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by dnd
Rated: ASR · Serial · Other · #1641962
Episode 21
Episode 21; setting: Debby's mansion

Debby: I Feel so much better!

Gwen: I Am so glad.

Vince: Me too.

Debby: Well Vince,

Vince: Yes Debby?

Debby: How have you been?

Vince: Good, good.

Gwen: What brought you back into town?

Debby: GWEN!

Vince: It's all right.
I Came for you. I Heard about your fashion show, and had to come see you.

Gwen: Oh, well you did now. So.....

Debby: GWEN! He was nice enough to come here and support you, and he was supportive when I was sick.

Gwen: But he divorced you!

Debby: Gwen sweatheart, we both divorced.

Vince: That's okay Debby.

Debby: No it's not.

Vince: When she's ready.
Next scene; setting: Hershey & Fiona's

Fiona: What's wrong Nessly?

(Nessly is crying)

Hershey: Maybe he's hungry.

Fiona: I Just fed him.

Hershey: Gas?

Fiona: Maybe?  Oh I Don't know.

Hershey: Let me try something.

(hershey makes funny faces)

Fiona: What are you doing?

(Nessly stops crying)

Fiona: Well, what do you know.

Hershey: That worked.

Fiona: But how?

Hershey: I Guess I'm a natural.
Next scene; setting: log cabin rental

Officer: What happened here?

Tiffany: Hello officer. How are you today?

Officer: What are you doing in Mr. Guzzlar's cabin, Ms. Ballet?

Tiffany: This is my cabin too.

Officer: How so?

Tiffany: I Am no longer Ms. Ballet. I Am now Mrs.Guzzlar.

Officer: WHAT?
Next scene; setting: The hotel

Raya: What should I put on the menu for today?

Mr. Buttler: How about lobster?

Raya: Nah. I Did that one to often. I Know.

Mr. Buttler: What?

Raya: Home-made pasta!

Mr. Buttler: OOH! You're grandmother's recipe?

Raya: You bet.

Mr. Buttler: With the marinara sauce?

Raya: Of course.
Next scene; setting: Debby's mansion

Vince: Well, I Should get going now.

Gwen: You don't have to leave on my account.

Vince: It's not your fault.

Debby: Then stay a little longer.

Vince: Well then, all right. Just a little, but I have to get some things for the new mansion.

Debby: I Can help you, considering I am a world renowned decorator.

Vince: Ah! yes.

Gwen: Oh, I almost forgot. Ingmar is on his way to pick Jenny up.

Vince: Ingmar is her father, right?

Debby: Yes.
Next scene; Setting: Hershey & Fiona's

Hershey: Who do you think he looks like more? Me or you?

Fiona: Hmmm. I'm not sure. Maybe both.

Hershey: I Guess you're right.

Fiona: Your eyes.

Hershey: And your nose.

(they both laugh)
Next scene; setting: log cabin rental

Officer: You married him?!

Tiffany: What's it to you?

Officer: Why?

Tiffany: That's not why you're here!

Denise: Tiff.
Next scene; setting: the hotel

Raya: POP?

Max: Ciao Bella!

Raya: Hey, you mind giving me a hand?

Max: What do I do?

Raya: Help me get the plates ready.

Max: Over here?

Raya: One over.

Max: Found them.

Raya: Don't drop them.

(max drops them)

Raya: POP!

Max: Oops!
Next scene; setting: log cabin rental

Officer: Where is Mr. Guzzlar anyway?

Denise: That's why we called.

Tiffany: He tried to kill us.

Officer: I Told you he's dangerous.

Tiffany: We fought.

Denise: And he fell out of the window!
Next scene; setting: Debby's mansion

Ingmar: Hello.

Debby: Hello again. How are you?

Ingmar: I'm fine thank you, and yourself?

Debby: Much better thanks.

Vince: Ingmar.

Ingmar: Yes?

Vince: I Am Gwen's father. How do you do?

Ingmar: Fine thank you, and yourself?

Vince: Fine thank you. It's nice to finally meet my grand-daughter and her father.

Ingmar: It's nice to meet you too.
Next scene; setting: Hershey & Fiona's

Hershey: Is it time for Nessly's nap?

Fiona: Sure is.

Hershey: Because we haven't had our alone time in A while.

Fiona: I Know. Nine months.

Hershey: I Know.

Fiona: C'mon.
Next scene; setting: The hotel

Raya: Pop! Now what?

Max: I Was only trying to help.

Raya: I Know that, but they're gonna charge me for those six plates.

Max: Then I'll pay for them.

Raya: NO! I Will.

Max: You sure?

Raya: Yes I'm sure.

Max: Anything else?

Raya: That will be all, thanks.

Max: Anytime.

Raya: All I have to do now is serve, than we can eat.
next scene; setting: Hershey & Fiona's

Fiona: Finnaly asleep.

Hershey: Good. Now as for us....

Fiona: Us.

Hershey: Let's go.
Next scene; setting: Debby's mansion

Debby: Why don't you stay for supper?

Ingmar: I Just had some, thank you.

Gwen: How about tea?

Ingmar: I Don't see why not.

Vince: Great! Now we can become acquainted with one another.

Ingmar: Sure.
Next scene; setting: The hotel

Mr. Buttler: Dinner was spectacular!

Raya: Thank you Mr. Buttler.

Max: And sorry about the plates.

Mr. Buttler: Oh, No worries.

Max: Dessert was nice too.

Mr. Buttler: I Must agree, Mr. Cimini.

Raya: Rose infused cheesecake was something I learned in culinary school.
Next scene; setting: Police station (next day)

Officer: Thanks for you're co-operation ladies.
Your stories do indeed pan out.

Denise: Oh, Thank you all so very much.

Officer: Don't mention it.

( They exit )

Tiffany: See, I Told you they would believe us. He did fall out that window by accident,

Denise: You slept with him, didn't you.

Tiffany: All is well, Right?

Denise: HA ha.
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