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by dnd
Rated: ASR · Serial · Other · #1640870
Episode 20
Episode 20; setting: The hospital (the next evening)

Doctor: Good news.

Vince: Did it work?

Doctor: Indeed it did.

Gwen: Thank goodness!

Cindy: I Knew it.

Andy: You guys did it!

Mindy: Y'all like super heroes or something.

Randy: Yeah!
Next scene; setting: The local bar

Denise: Are you sure this is safe?

Tiffany: Trust me. I Won't let anything happen to you. I Promise.

Denise: If you say so.

Tiffany: Here he comes. He has always been obsessed with me, so this will be a cake walk. I'll just slip this in his drink, and trick him into marrying me.

Denise: Why would you want to marry that creeper?

Tiffany: You know what they say.... Keep your friends close.....

Denise: And your enemies closer. I Know, but still.

Tiffany: Shh. Sven! Long time no see.

Sven: Likewise, Tiffany.

Tiffany: I Know like me, so I bought you a drink.

Sven: Thank you my deer.

Tiffany: No, Thank You.

(he drinks it)
Next scene; setting: The hospital

(debby wakes up)

Debby: Am I in heaven?

Gwen: No mom. You're still in the E.R, but I have great news.

Debby: What?

Gwen: You made it! You survived!

Debby: How?

Gwen: Cindy and I stole the drug from Sven.

Debby: You what?! Do you know how dangerous that was?!

Gwen: Nevermind that now! The important thing right now is that you are going to live!
Next scene; setting: The all-night chapel

J.O.T.P: Tiffany, Do you take Sven to be your lawfully wedded husband?

Tiffany: I Do.

J.O.T.P: Sven, Do you take Tiffany to be your lawfully wedded wife?

Sven drunk: I DO!

J.O.T.P: Well then, I Now pronounce you man and wife!

Tiffany thinking to herself: Now you'll get it.
Next scene; setting: The hospital

Gwen: I'm so happy.

Debby: Me too! I'm so grateful to have a second chance. I Get to live!

Gwen: I Know!

Debby: I Will never take life for granted again.

Gwen: Me neither.

Quads come in: Aunt Debby?

Debby: KIDS!

Randy: Are you okay?

Mindy: You scared us.

Debby: Sorry. I am feeling much better now. I Can actually feel the difference.

Andy: Good.

Cindy: Thank goodness.
Next scene; setting: Log cabin rental (the next day)

Sven: Huh? Where am I?

Tiffany: Oh, You're awake.

Sven: Tiffany?

Tiffany: Isn't our log cabin charming?

Sven: What is the meaning of this?

Tiffany: You should be a little nicer to your wife.

Sven: WIFE?
Next scene; setting: The hospital

Beverly: Well Debra, your vitals look fine now.

Debby: They do?

Beverly: Yes. It's A miracle.

Vince: I'D say.

Doctor: I Don't see any reason to keep her any longer. We already kept her over last night for observation, and she has a clean bill of health.

Debby: I Can go home?

Vince: Is that a good idea?

Doctor: Of course.

Debby: Oh good. I Already missed a whole week of work.

Doctor: Wait a minute. You can't go straight back to work.

Debby: Why not?

Vince: You need your rest. Take it easy, okay?

Debby: Oh fine.
Next scene; setting: Log cabin rental

Sven: How?

Tiffany: Because you are in love with me. Remember?

Sven: You'll pay for this!

Tiffany: No! You will.

(Sven charges at Tiffany)

Sven: YOU!!!

Tiffany screaming: AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

Denise walks in: Why is your door unlocked? "gasp"

(she runs toward them and pushes Sven out the window)

Sven falling out: AHHhhhhhh!


Tiffany: Thanks!
Next scene; setting: Debby's mansion

Debby: You have no clue how much I missed this place.

Gwen I Can imagine.

Vince: Here. Have a seat.

Debby: I Never did get around to asking you.....

Vince: Ask me what?

Debby: What brought you back into town?

Vince: Gwen, Of course.

Gwen: How did you know about the fashion show?

Vince: Advertisement.

Both: Oh.
Next scene; setting: Log cabin rental

Denise: Are you okay?

Tiffany: Thanks to you.

Denise: What am I gonna do now?

Tiffany: Celebrate?


Tiffany: But you did the world a favor.

Denise: How am I going to explain this to the police?

Tiffany: The truth. Self defense.
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