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An event that has a mind changing impression
It is a bright Sunday afternoon and the day is progressing rather slowly for

Jeev. Sunday being his weekly off. He is planning to go to meet his wife,daughter

and son at his in-law's place.

Jeev is self employed and a successful financial planner. His business

interests keeps him away from his family. Sunday being the day he spends with them

especially enjoying the evening with them.

But for the past two weeks his wife is off to her mother's place and he could

not visit them there.Today he had to bring them back home. He is quite excited to

meet them.

Neha, Jeev's beautiful lady , had asked him to come early so he could meet

her parents. Sanah , their 5 year old daughter, was busy packing her bag. Stothra,

their six month old son was asleep. The clock struck four .It was almost time for

Jeev to come.

Jeev reached for the basement parking in the appartment but found no place

and had to find a parking space outside. He got out of the car with his hands full of

gifts. He was crossing the lane when he saw Tina. His college mate and long time

girlfriend. He was surprised to see her. It had almost been 6 years he had seen her.

The two of them had been togather for 3 years but broke up because of

different careers. Tina was a very ambitious female and wanted to live in the United

States. But Jeev had wanted to stay in INDIA. All their attempts to convince each

other did not bear results. Their wonderful relationship had to be called off. But the

memories cannot be wiped out. Jeev had preserved the memories in a photo book

with all they had been through. A year after their break off he was arranged to meet

Neha by his parents. Both the families agreed for the alliance and the two were going

to get married in a year's time. Jeev had told Neha about all that had happened in his

life, including Tina. He had even handed over the photo book to Neha which had all

the intimate details of their relationship. But Neha was rock solid in her belief and

emphasied that his past would not let her trouble their future. Jeev and Tina

exchanged numbers and left.

Jeev reached his in-laws' flat and seeing him Sanah ran across the living area

to jump his lap. Her excitement knew no boundaries she was absolutely delighted to

be with her Dad after so many days. Jeev sat with Neha's parents discussing and

chatting about his next business idea when Neha came up with coffee for all of them.

At 6.30 p.m. they got up to leave. Jeev picked Stothra in his arms and Sanah

on his back. They reached the car and he set Sanah on the back seat and Stothra in

the front in Neha's lap. He settled in the driver's seat and started towards their place.

It would take them an hour,s time to reach home. Jeev and Neha were talking about

the last fifteen days when Sanah asked what would change the entire perespective of


She asked " Daddy wasn't the lady you were talking near the car park :- TINA ?"

Jeev got the biggest shock of his life! Neha could not believe what she heard!

She asked Sanah what was she taking about. Sanah clarified that she had been

watching from the living room window the both of them talking.

Jeev was speechless and the only thought emerging in his mind was

" How Does She Know !!! "

They reached home but none of the two had the courage to ask her how she

happened to know about Tina. Sanah insisted on knowing and getting the answer for

her question. But Jeev was in no position to react. Neha took Sanah and Stotra in

their room.

Jeev understood that all his thought process had to change and it may not be the

same for him to think Sanah as a little child. But he decided he would answer

Sanah's question. He went to their room and discussed the matter with Neha, who

was also equally shocked. They discussed the matter and after sometime both of

them explained Sanah and answered all her questions.

Sanah patiently listened to their explanations. At last she got up and

said "Daddy you wanted to know how I came to know about Tina, I saw your photo


How Does She Know !!!
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