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The beast lives within us all sadly!
Falling down without a sound
All around the holy profound
My wings torn by the cosmic hound
And these my tears bound

I sit here in twilight
And within my heart a stone so cold
For your touch has gone
This my room but a tomb of caustic silence

Madness becomes my reality
Every face I see a picture of you without me
This world but now a demonic tease
For your beauty of day has turned me into night

I do fight this darkness but without you I am but its food
My fair skin now grey with sadness
And my face deaths likeness
For the truth of colour is now but a dream

This my blood pours within the perfect circle
And from my mouth a blasphemy of hatred
But this hurt is not for you my sweetness it is all mine
For I am the fool who turn you away

“You see once again my jealously as raped me!”

By Malcolm.E.Wheeldon
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