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A review of a double-take on Twilight
Okay. Last year a close friend of mine came to me holding a paper-back with a mesmerized look on her face. Jumping up and down with excitement she exclaimed, "You HAVE to read this book!" Turning the book over to me from her clenched hands I read the title Twilight.
Without giving me the details except "Edward is amazing! I love him!" and saying it was a vampire novel, she had me get a copy to read.
I read it in two days. When I had read it, I had the same mesmerized expression my dear friend had once had. I thought Stephenie Meyer was the most brilliant, talented writer on the planet. I was a major Twilight fan.
So, I spent the next two weeks grueling and drooling over New Moon and Eclipse. Begging for more I read the beginning of Breaking Dawn... until Isabella became pregnant. It wasn't fair to Rosalie or any of the others to not have kids, and now this fragile, albino girl comes along and gets pregnant.
This sent me on a fritz. Putting the book away for months, wanting to hang onto the good memories of the books instead of the over-whelming urge to hunt down Stephenie Meyer and killing her with my bare hands. The "perfection" of Bella's life makes me physically ill whenever it runs across my mind.
So after months of hatred and despising, I picked up my copy of Twilight. Opening to the Preface I started to reread the book series, hoping to have a more open mind on the matter. But, I found myself in a daze after the preface and beginning of chapter one. Not the daze were your eyes sparkle and you hug, not wanting to let go. But no, dazed over the simplicity and the lack of thought that went into this book.
Feeling the over-baring urge, no need to stop reading it, I pushed down the feeling and read on. And on... and on. I studied the words and phrases Bella used. Her character had once seemed like a normal, high school girl finding love. But, as I read, I realized Bella started out that way, but then saw she was drolling on and on about how she stuck out from the crowd. I understand the need for a writer to make their character seem unique but the way Meyer phrased it... Bella was putting herself on a pedestal she did not deserve.
How Meyer makes EVERYONE think she's amazing, even Rosalie we find out later on (i,e. how she tells her she never hated her but didn't like how Edward liked her and not Rosalie) how she's beautiful and unique. Then in New Moon when Edward leaves, she so on and on how pale she is!
My once obsession was turning into boiling hatred. Her life, once not so great (i,e. no friends, parents divorced, etc.)life was turning perfect. With no sign of negative. Yes, Jacob, Mike, some Tyler, and Edward loves her. In my book, that's not a problem... but a dream come true. Bella is just a little drama queen who takes things all too far.
What would have made me not so furious is if in the war in Eclipse, Bella met a fifth man and ended up with him. Or perhaps even Mike. But turning out marrying and having a kid with her first boyfriend, living forever, having a child that should've never been born, your werewolf love imprinting on your baby, and being immortal is all too perfect! It makes me despite Twilight and Meyer to the heart, bone, and core.
A few things I don't hate about this book series though is the side characters. It seems to me that the side characters were more carefully written and better sculptured than Bella.
But, before I rant on and on I'll answer my title. I am an ex-fan and a present foe.

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