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Rated: E · Script/Play · Horror/Scary · #1642794
Short film script awaiting review. Mysterious events are taking place in a High School.
******NOTE: I created this short film script for a state competition. This is my first short film, although I have done several YouTube videos of my own. This is not the final version, but any suggestions or reviews would be really helpful. I'm only 16 and not an expert. The spacing may be a little weird as well because I copied and pasted from a script creation program. Please give any advice or suggestions. ALSO, names that are not mentioned in lines are irrelevant. Yes, I know the "MileyMandy" reference is kind of stupid but their names will not be mentioned in the film. This is just for scripting purposes only. Thanks. Please enjoy..."Sub-Zero"
          TITLE CREDITS                                              1   
          Camera continues down empty school hallway. Various shots of   
          hallway set (lockers, bulletin boards) all while walking.       
          Suspenseful music. Title. Dissolves into Scene One.             
          TIME FOR CLASS                                            2   
          Classroom. Start with closeups of desks. Shot from floor of     
          leg of desk then focusing on teachers desk. SUBSTITUTE is       
          sitting. Closeup from above substitute. "Substitute Files"     
          are shown on desk. Flips through them. Shot of clock. 7:45.     
          Bell rings. Far shot of SUBSTITUTE. Stands up, brushes off     
          jacket. Sound of door opening. Shot of students entering       
          room. Looking a bit confused, whispering. ADAM turn around.     
          Shot from hallway showing ASHLEY pulling ADAM away.             
                    Looks like we have a sub.                             
                    Nice, wanna skip?                                     
          ADAM grabs WILL. Holds him against the wall.                   
                    Your name’s Adam Taylor for the                       
                    day, got it?                                         
                    But I...                                             
                    Hey, no buts, okay? Do what I told                   
                    ya and there won’t be any problems.                   
          ADAM lets go of WILL. ADAM looks shocked. WILL enters           
          SCENE 2:                                                  3   
          Back in classroom. Students talking. WILL pulls out binder.     
          Bell rings. SUBSTITUTE walks to the front of the room.         
                              MR. DICKERSON                               
                    Good morning class. My name is Mr.                   
          Giggles from the classroom.                                                                               
                              MR. DICKERSON                               
                    I’m glad you find that amusing.                       
                    (begins to become less tense)                         
          VICTORIA raises hand. Mr. DICKERSON glances at her.             
                    Where’s Mrs. Cooper?                                 
                              MR. DICKERSON                               
                        (pause. Stares at Victoria.)                     
                        Now as I was saying, I’ll be                     
                        teaching your class today.                       
          Shot of Victoria and then class. Looking at each other.         
                              MR. DICKERSON                               
                    Now, I need to learn your names.                     
                    Let’s see...                                         
          Reads off the roll.                                             
                              MR. DICKERSON                               
                    Victoria Baker?                                       
                              MR. DICKERSON                               
                    Kyle Carter?                                         
          Teacher continues reading roll in background. TERRENCE taps     
          Kyle on the shoulder. Kyle turns around.                       
                    She’s looking at you.                                 
          KYLE turns around. Shot of Victoria. She’s staring at him       
          but when she notices he’s looking back she quickly looks       
          down. KYLE turns back around.                                   
                              MR. DICKERSON                               
                    Mitchell Terrence?                                   
          Kids in shot smile.                                               
                    It’s Terrence Mitchell.                               
                              MR. DICKERSON                               
                    My apologies Mr. Mitchell. Of                         
                    course, I’ve known a lot of                           
                    children named Mitchell.                             
          Shot of TERRENCE. Looking around, slightly freaked out.         
                              MR. DICKERSON                               
                    Adam Taylor?                                         
          Shot of WILL. Looks up, then looks back down. Hesitates, but   
          doesn’t respond. Kayla turns to WILL.                           
                    Hey, I saw what happened out there.                   
                    Good for you.                                         
          WILL nods but is too shy to respond. MR. DICKERSON calls his   
          name, he raises his hand. Shot of MR. DICKERSON.               
                              MR. DICKERSON                               
                    Ok, I think that’s everyone. Now if                   
                    you guys would excuse me while I                     
                    take this to attendance. Your                         
                    assignment is on the board. I’ll                     
                    return shortly.                                       
          MR. DICKERSON leaves. A couple students pull out paper. The     
          rest join on one side of the room to talk.                     
                    Where do they find these subs                         
          Victoria shakes her head. Shot of clock. Time advances. Shot   
          from above at class. Victoria stares at clock.                 
                    It’s been __ minutes. Why isn’t he                   
                    back yet?                                             
                    Vicki, chill.                                         
                    No, she’s right. I’ll go see what’s                   
                    No! You might get caught.                             
                    Like that’s gonna stop him.                           
                    It’s ok, I’m just going to the                       
          KYLE leaves classroom.                                         
                    Whatever, I gotta use the bathroom.                   
                    But, what if....                                     
                    My God Victoria, you act like this                   
                    place is haunted or something.                       
                    I’m just, I don’t know. Go.                           
                    Thank you Ms. Baker... (rolls eyes)                   
          TERRENCE exits. TERRENCE does not go to downstairs bathroom     
          (not in shot). Instead heads up stairs. Shot from above.       
          Lights go off.                                                 
                    What the?                                             
          Shot of Kyle in hall, lights go off. Shot of class, lights     
          go off. Back to Terrence. The sound of a distant scream from   
          above startles him. Lights come back on. Shot of Kyle,         
          lights on. Kyle enters lobby. No one is around, the office     
          is empty. Shot of Terrence entering the bathroom. Sees man     
          laying on floor, back facing the camera. Terrence slowly       
          walks forward.                                                 
                    Mr. Dickerson?                                       
          Terrence approaches the man on the floor, rolls him over and   
          sees that his face is unrecognizable. Scars and red spots       
          all over. Appears to have been burned.                         
                        (whispers) Oh my God...                         
          Phone rings. Terrence looks at it, answers. Shot of Kyle.       
                    Hey, somethings up. I just went to                   
                    the office to try to find the sub,                   
                    and no one is there. Actually,                       
                    there’s no one on campus.                             
          Shot of Terrence.                                               
                    Oh, I found him. But we’ve got                       
                    bigger problems.                                     
          Footsteps approaching. Terrence panics.                         
                    Someone’s coming, I gotta go.                         
          Terrence hangs up phone, runs in stall. Closes door and         
          climbs up where his feet aren’t showing. Covers his mouth.     
          Shot looking under the stall, woman wearing high heals comes   
          and stands in front of the door. Turns around and walks out.   
          Shot of Terrence covering his mouth. Transition to Kyle and     
          Terrence in the hall.                                           
          RETURN TO CLASS                                            4   
                    I told you man, she was standing                     
                    right in front of the door, then                     
                    she just turned and walked out.                       
                    That’s crazy dude. And look, like I                   
                    said, There’s no one here. The                       
                    classrooms are empty, there’s not                     
                    even anyone in the lobby.                             
                    Let’s just go back to class.                         
          KYLE and TERRENCE begin to walk in classroom, sees MRS.         
          COOPER teaching. They are confused.                             
                              MRS. COOPER                                 
                    Have a seat.                                         
          KYLE and TERRENCE sit down. CHRIS is beside them.               
                    She got back as soon as you guys                     
          TERRENCE pulls out his cellphone. Texts "Sub is dead. Get       
          out." to "Drama" group. Shot of class looking at their         
          phones then looking at Terrence. Them Mrs. Coopers phone       
          dings in her purse. TERRENCE looks at phone and realizes       
          that Mrs. Cooper’s number was in the group. Mrs. Cooper         
          walks over to her desk, pulls out the phone. Bell rings,       
          class tries to leave as soon as possible.                       
                              MRS. COOPER                                 
                    Don’t even think about it. Get back                   
                    to your seats.                                       
          Class looks scared, sit back down. Teacher stands in front     
          of room with her back turned. KYLE gets out of his seat.       
          VICTORIA looks at him.                                         
                    (mouths, not actually speaking)                       
                    What are you doing?                                   
          KYLE lunges toward Mrs. Cooper, takes her down. Shot of         
          class yelling at him to get off. Chaos. Shot of Will,           
          shaking violently. Kayla turns toward him.                     
                    Will, are you ok?                                     
          Will opens up jacket. He has explosives strapped to the         
          inside. Pulls a string. Kayla gasp. Shot of who class, still   
          focused on the teacher. Bright flash, fade to wide then fade   
          out to black.                                                   
          THE AFTERMATH                                              5   
          Fade into stack of newspapers. WILL’s photo on front cover     
          with headline "Student Suicide Bomber Detonates in             
          Classroom". Girls pick up paper. These girls WERE NOT in any   
          previous scenes.                                               
                    I knew that kid would do something                   
                    stupid one day.                                       
                    I wonder how they knew he had a                       
                    Who knows.                                           
          Girls continue talking, The camera pans down to show Adam,     
          who had been standing in the back listening. Camera zooms in
          close, when transitions into a memory. We are back at the       
          beginning where Adam pushes Will up against the wall. The       
          color scheme is different. After holding will up, Adam         
          notices the wires hanging from Will’s jacket. He sets him       
          down and is in shock, but keeps his cool until Will enters     
                    We have to go to the office, now.                     
          Shot of Adam and Ashley running into the main office.           
                    There’s a bomb.                                       
                    A kid, with a bomb strapped to him                   
                    in room D210.                                         
                    Please, you have to warn everyone.                   
                              RECEPTIONIST ASSISTANT                     
                        (to receptionist)                               
                    Send out an announcement to all the                   
                    classrooms except that room.                         
          Receptionist picks up phone.                                   
                        (into phone)                                     
                    We have a Code Yellow. Please                         
                    follow standard evacuation                           
          Shot of Adam and Ashley, fades back into Adam and current       
          time. Miley and Mandy are still talking.                       
                    Oh My God, Did you hear that they                     
                    found a dead guy in the upstairs                     
                    Nah, it’s probably just a stupid                     
          Girls walk off, the shot is focused on Adam again, Ashley       
          walks into frame.                                               
                    You ready?                                           
          Adam and Ashley begin to walk off. Camera focuses on Ashley,   
          starts panning down her body and ends focused on her feet.     
          She is wearing the high heels of the murderer from the         
          bathroom scene. Music builds up then dramatically cuts to       
          black. Credits roll.                                           
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