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by Sierra
Rated: E · Script/Play · Relationship · #1644612
a caped crusader tries to hide his identity from his family (comic book script)
(please note that this is a comic book script. it does not follow the format of either a screenplay or stage play. this is not intended as a pitch to a company but as a script for the artist to follow)


(seven panel spread – first panel spans width of page, next six panels laid two across three down) *

ART NOTE: Costumed men are ambiguous, silhouettes - indistinguishable from each other and without detail or color.

Panel 1: On the roof of a skyscraper two shadowy male figures face each other in combat position, a MAN and his ENEMY. Capes billow out behind each figure. The other building around them are lit up by the night lights of the city. A full moon hangs in the black sky.

Panel 2: A fist of one man is making contact with the chin of the other. His mouth is exposed from his costume and turned down in a grimace.

Panel 3: The man lays sprawled on the ground. The upper right arm of his costume is torn to expose white skin and a red wound.

Panel 4: A small round metal object flies through the air spouting a tail of smoke – a smoke bomb.

Panel 5: The wounded man propels himself down the side of a building whilst holding on to a rope. Above him is a cloud of smoke hanging in the air.

Panel 6: The wounded man stands at the front door of a quaint suburban home. Behind him the sun is rising above a deserted suburban street.

Panel 7: The wounded man slips through the open front door. 


(seven panel spread – first four panels spread two across two down, fifth panel spans the width of the page, sixth and seventh panel across the page) *

Panel 1: The wounded man sits on the edge of his bed in his dark bedroom, wearing boxers and a t-shirt. His arm is now bandaged. He has a corner of the bedspread lifted and is pushing his costume under the bed with his foot.

Panel 2: The man’s WIFE leans over sleepily and kisses him on the cheek. Her hand is absently poised over the wound on his arm.

Panel 3: The wife looks at him with concern – silently asking what happened. The man is panicked.

Panel 4: The man is in the dark kitchen with a glass spilling water in his left hand as his right arm scrapes against a low shelf. His face is distorted in pain. (This is meant as the story in which the man tells his wife as to how he sustained his injury).

Panel 5: On the left the man stands in the doorway to the kitchen, stretching and yawning. His hair is disheveled and he still wears his boxers and t-shirt. A television sits on the kitchen counter beside him, with a young woman, a REPORTER, reading the morning news. His wife stands on the other side, leaning against the bench with a cup of coffee in her hand. She stares happily out of the glass doors to the garden, where their young twin sons are play fighting.
Reporter: … caught on a viewer’s cell phone last night …

Panel 6: The television screen with the reporter reading the news. Beside her is a screenshot of the man and his enemy in combat atop the skyscraper from the previous night.
Reporter: …dealt a blow to the villains upper right arm before the villain escaped…

Panel 7: Close-up of the man’s panicked face. A bead of sweat runs down his forehead.

Alternate Panel 7: focus on the wife’s coffee cup as it crashes onto the tiled floor, shattering and spilling coffee.


*Diagram of page layouts included in original document

(please note that this is a comic book script. it does not follow the format of either a screenplay or stage play. this is not intended as a pitch to a company but as a script for the artist to follow)
© Copyright 2010 Sierra (sierraryan at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates have been granted non-exclusive rights to display this work.
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