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About the lost time and dreamscapes of the black sheep in the family.
“Boy, I was SO mad!” –
They are not youngsters telling falsehoods,
But the needless selfishness and the eruption of pride
Belie the notion that they are single and unwanted
And likely to remain so.
“How could they treat me that way,
And favor you all and treat you all so much better?”
The black sheep of the family continues to squabble,
Disregarding the host of luxuries bestowed
Upon their creepy lives by their sickened family.

Being thankful is never an option –
Finding wealth is never an achievable goal.
Their most awesome accomplishment is finding someone
Who will help them, and enable them
To extend beyond their limited boundaries
And lackluster aptitude.

Unwanted and single,
They search high and low for a soul mate
To recover some of the lost time
And ruptured dreamscapes
That hurtle their minds into their embattled,
Yet proud state of lack of forgiveness,
Just a stone’s throw away from legendary greatness
And stubborn ineptitude. 

One may wish for anything,
But only if they see the other people’s viewpoints,
And not just their own…
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