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An article I wrote about the unexplained
    We all have our beliefs of what lies beyond our current reality. No matter if we are; Buddhist, Hindu, Christian, Jewish, or Muslim. Our beliefs have the same general rule; If you lived well, you die well, live bad, you die bad. Though agreed upon by a substantial number of people, the reason for the results differ; Karma, being judged by a higher power, maybe even how we died is taken into account. If life after death is so cut and dry, so black and white, such an undisputed fact of "life"(excluding a few atheistic beliefs), under which circumstances do we become ghosts? If we even become ghosts? Or are these occurrences simply a work of our imagination?

  Since the dawn of man, we have needed answers about why things good and bad happen; When waves were large and destroying ships, Poseidon was angry, Zeus was throwing lighting bolts out of the sky, diseases happened when we angered God. We always have an answer for anything. Could ghosts be the new scape-goat for unexplained activity.

  Chances are if you're searching Google for Paranormal Phenomena, or have for whatever reason come across this article you are well versed with the two most popular tools of the paranormal investigator; EMF, and EVP, While some experts say that EMF(Electro Magnetic Field) may indicate the presence of a ghost, Studies have also been conducted that suggest EMF may affect ones perception of their environment if they are highly susceptible to the EMF waves. That is a fairly well-known contradiction, every time they bring up EMF on a Ghost Hunters, PRS, Ghost Lab, etc. The first words out of their mouths is that nifty little disclaimer, along with the EVP disclaimer. EVP disclaimer?!? Read on.

  EVP(Electronic Voice Phenomena) what highly publicized by the movie "White Noise" in which Michael Keaton was trying to communicate with his dead wife through empty radio static. Using EVP, it is believed that Ghosts can communicate using low frequencies which can't be heard by the human ear as it is happening, but can be recorded, and played back at a later time.

  A conflicting study was just spotlighted on the National Geographic Channel using low frequencies. This study implied that it is low frequencies that make us wiery and uncomfortable in our surroundings. The test was done with two control groups. One of the groups, Team "A", had no preconceived notions of what to expect. The Second, Team "B", were told of the alleged Ghost sightings. The first pass through the area generated fairly predictable results. Team "A" saw or experienced nothing of interest, while Team "B" experienced movement in their peripheral vision and cold spots. Both teams were than taken to separate areas of the grounds as not to share stories. then a large modified speaker blasting at 19hertz was moved in out of sight. Though it wasn't heard by any individual, Both the Control Groups, had an equal sense of discomfort and sorrow, and experienced the unexplainable on their second pass. Why would it cause such a reaction? Especially Team"A" that had a rather boring first trip around the building? The answer is simple enough, though no sound was actually being heard, the waves were still vibrating their eardrums, and displacing internal and external air pressure in their ears. So are EVP's actually ghosts trying to communicate with us. or is it simply renegade radio waves that are caught on recording, and causing us to experience the super natural.

    While no one can prove the existence of ghosts, no one can disprove it either. We have to come to grips with the fact that not everything can be fully explained. We all have our reasons for what be believe; The Paranormal investigator's say "this causes that"; Scientist's say " that is caused by this". We as a whole need to see that realizations only happen when we are looking to realize anything.

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