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Written for daily flash fiction
“You are a bunch of blizzard lizards!”

“What’re you so mad at?  And what the heck’s a blizzard lizard?  Sounds like a repulsive smoothie drink.”

“Don’t be stupid!  You know why I’m mad, Macie!  You . . . took . . .my . . . best . . . friend!”

“Took her?  She’s right here, dork.  We just came out to play in the snow while you finished coloring your precious masterpiece.  Chill.”

“I don’t want to chill!  You couldn’t have a friend over so you stole mine.  I’m telling, and mom will NEVER let you have anyone over, EVER.”

“So go tell, you big baby.  Just be careful of the snow snakes we just saw slither under the porch steps.”

“What?  I’m not stupid.  Snakes hibernate or somethin’ in the winter.”

“Duh, of course.  All of them except snow snakes.  You really should pay a little closer attention in science. Don’t you know anything? ”

“Yeah, I know you stole my best friend and now she’s not even speaking to me, just standing by you like a mute groupie.  And f.y.i. I’m not falling for it; there is no such thing as stupid snow snakes.” 

“Suit yourself, baby girl.”

“Stop it!  I hate it when you call me that.  Why are you so mean?  First, you take Delaney and now you make up a ridiculous imaginary creature to torment me so I don’t go up the stairs to tell on you.”

“Geez, just come play with us.  But seriously, watch out for the snow snakes.  They’re  mostly white so they’re hard to see until they are right by you, and then it’s usually too late.”

“Yeah, right.  Prove it, Miss Know-it-all.  What do these so-called snow snakes eat to stay alive all winter?”

Ice mice .  What else, stupid?”

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