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Celebrating the special bond between mother and child.

As I hold you in my arms, I feel a deep connection
that's written in my soul in the script of life.
This feeling that is love, goes beyond affection.
You are a part of me – an extension of my life.

Deep within my being, from the moment of conception
I felt your tiny spark illuminate and lift my soul.
You were then within of me – never far from my perception
and as you grew and matured, you became a whole.

Then came the special moment – in pain we both were born.
You were welcomed in the world and I became a Mom.
No longer physically attached, you laid there so forlorn
but I took you in my arms and you began to calm.

There is a special bond, a tethering of hearts
that will keep us bound no matter where you roam.
So as you're growing older this wisdom I'll impart
"No matter where or when you are, you'll never be alone."

A entry for "Rising Stars Shining Brighter [E]

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