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A serial short story about a young woman battling a nervous depression (part II)
....It's 4 o'clock in the afternoon, at this time of the day streets are jammed with cars and busses, angry drivers honking horns, sugar addicted kids celebrating their return from school exercising their "howling" skills, the butter fried chicken and crisp potatoes from the restaurant across the street are delivering a mouthwatering heavenly smell that would rise the dead up from their graves! Inside her dimmed apartment sleeping beauty is still in bed, those sleeping pills she took in the morning wore off hours ago, but still no sound of the voice, what could possibly wake her up now?

The phone is ringing! Hallelujah! That's a sign from the Lord… Becky moved! that's another miracle!! But ...of course, she wasn't reaching for the phone, she was just resting her hip moving from one side to another! totally unaware of that persisting awful ringing !

" Pick it up for the love of the Lord!", the voice shouted announcing it's return…But Becky showed no reaction at all…two seconds later, the ringing stopped, the voice shut up…the heavenly attempt to wake Becky up was not successful, that dull silence reigned back again claiming a notorious victory!!

Usually at this time every day, Jonathan would call Becky arranging plans for the evening…But Jonathan stopped calling a long time ago, he gave up on their relationship right after Becky decided she wasn't interested in him anymore, she would rather sleep or make up lame excuses to stay home than going out to his "stupid restaurants" and "stupid bawling clubs" or hang out with his "stupid friends"...

(to be continued)
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