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Mental Reservations
            Aeneas Sylvius looked upon woman as an alter to God.
    They were created by God to give man pleasure. To this end
    he devoted his life in the pursuit of eros. Through the cleverness
    of his descretion he rose up the hierarchy of the clergy and
    was chosen Pope. "We hold to the Vicar the absolute preservation
    of the faith." Aeneas decreed; "Therefore, we pray Lord forgive our
    youth and let us not condemb the sinner, but the ignorance of sin."
            A great out cry rose from the lay people as this Pope allowed
    for premarrital sex and baptism by faith and prayer. "Are we to
    pressume that one man is enough for one woman?" Aeneas continued,
    "Can God be so unjust as denie the love of many lovers?"
    The sancity of marriage was challenged and abortion was given
    his blessing. "What marriage is there in hate and discontent?"
    the liberal Pope questioned all the doctrines of the faith;
    "We must reject anything that is unreasonable and hurtfull or
          The final sission came when abortion was elevated to a sacrament.
    "What greater scarifice is there? In a world ravaged by sin and war
    will God denie the unborn a place in Heaven?" The media hailed the
    new Pope as a visionary. It was a short reign.
    Aeneas fell to a crazed christian exstreamist and was laid to rest
    with St Peter.+
            What was the evil? A wicked Pope? A deranged assassin?
    Can there be an evil greater than ignorance and intollerance?
    Did not the Christ say: "My Kingdom is not of this world?"
    The Popes are not infallible, but should they not have liberty to speak
    to their times?

    Reflections: One act of compassion is worth a thousand thanks when
                      things are agreeable to our inclinations.


    Refrence: The Secret Memoirs of Pope Aeneas Sylvious.
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