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A poem for disheartened youth and adults everywhere.
Winter’s moons are covered in clouds;
Let it be known that darkness shrouds.
Lives progressing with ebb and flow
Reveal torture’s pain as it continues to grow…

In the mist, the air we breathe
Can relish the fog and blight that seethe
Into every corner where we grew and stood
In this children’s darkened neighborhood.

But the happiness we beseech of Our Father
Can leave us empty, so why should we bother?
For the game in town remains a bust,
But in His guidance, we can surely trust…

Fortune’s a prison, or the blessing or trial,
That won’t say you’re fine, or stay all the while.
So seek to be gracious, with a happiness to share –
Your youth, you deserve, so you mustn’t despair!

Every corner of the world has glitter and some
Excitement and glamour, so never be glum…
You’re always a winner, and the trophy you’ll hoist,
Giving life the best you, and kisses so moist…
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