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by hey
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For my melodic hardcore band. "bring us home"
What a beautiful day,
to wake in a abysmal hue of blue.
nothing than the familiar stench of affliction.
what was lost, is far beyond my reach..

Lost at sea,
repressed by anchors.
i try to grab hold, your pulling back.
this happened once and I've fallen again.
the exhale leads me deeper,
eyes engulfed in blue.
further from the face,
a shape shifting race
pushing towards
the mouth's opening
letting the weight behind me sink.

No more,
could i call to you.
no more,
could i drown for you.
caught in an unpassable torrent.
the simplicity, so complex.
expired before production.
(up beat part)
It's just another day.
lost in thrashing waves.
hoping for the sight of shore.
the open arms leave me hopeless.

no more,
will you call to me(for help)
when I've been stranded.
asking for you hand.
no more,
will i plunge deeper for you.

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