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Fixing the anomolie problem.
Chapter 29 Group Therapy

Several days later Uta gathered the Six Mothers.

"Yesterday I discovered that all the Mothers have at last contacted and spoken with their babies. This is an important milestone. I'm particularly concened with the mothers who carry the anomolies....Liope, Climates, Martha and Albiana. Some of the therapies we've tried have been helpful, but none has shown itself to be more than temporary. The problems are escallating and soon these tools will not be enough. For that reason I will propose that we take a bold new step, but first let's pause and make sure everyone is up to date.

We know that somehow your pregnancies are tied together in the Prophesy. I'm encouraged that the Prophesy sees the babies carried full term and delivered For this to happen we will have to know more than we do now and come up with a therapy, we have not yet discovered. What we are attempting, is to deliver four anomolies, something that has never happened before in all of our history. On the one hand we are dealing with two fetuses that are without redemption and two more that are without blemish. My experience in past failures and more recently with Liope, leads me to conclude that we must focus on correcting the problems rather than treating the symptoms.

Indulge me while I explain what is happening. A dark sister is a fetus that has no reference to what Love and pleasure is. To its mind there are but two states. Pain and no pain. The same is true for a white sister but in an opposite sense. The states here are joy and no joy. In either case the fetus becomes addicted to an ever increasing need of one or the other and there is no counter availing complement to switch it off and restore physical and psychic harmony. Love and hate and pleasure and pain are closely related and intertwined. Visualize them as two wicks woven together, with the ends immersed in bowls filled with the four emotions. For a dark sister the love and pleasure bowls are empty or at the very least low on fluid. For the light sister the pain and hate bowls are deficient in the same sense.

As the addiction progresses in a dark fetus, the need for pain increases and with it the tolerance increases. To compensate the fetus inflicts more physical and psychological pain on the mother. We are almost certain that the same will happen to a White sister but in an opposite sense. The pleasure of taking nourishment, breathing and experiencing a growing awareness will lead to unabated hunger, high respiration and excessive craving for all things good. Either way the imbalances become increasingly skewed. While we have managed to kick the can down the road in the first term the prognosis for the second is not encouraging.

Even if the four mothers are capable of somehow delivering these infants the chances for survival would be bleak. As a result of what we have learned and come to better understand, it is important that we move to correct the problem rather than continuing upon our present course."

"Exactly how do you propose to do that?" asked Liope?

"For my part, and Karla and Walinda agree, the problem is one that needs to be treated more in a spiritual, than a physical sense. This is not like a stomach ache that responds to a potion of basil and caradine root. We think we should do a melding aimed at achieving a better equilibrium. Now that the mothers have an awareness, the time has come to make the attempt."

"Oh my god!" said Lilith. "That takes years of training and even for the council it’s a difficult technique to master. Of the six mothers I'm the only one with any experience in the process. Liope has the gift but she's untrained. Climatus is ungifted. Bedelia is a big unknown. Martha is an Elvenhume, a quarter Witch at best, and Albiana is a blueblood Elf. There is no homogeneity in the mix and the diversities lead out in all directions. You want us to subject the children to a coming out in the face of all these unknowns? Dangerous is the only way to describe it ….Personally I’m not sure I want any part in this. Plus who knows what will unfold when we lift the lid on that basket?"

"I understand your concern Lilith. Believe me that I share it. However, I’ve given the matter a great deal of thought and have not been able to come up with anything better.

"And what makes you think that a melding will offer any solution to the problem?"

"Because in the melding of a council there's a cross flux of psychic and physical energies. The strengths and weaknesses of the members flow together and there is a reconciliation that takes place where the collective exerts a direct influence on the parts."

"Sounds like a bunch of theoritical mumbo-jumbo... and I don’t like it a bit," said Lilith.

"You aren’t carrying one of the sisters," Bedelia pointed out.

“What are you trying to say? SIMIAN!” Lilith retorted.

Liope and Climatus, groaned as their stomachs leaped.

Uta stepped in to calm matters down.

"Since you have the most experience in these matters," Lilith, "we could use your help…however we'll not ask anyone to join against their wishes."

"If Lilith won’t, I’ll take the lead," offered Bedelia, her eyes flashing.

Once more Liope and Climatus jumped with a start.

"I didn’t say I wouldn’t help," answered Lilith on the edge of control, "Only that you’d better be on your best game before jerking around something, you know absolutely nothing about."

A silence settled over the room, broken suddenly by the most unexpected of sounds. Everyone watched in dismay as Liope and Climatus, began laughing hysterically, as they rocked back and forth.


Several days later they gathered for the first session.

"I’m not sure where to begin, "said Lilith.

"I do," said Bedelia, I’ve joined together plenty of times. In the Kennel we used to play a game called Fairy tales."

"In the Kennel?" drawled Lilith, rolling her eyes.

"Don’t go there," said Liope, staring hard at her friend.

"What she’s referring to is the Nursery," explained Albiana, "where she grew up at Myrocenia. Kennel is a pejorative term used by the Grenadiers, that refers to their living quarters."

"Never really thought about it like that," said Bedelia..., "anyway our mothers taught us how to do it so we could entertain ourselves while they were busy with other things."

"This isn’t about fairy tales," said Lilith. "This is serious business."

"It can get as serious as you want to make it," answered Bedelia, "but first you have to get there."

"Give her a chance," said Martha. "When Bedelia talks, she knows her stuff."

"Come on Lilith, let’s give her a chance." Said Climatus.

Lilith looked around to a chorus of heads nodding in affirmation.

"Well if she’s confident about getting into the process, she knows more than I do… what the hell. I can deal with it if you can."

"Go ahead Bedelia…give it a try," said Uta encouragingly.

"Very well, I’ll explain it like my mother did… it’s really not that difficult, or dangerous either, if you take it a step at a time. Join hands in a circle and I’ll talk you through it."

They were sitting on the third floor, atop the battlements. A light breeze was blowing from the south however they were screened from the chill by the wall. It was a glorious fall day and the sun beat down. There was a circle painted on the floor that was used for spell casting and other magical purposes. Radiating from the center was a six pointed star and each of the mothers sat at one of the tips.

"The first step is to relax and think about the things you enjoy most. Close your eyes now and imagine something that is serene, peaceful and full of contentment. For everybody it will be different, but whatever it is start thinking about it now…."

After a short period Bedelia continued.

"Now I want you to imagine that you're a puppet with strings attached to your arms and legs and the one you love most is the puppeteer, standing on a platform high above you. As he pulls the strings your arms and legs respond as he makes you dance beneath him. You twirl around and around looking up from time to time into his adoring eyes."

Bedelia paused. After a short time she continued.

"Now I want you to imagine that you have grown tired from all the dancing and in the corner are a pile of fresh rushes with a beautiful cotton quilt….on the quilt is a red dragon embroidered in golden threads beneath a rainbow of soft colored pastels. You take the quilt and lay it over the rushes and lay down atop it. You are tired and your body feels heavy with fatigue. As you lay down you sink deeply into the pile. So deep that from atop, all you can see is the outline where you sank in. You take a deep breath relaxing in delicious comfort."

Bedelia paused once more before continuing.

"Then you decide to get up. There’s work to do and you can’t be resting all day but when you try and lift your arm it weights so much it won’t budge. The same is true for your legs. Try and lift them and see what I mean. They're so heavy they won’t budge. You wonder how you are ever going to get to your feet."

She waited a moment before going on.

"Now take a series of slow deep breaths. We're about to embark on a trip into the land of fairies. We'll be going to a beach covered with palm trees... sitting about on our cotton quilt. As you lay back you can feel the warm sand move through the fabric as you feel the heat rising up into your body… When I sneeze, we’ll be there…. AwwwwwChew!"

When they awoke from the trance they were seated about on quilts in the soft sands. Before them was a beautiful lagoon and overhead were palm trees. They were conversing quietly with each other watching their children play in the sand. The children appeared to be about two years old. The four boys were in a group playing together. The girls were down from them and they were paired, sitting together. The two pairs were separated by a short distance. The mothers were intent on the girls and if they listened closely they could eavesdrop on the conversation.

"Look at them sitting over there giggling," said Malissa to her friend Calamity.

"They’re talking about us…" Clamity replied, "no telling what they’re saying."

"They're so prim and proper," answered Malissa; "they make me want to retch. Look at their hair, all combed out with ribbons…ugh!"

"And those poofy little dresses in that disgusting pink and yellow. I hate them."

"So do I."

The conversation shifted to the other two girls.

"Who do you suppose the new girls are?" asked Katrina.

"I haven’t seen them here before," answered her friend Lucilla. "Maybe we should go over and introduce ourselves."

"I don't know...they're dressed pretty tacky."

"Can't judge a horse by its coat," Lucilla pointed out.

"I suppose," Katrina answered, "it would be nice to have some more friends to play with."

"I hope they like us."

I’m sure they will."

They got up and walked over to where Malissa and Calamity were sitting.

"Hi, I’m Katrina and this is my friend Lucilla. Would you like to play?"

On the horizon a storm was brewing. In the distance there was lightening and thunder.

"Sure we’d like to play," said Malissa…"Isn't that right Clammy?"

"Oh yes indeed," replied her friend.

"Do you know any games?" asked Lucilla.

"Oh yes," answered Malissa…"how about Show and Tell?"

The thunder boomed closer and the wind began to pick up. The mothers watched the four girls hardly daring to move. The four boys began to roughhouse with one another.

"How do you want to play?" asked Katrina.

"Do you have any pets," replied Calamity?

"Oh yes," said Lucilla…."I have Huggy bear and Katrina has Ruffer the puppy dog." They held up their stuffed animals showing them to their new friends.

The storm got closer the wind blew harder.

"Would you like to see ours?" asked Malissa?

"Oh yes! Yes! Please show us."

The two girls smiled. Reaching behind their backs they pulled out two huge stuffed insects. One was a Tarantula and the Other a Scorpion.

"Aren’t they beautiful?" asked Calamity?

"I can't make up my mind," said Katrina.

"Would you like to play with them? Here, you take ours and we’ll take yours."

The mothers looked wide eyed at the unfolding drama. The boys were crying and socking one another. The Storm was upon them.

"Why don't we take the children home?" suggested Climatus.

At that instant the insects sprang to life and scurried over to Katrina and Lucilla and began biting them. They screamed in absolute terror. Concurrently Wolf Pup and Bear Cub descended on Malissa and Calamity, tickling, licking and nuzzling. The two shirked in bewilderment their bodies wracked in a hysterical laughter, pleading desperately for them to stop.

The Storm swept over. The boys were swinging wildly and the girls screaming for their mothers. The six tried to move but like in a dream their bodies were frozen in time.

Abruptly Bedelia sneezed and the six were once more seated in a circle atop the Citadel.

"I think that’s enough for today….how about the rest of you?"


After the session the gathering broke up. Albiana, Martha and Bedelia went down stairs. Liope, Lilith and Climatus lingered.

“That Bedelia gives me the creeps," said Lilith. "What did you make of it?"

"I feel pretty relaxed, now that it's over...how about you Clem."

"Like a weight lifted from my shoulders."

"The boys seemed to have a good time," offered Lilith.

"They loved it!" said Liope and Clem in agreement.

I can’t wait until we do it again," said Lilith unexpectedly.

"Wow!" said Albiana when they got downstairs,"that was the most incredible experience of my life. I feel better than I have in weeks. When that spider jumped on Katrina, I thought I was going to pee in my pants."

"I know! I Know! When that scorpion leaped on Lucilla I thought I was going to come right out of my skin. I'ts strange how quiet she feels now…I hope everything's all right. How about you Bedelia."

"For me it was easy. Orwald was playing with the boys…having a great time of it…I do hope I didn’t try too much at the first session."

"Hey," said Martha, "You did great. I’m hungry. Lets check out the kitchen."


Several day later they held the second and final therapy session. Again the mothers assembled on the third floor of the central tower. High atop the keep they sat in a circle while Bedelia led them in the enchantment. First were the relaxation drills and then the Simean took them once more into the hypnotic trance. Suddenly they were back on the beach surrounded by blue waters and palm trees. The mothers were seated together and their unborn children played around them. They now looked to be about three years of age. The boys were wrestling and jostling. The girls sat playing with their stuffed animals. Bedelia stood up and addressed the Mothers.

“Uta thinks that one last session should do it. She’s very happy with the way the previous one turned out. Before, the differences she was hearing were distinct, while now they sound more like what’s expected in a normal pregnancy. Today I plan to take the girls to the caves. If you want, you’re welcome to tag along.”

“I wouldn’t miss this for the world,” said Lilith.

The other mothers stood in agreement and took the boys by the hands. Bedelia joined with the girls and everyone set off down the beach. Not far beyond they turned inland and there stood a rock face reaching a hundred feet into the air. As they got closer they noticed the entrances of two caves, next to one another. Walking up close they peered into the openings to see what was inside. One cave had a vaulted ceiling that opened to the sky above. The other was dark. One was brightly lit and carried a draft of fresh air. The other was stagnant and smelled of noxious fumes. One had a path of white stones and an interior of glittering crystals. The other was dark, oppressive and gloomy. One had swallows that darted in and out. The other was filled with spider webs, and rat droppings. At the far end of one, stood a darkly painted door. At the far end of the other was a door that glowed with a faint luminence. Bedelia addressed the girls.

“I want you to take these keys, go inside and open the doors at the other end. Each door has two locks. Behind each, a big surprise awaits you.”

Having said this, she gave a white key to Calamity and Malissa and a dark key to Katrina and Lucilla.

“I’m not going in that dark cave,” said Katrina.

“Me neither,” replied her friend.

“What’s the matter? you scared?” cackled Calamity

“We both are,” said Katrina.

"Then I guess the brave little girls will just have to sacrifice,” said Malissa.

“Oh thank you said Lucilla. You’re the best friends a girl could ever have.”

Malissa looked over at Calamity and rolled her eyes.

“Since that’s decided,” said Bedelia, “we had best get started.”

Liope and Climatus looked questioning at one another.

“I think we had best follow the girls," said Liope.”

As they started in, Gilbert and Olegart followed. Everyone else decided to follow Katrina and Lucilla.

When the girls arrived at the doors they inserted their keys, turned the tumblers and pulled on the latch. The old doors creaked as they swung wide. Everyone looked eagerly, in anticipation of the surprise.

Lucilla and Katrina screamed…. Swarming out from inside was a host of spiders and scorpions. They swarmed up their legs and covered their arms and faces. As they shrieked in terror, the four mothers and two boys began swatting them away. Picking up the girls the fled back towards the entrance.

Malissa and Calamity screamed as well. Pouring out from inside came a pack of puppy dogs and bear cubs. They commenced to tickling, nuzzeling, licking and lapping. They overwhelmed the two terrified girls who despised tickling of all things. They laughed hysterically and out of control. Unable to breath their faces began to turn purple. Climatus and Liope had fallen behind but Orwald and Ulrich rushed to their rescue having a wonderful time of it. At last the Mothers arrived and picking up their sobbing children, returned to the entrance.

When everyone was out the Mothers collapsed on the sand.

“That was the low down, meanest trick I ever heard of,” said Lilith in disbelief.

“Yeah! What a joy!” answered Malissa, clapping her hands with glee.

“It scared the socks right off my feet,” chimed in Calamity. “I love you Bedelia.”

"Well I hate you,” snapped Lucilla. "They stung like fire."

Katrina fumed. “I hope you burn in Hell!”

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