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James 5:15 speaks of the healing power found in prayer. Pain update. Follow up on 3/11
I'm sick of pain!  Are you?  This world is full of pain beloved and some of it is just debilitating while others are refining with an end in sight.  Discerning the difference between the two can be hard when you are in the midst of that pain. Today (Tuesday) I missed my first day of work due to the robbery that occurred back in November.  I'm still not sure if this is a refining pain or if it is just plain ole pain!  Maybe you are having the same problem with your pain?

I called my doctors office and he was not in so I was not able to get a shot to ease the pain.  I took the medicine I was supposed to take and med's for my sinuses basically falling asleep around three and not waking up until 10:30 at night.  I see the doctor today and I wonder if this will be day two that I miss work because of someone else wanting something that was not theirs to have.  I'll know soon enough when I go to the doctor. 

The pain now is irritating and so "sleeping it off" helped some.  The kind of work I do would only make it worse so as much as I don't like to miss work maybe this was the best thing to do for today.  I was opening the Daily Bread to place on the blog and in Facebook and lo and behold I find a Scripture that relates to pain/sickness and the promise found in prayer.

"The prayer in faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up."  James 5:15.  Here is hope for those who suffer pain, who are sick, who are feeling down and out, who are off their game.  Here is hope found in the Word of God that is as relevant today as it was when it was first written by these men of God centuries ago.  Here is hope found in the Holy Spirit breathed Word of God and that hope is real, tangible, and everlasting.

For the beloved who are sick, who are in pain, and who are facing life threatening situations in their daily world I pray this for you one and all, in faith, and in His holy name.

Lord the world is in pain, sick, and human oh Lord.  We are weak, susceptible to illness, and discouragement is oh so possible.  Oftentimes Lord Your Word holds out a piece of truth that is relevant to the ills Your creation are going through.  The passage found in the Daily Bread today is no exception Lord and in behalf of those who are in the throes of illness, pain, and life threatening situations, I pray that You will answer our prayer of faith and heal us Lord.

Take away the pain, the illness, the seizures, the hatred that is festering, the anger that is weltering, the disease that is eating away Lord.  You know these ailments are because we are human Lord, and yet we have the hope of being able to pray in faith, knowing that You will answer our prayers.  Your Holy Spirit is with us Lord and we know that He is able to teach us the difference between refining pain and just plain ole pain.  We seek the discernment Lord and ask that Your answer is on the way to our plea.

We pray Lord for the woes that are besetting the many devastated areas of the world, most recently Haiti, and the other areas of the world rocked by weather and other natural disasters.  You are the Great I Am and You are all things to all people oh Lord.  The pain those in Haiti are suffering makes the pain in my arms seem so insignificant but they are still real, just as the pains of the others are there.  Nothing is too big for You Lord and it is in faith that I pray for Your healing touch in my life, my wife, and the others who have known the sting of pain from so many sources.

I know Lord that You are capable of healing instantaneously and that You also use the medicine that is created by science.  Either way You use Lord we thank You for the answering of our prayers of faith and our prayers of intercession for the leaders of our country and those who protect us from shore to shore, and from block to block locally Lord in our police and fire departments.  You are all things to all people and it is Your Son's holy name, Jesus, I pray this prayer of faith for all who are in pain.  Amen.

Beloved come to the Lord with your concerns, He does hear them.  Come to the Lord with your joys, He does rejoice with you.  Come to the Lord with your heart and you know what beloved, He will embrace you and you will feel loved and never alone again.  Amen and amen.
Copenator out!

03/11/10:  Progress is being made.  I've completed 8 physical therapy sessions and found some relief from the pain.  4 more sessions commence on Monday and please pray for the completion of the healing the Lord has worked so far.
This goes out to the many who have prayed and the many who have encouraged this tired Copenator out!
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