie: yeah and I also said that we should tell dad.

Leon: And I told you that it wouldn’t work.

Gracie: And what about you’re plan. Ohhh, it’ll work Gracie, Think of it this way were on cluster one, and we keep telling them what do you want from me, even though were poles apart. They make us marooned on a great day for freedom.  After the coming back to life when they take it back. Just keep talking even when lost for words. As long as we keep high hopes everything will be alright.

Leon: I didn’t say that.

Gracie: You know what I mean.

Leon and Gracie begin to argue and the camera shows Trenton sitting there watching the fight go on. He then interrupts there argument by yelling.

Trenton: I should of just ran away.

They both look at Trenton who is standing there looking at them both looking like he is about to cry. Gracie rubes the top of Trenton’s head to calm him. The camera then goes to Leon who is standing there watching Gracie calm there brother.

Leon: Maybe we should.

Gracie looks up at Leon.

Leon: Maybe we should just run away.

Gracie: Leon you have to be joking.

Leon: It’s the only way to get out of here.

Gracie: Leon?

Leon: Do you really want to stay here for another day?

Gracie: We can’t just leave.

Leon: We can’t stay here. You said I made things worst. They want to send me to a boarding school, if you guys mess up to they’ll send you away too.

Gracie: Were will we go? You said mom wants us to stay here.

Leon: We can try our aunt… the crazy one on mom’s side. She’ll take us in.

Gracie stares at Leon in concern.

Leon: we have to go.

Gracie: What about dad?

Leon just stands there.

Gracie: What about dad?

Leon: we… We’ll…

Camera goes to Gracie.

Leon: It’s only for a while. When everything blows over then we can see him again.

Gracie looks at the ground then back at Leon. Looks watches as he sees his sister sad.

Gracie: When do we leave?

Leon: Tonight?

Gracie: come with us you can sneak in through the back.

They all begin to walk and Trenton says his next line as they begin to walk away.

Trenton: Can I take my toys?

The screen then goes black and you can hear the music begin.

To the song Brain Damage

As the music begins it shows random video clips. Then when the singer sings “The lunatic is on the grass” it shows Gracie and Trenton walking and them looking at people who are staring at them. Then by the line “remembering games and daisy chains and laughs” it shows parts from comfortably numb. By the line “Got to keep the loonies on the path.” It shows Rick give a picture of Leon to a group of guys. One of the men look down at the picture and then look up at Rick and nod as they put a picture away. Then the group breaks and in the back round you can see Leon sneaking into the house by the line “the lunatics are in my hall.”  Then by the line “the paper holds there folding faces to the floor and every day the paper boy brings more.” It shows Gracie in her room looking at a picture of her and her friends. Then a memory begins to come in only to be broken by the drums the movie then goes to animation Gracie then drops through the floor and water is following above her. At “if the dam breaks open many years to soon, and if there is the room upon the hill” it shows her being taken away by the tide were she passes hills packed with people wearing mask.  It shows her struggle to get onto a hill. Then be swept away by the water. At the line “I’ll see you on the dark side of the moon” it shows the water fall onto the moon.

When the line “the lunatic is in my head” it shows Leon sitting on his bed thinking about, all the things that had happened to him. At the lines before “you rearrange me until I’m sane” it shows parts were Leon was marching with his class and Rick was warning him. Then it shows when Leon was sitting in class with his hair to the side. At all the lines before “you lock the door and throw away the key there’s some one in my head but It’s not me it shows Leon getting in trouble at school with his uniform on and hair to the side. Then it shows a teacher shut the door on Leon. Then the movie goes back to animation.

At the drums it shows the building that Leon is in blow up and Leon then begins to fall through the sky were Leon passes pigs flying. This happens through the line “you shout but now one seems to hear.” At the line “and if the band your in plays a different tune” it shows the band that Leon played with in the beginning falling with him playing the song. Then at the line “I’ll see you on the dark side of the moon” it shows The band fall up and Leon hit the moon.

During the instrumentals it shows Leon walking through the house looking around. He stops at Trenton’s room where he is packing toys. He then goes down stairs were he sees Gracie in the living room hugging her dad. Then it zooms in on her and you can see her say “I love you” Leon then walks up stairs where he sits and thinks about things that happened in the movie. The camera switches between Leon thoughts and him. Then as the drums come in it shows a moon being eclipsed.

To the song eclipse

As the song begins Leon grabs his stuff and walks out his room. He continues to think about things. Leon  thinks about all the things that the whole family has been through. Then as the song begins to end he reaches the living room where Gracie and Trenton are waiting. All is quiet. Leon looks at Gracie and then Trenton. He then walks to the door. He looks one more time at them. Then looks at the door which turns to color. The screen goes black and you can hear a door open.
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