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A snap shot in time, a memory of children at play.
The Lost Kingdom

While traveling in a memory, just the other day,

I Returned to a place, of long ago, and far away.

My family were all there, and it seemed that each face,

Called, "Turn aside a little while, and old times we'll retrace."

Then I saw Sis wrapped, in momma’s old sheet,

Gracefully it flowed, to her bare dirty feet.

A stick her hand a Burger King Crown, slightly askew,

She ruled the child’s world that she knew.

Who could imagine, that a Queen so fair,

Could rule with such dignity, from a broken lawn chair?

Sometimes with her stick, she would give you a whack

It's the rule she said, of “No talking back”

She allowed me to join her, together to reign,

The Queen of Sheba, and the King of Cheyenne (Siam)

But, time has now swept, our childish kingdom away

It’s only record being left, in the memories we made.

Mixing old scenes, with big smiles and some tears,

Backwards I went, through the long past years.

Each memory I found, caused me to gain,

The feeling I would love, to live it all again

Sis now is grown, living in a world of her own,

Life has taken us, each a separate way

And meeting her today, you'd undoubtedly say

"She never gave up her throne."

(I still call my sister Sheba)          M. Paul Burress

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