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Using touch sound taste smell sight
The Senses

1.  sight, touch  (changed to include touch)
His fur stood straight out from his little body like he had been frightened or electrocuted, but when I stroked the stray cat, he was soft as cashmere.

2.  sight, sound (changed sentence)
When the earthquake shook the walls, they crackled with spider veins and pictures clattered to the floor.

3.  sight
Her full round face was punctuated with large nostrils, rather reminding me of a pig with that startled, deer caught-in-the-headlights expression.

4.  sight, sound, touch (changed to include sound & touch)
In her ordinary life she wore swishy comfort clothes, but she favored the whisper of silk against her skin.

5.  sound, sight, touch
Crackling and swirling embers danced with fury across the damask curtains which sagged to the floor in a sizzling heap.

6.  sight, sound
The pink bubble kept stretching until it was the size of a baseball and then it popped and burst across her face hiding all her freckles.

7.  sight, sound, smell
They passed each other on slick black-wet streets, searching through the fragrant pines cloaked in danger, for other lost souls.

8.  sight
A translucent smear of pink streamed across the horizon to soon announce another day.

9.  sound, sight, touch
A sharp rap of fat knuckles vibrated from the flimsy door making me bolt upright and grab my flannel blanket for protection.

10. sight, sound
The misshapen body stumbled to the window and threw back the aged curtains letting light scorch its way through dust motes and the rattling chandelier.

11. sight, smell (changed to include smell)
The burglar rummaged through all the drawers seeking something worthwhile, but the chemical odor from boxes of mothballs made his eyes blur and tear.

12.  sight, touch, smell (changed sentence to include touch, smell)
He got goose bumps every time she rubbed his back with coconut suntan oil.

13. Sound, sight, taste (changed to include smell)
The bedsprings groaning upstairs and a hefty footfall on the ceiling above warned the maid that the master would be down in less than five minutes, where a platter of savory steak and grilled onions awaited.

14. sight
The leafless oak tree slumbered in white wind madness.

15.  sight, smell
Slippery white satin puddled on the floor in the glow of half-melted jasmine candles…a room of lust was now chaste.

16. touch, smell, sight (changed sentence)
She snuggled in his black velvet robe that still held the scent of his musky cologne.
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