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On hour left no ideas splitting headache here goes
    The following morning the man woke up feeling like a million bucks, just like the previous occasions of this odd occurrence. Walking down the stairs into the boot room, he had a plan. Get hypnotized. Memory recall, that's the ticket. In the kitchen, now all the world familiar to him once more, he set about making his usual breakfast of toast with jam, a cup of weakish coffee and an orange cut into eighths for the little TRIANGULAR easy to eat wedges.

    After breakfast the man showered and dressed, working on his hypnosis plan and putting it in action. In the small SQUARE chest kept under the shelf by the phone is where he rummaged for the phone book. Upon the retrieval of said item a quick scan for an address and he was off.

    Sitting in his car, gripping the STEERING WHEEL, the man fired up the car, looked in the OVAL rear view mirror and backed out of the driveway. His way there was plagued by a stupid giddy feeling at the thought and hope of some knowledge of these things unknown. Finally, some closure and maybe a remedy. Very exciting. Then fear struck him like a ton of bricks. Completely irrational thoughts. Am I a werewolf or something? Did I get succubied? Maybe I don't want to do this without my wife. In the end he returned home and slept the day away waiting for it to happen again with a string tied to his toe.

Word count 249

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