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a review for my silver arts award on Earth:art of a changing world exhibition
Earth:Art of a Changing World Review

This event was held in the Royal Academy of Arts and i decided to go to it because i thought it was very interesting to see that 35 artists have decided to represent the way in which human activity is affecting the world around us. I found this event most inspiring because i have never been to an arts event with such a strong meaning behind it and i have learned that the arts is a way of portraying these important messages to the rest of the world.

Each and every one of the art works were different. There were paintings, photographs, media such as film and clay and architectural work too, each and every one of them with different important messages. My favourite ones were Specimen which can be found on page 21 of the booklet i have included. I found this most interesting because in a room there were clay flowers. Those in the cabinets were safe, but those left out for the public to touch have been broken, showing that this is what happens by the impact of human activity. I also liked Hot Spot on page 18 which is a globe made from stainless steel and neon tubes which i found quite extraordinary.

Overall, this event was the most inspiring because it really did get to my emotions and has helped me to understand that as human beings we are responsible for the harm of the environment and we should do something about it before it's too late.

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